written July 26, 2002
(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

[a think tank in washington]

[Jeff is busy at the tube when he's interrupted by Beamer]
BEAMER 'Jeff I gotta talk to you'
[Jeff continues staring into his screen like he's lost in thought]
BEAMER 'come on man, this is important, I think I'm on to somtin'


[Jeff remains glued to the tube, then suddenly turns as if in a delayed reaction]
JEFF 'what? Beamer, how long have you been standing there?'
'you should a said something'

BEAMER 'I was going through yesterdays news, you know about the corporate scandals'
JEFF 'yeah'
BEAMER 'and and the conspiracy looks more elaborate thenů'
JEFF 'what conspiracy? Slow down there buddy, nice and easy now'

[Jeff knew Beamer was paid to speculate, theorize, extrapolate, massage, bend, twist, ]
[the piles of information that came across his desk daily, and so took Beamers hasty approach]
[in stride, not overly concerned about anything]

BEAMER 'I think we better call DT'
JEFF 'come on Beamer, you can't call DT anytime you think you got somtin'
'show me what you got'

BEAMER 'it's those energy traders that made the news during the California power crisis'
'last year'
JEFF 'you mean the so called price gougers that supposedly bilked California out of billions'
'forcing PG&E to go bankrupt, and brought California Edison to the brink of bankruptcy,'
'and the state was headed in the same direction'

BEAMER 'yeah, they're making the news again, this time riding the heels of Enron,
edging closer toward the same fate'
JEFF 'if they all go bankrupt, how's California suppose to recover their losses? Billions of dollars '
BEAMER 'I know what yor sayin, but I'm seeing something much worse'
JEFF 'what could be worse than that?'

[Beamer's tone lowers to a whisper, and looks around as he grabs a seat]
BEAMER 'I'm saying the bankruptcy's are intentional, that the chief and all his men '
'knew this would happen, that he used his powers early last year to promote the energy business, '
'to boost the stock values, hoping to maximize the profits, with the expectation that these companies
' would all take a dive'

JEFF 'do you have any idea how utterly insane that sounds'
BEAMER 'it's only wild speculation'
JEFF 'it's still insane'
BEAMER 'I just thought you should know, share my insanity so to speak'
JEFF 'not me pal, beat it before somebody sees you talkin to me'
BEAMER 'don't be so paranoid, the truth is all that matters, no matter how wild '
'or insane it might sound'

JEFF 'yor starting to sound like DT' let me tell you somtin,
[Jeff looks around as if his paranoia was starting to set in, and leans closer to Beamer]
JEFF 'if this is true, you don't know me'
BEAMER 'shut up, you wouldn't be working here, if you meant that'
'besides, the facts will speak for themselves'
JEFF 'let's hope they do, now beat it'

[as Beamer is leaving he says] 'if you ask me, cooking the books, could be an excellent '
'cover for embezzelment' maybe the books were correct after all'
JEFF 'get out a here, will ya'
BEAMER 'this has got to be one of the biggest swindles in history'
[Jeff jokingly calls out] 'Security!'
[Beamer continues with his wild speculations, even as he's walking the aisle]
like he can't help imself]

BEAMER 'if California wants their billions back, they might have to go to that '
'ski country overseas'
'wildlife refuge, yeah right, drilling for black gold, yeah right, energy crisis, yeah right'