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Subject DT72 20010802

written 1 month before WTC attack, August 2, 2001
(The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[at farm number 2, during a breather]

JOJO 'if you would a fried his brain the minute he fell asleep, all this circumstantial evidence '
'wouldn't be developing'
BOSS 'what circumstantial evidence?'
JOJO 'DT's diaries, those references where he suddenly wakes up with his head spinning'
BOSS 'well we bin fwyin his bwain as soon as he fall asleep but DT took counter measures last night'
JOJO 'how so?'
BOSS 'he used 3 alarm clocks instead of one'
JOJO 'DT needs 3 alarm clocks?'
BOSS 'it a long story, we're always shutting his alarms off, resetting the alarms, you know'
'so we could spend extra time on im, like 90 minutes to an hour'
JOJO 'he probably writes that down too for more circumstantial evidence'
BOSS 'of course he does, but who cares'

[suddenly POWERS shows up interrupting the conversation and the two salute]
[POWERS pulls the BOSS aside for a private chat]

POWERS 'I hear you've been frying DT's brain this last week'
BOSS 'heee heee, who toll you dat?'
[POWERS stares back in a piercing manner like he could see right through the BOSS]
[the BOSS responds nervously] 'heee heee well we had a pow-wow ova duh weeken,'
'an decided our bess option is ta fry duh sucka's bwain, wipe out all dat dangerous information'
'he has on us' 'little sucka keep shootin off his mouth, we ave no choice'

POWERS 'just like that, hook up a few electrodes to the guys brain, and send volts of electricity'
'through the guys most vital organ, crucial to his existence as a member of society'

BOSS 'uh heee heee, uh yeah, somtin like dat'
POWERS 'but this sounds so obtuse, so blunt, unsophisticated, so callous '
BOSS 'well, heee heee, weapons of war were designed to ged duh yob done,'
'boom you juss pull duh twigger, or or push a button, an boom bam devastation an destruction'

[POWERS stares back as if curious how such a description could enliven the BOSS, light up his eye's,'
'like he's discussing his best movie]
POWERS 'but this is like destroying the library of congress just to wipe out potential incriminating'
'information, or the Smithsonian because there's something in there that might be incriminating'

BOSS 'Smithsonian? Library of Congress? I afwaid I don unnastan duh comparison'
POWERS 'it's like your brain holds everything you are as a person, your history, all those '
'childhood experiences, everything you ever learned as a kid, and while in college, all that rich history,'
'the technical skills, the abilities, the training, all those brain cells working in harmony like a well oiled '
'machine' 'And then there's the cells that store motor skills, that innate automated behavior, ''
'all burned into your circuitry, and then there's the cells that store your emotions, your cognitive'
'attitudes and assertions and assumptions, and interpretations of the real world, as well as the rules'
'and regulations and hindrances and restrictions that allow us to blend into society, everything you are'
'as a person, your behavior, your personality, all stored in those little brain cells as a collection '
'that we refer to as the brain'

BOSS 'so wha's yor poin?'
[POWERS stares at the BOSS piercingly for 5 seconds forcing im to teeter and totter a bit]
POWERS 'and you're going to allow your henchmen to place electrodes on DT's brain? '
'and send damaging volts of electricity through all this fine tuned circuitry?'

BOSS 'heee heee yeah, I already toll you why'
POWERS 'I don't think you're understanding me'
'your equipment isn't sophisticated enough to target specific memories'
'you send electricity through that wealth of knowledge and there's no telling what you're'
'going to hit'

BOSS 'huh'
POWERS 'that's like carpet bombing a city without any concern for historical sights,'
'or sights that might be a benefit to mankind'

BOSS 'huh'
POWERS 'when you fry a citizen's brain and destroy brain cells, you could damage not only memory,'
'but speech, cognition, personality, behavior patterns, emotional patterns, beliefs, attitudes, as well as '
'the interpretations that allow us to be part of the social milieu'

BOSS 'so-chal-mi what?'
POWERS 'if you do this extensively you could literally turn a person into an embecile'
BOSS 'so far you aven't say anyting dat I doin wong'
'why you tink dey call dis a genocidal operation in duh foist place'
'dam it, if ######## say Dt know too dam much, an could ged us all in twubble, an dey say git it, '
'git dat stuff oud-a his bwain, den boom bam I follow my orders like a good soldier should'

[POWERS barks out loudly] 'A-ten-hut! '

[the BOSS, in a conditioned reaction suddenly stands at attention] ''

POWERS 'about face!' ....... 'forward march!
[the BOSS starts marching, no questions asked, like the conditioned soldier he is]
[and proceeds marching with POWERS at his heels, like a drill intructor]
[at camp pendleton]

POWERS 'left-right! left-right! left-right!'

[POWERS starts barking in cadence] 'mighty mouse is on his way!'
[the BOSS responds in like manner ' mighty mouse is on his way!'
POWERS 'here he comes to save the day!'
BOSS ' here he comes to save the day!'

POWERS ' left-right! left-right! left-right!'

POWERS ' the kid is the one who runs the show '
BOSS ' the kid is the one who runs the show '
POWERS ' if you follow his lead you could watch us grow '
BOSS 'if you follow his lead you could watch us grow'

POWERS ' left-right! left-right! left-right!'

[the BOSS suddenly slows down as if his brain was caught in one of those jams]

[POWERS starts barking down his neck]
POWERS 'what is your problem soldier!'
BOSS 'nuttin, I, I, .....'
POWERS 'did I say you could slow down!'
'what do you think this is! A picnic!'
'would you like to see a picnic soldier!'

BOSS 'well, I, I, .....'
POWERS 'get down and give me fifty!'

[the BOSS starts doing pushups but could only muster 16 and lays there face down]

POWERS 'oh so you do think this is a picnic!'
[POWERS starts shoving the BOSS's face into the sand]
POWERS 'eat! Plenty to eat around here! Eat! Eat! Eat!'
[the BOSS starts spitting the sand out and wiping his face]

POWERS 'see all these sand pebbles? That's how many cells a person has in his brain'
'do you see any kids loading up their pails and carting the sand away?'

BOSS 'huh'
POWERS 'no, because-the-sand-belongs-here, not in the ocean, not on that mountain top over there,'
'but-here, you got that!'

[the BOSS stares back puzzled, with his face a mess with wet sand all over]
[the BOSS slowly staggers to his feet and starts forward almost stumbling]

[POWERS barks loudly] 'move it! move it! move it! '
[soon the BOSS is scampering along the beach like a scared jack rabbit and disappears ]
'into the horizon'

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