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Subject DT72 20010402

April 2, 2001 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[at the barracks]

TOMMY 'you've got to be kidding me! I can't believe you did that!'

BOSS 'heee heee, heee heee heee'

TOMMY 'then of course the shop has a long history of threatening to burn DT's house down, if he keeps'
'shootin off his mouth' 'if I didn't know better, burning his neighbor's house down is like an in yor face threat,
'like it couldn't be any more obvious than this'

BOSS 'heee heee heee, how you know it just didn't burn itself down by accident'

TOMMY 'yeah right, with the shop threatening to burn DT's house down since he bought the house
5 years ago, and then his neighbor's just so happens to burn down, soon after DT makes copies of his log,'
'where he suggests a Govt-Big Business-Wall street conspiracy to plunge the market, so they could have an excuse'
'to promote Big Business, loosen environmental restrictions, promote the energy companies, promote '
'a 1.6 trillion dollar tax cut to stimulate the economy, and trim their work forces, using the Economic Downturn'
'as the excuse, with layoffs happening left and right'
'in the past the shop's resorted to simple symbolism to get their threats across, but now it's like they want to make'
'dam sure he gets the threat message, after his first current events report'

BOSS 'huh'

TOMMY 'In the past, DT's reports have stuck to historical events, so the shop didn't consider that much
of a threat, but suddenly last March, DT's gone banana's with current events, and now with DT's first current
event's report, designed for public distribution, boom the shop suddenly goes on red alert, and literally goes
out of their way, staging their threat right next door, as if to say "if you choose to continue with your reports,
this is what'll happen to your house'

BOSS 'heee heee, you can't prove nuttin'

TOMMY 'actually this same house caught fire 2 weeks ago, don't you tink that's a little unusual'

BOSS 'heee heee, see son, in the game of psychological warfare, timing is critical when you ave a message'
'to get across, so boom, dis mornin DT scare the pants off some a duh big wheels back East, so boom we was'
'ordered to stop DT wid a big tret'

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