Gabriel Soliz
Updated April 20th, 2022

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Twitter @StillDiggingMsg

Address: PO Box 261416, Encino California,91426

Encino Post Office

I drive a white compact van, with the driver door smashed in,
and black body work on the left front.

Where you might find me

I'm homeless and can't go far.
So I'll be at
Balboa park during the day,
or a supermarket along Ventura, toward sunset.

Most of the mornings I exercise at Burbank and Balboa (North east corner).

They have me under communications quarantine,
so there's no guarantee, any emails or voicemails, or letters, will reach me.

If they don't want me to be at a certain place at a particular time,
they'll just screw up the van, or get me sick

Send Emails to:
Twitter @StillDiggingMsg