Tony Soliz

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Address: PO Box 261416, Encino California,91426

Encino Post Office

I drive a white compact van, with the driver door smashed in,
and black body work on the left front.

Where you might find me (Updated June 10th 2017)

I'm homeless so I'm usually at Balboa park Saturday and Sunday.
On sunday, I go to church in the morning.
At sunrise its usually karate at Burbank and Balboa, rite off the 101.
They've stopped my 5 mile run, for about an entire year (due to repeated torture)
and I'm just starting that up.

During the week, if I'm working, I'm usually at a supermarket parking lot after 5pm,
along Ventura, between White Oak and Reseda.

They have me under communications quarantine,
so there's no guarantee, any emails or voicemails, or letters, will reach me
If they don't want me to be at a certain place at a particular time,
they'll just screw up the van, or get me sick

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