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Subject DT72 20020208 2nd

February 8, 2002 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[at the mess hall]

WILL 'it happened again'
LEW 'don't tell me'
WILL 'yep, the shop just tried to put the hit on DT'
LEW 'dam, that's gotta be the 100th attempt'
WILL 'with what DT knows ....'
LEW whispers 'shush right there' [LEW quickly glances around as if with sense of paranoia]
'you sure it was a hit? they could've just been trying to scare the guy into keeping
'his mouth shut'

WILL 'considering the circumstances, with a potential world wide audience, I say it was'
'an attempted hit'

LEW 'what happened?'
WILL 'you know, the typical, stage a provocation, look for the excuse, and badabing badabam'
LEW 'what'
WILL 'you know, like that novel Shane, the bad guys hire a gunslinger to scare away'
'the good guys, and the gunslinger being the professional at provoking a gunfight,'
'and making it look like it's the other guys fault, is no match for the good folk.'

LEW 'amazing, how many innocent Americans have taken the hit like this? '
'so what happened?'

WILL 'It was stupid, the shop stages this tough guy disguised as a nerd in glasses'
'who intentionally blocks DT's exit with his car, and is obvious about it'

LEW 'huh'
WILL 'it feeds the provocation, giving the target the excuse to complain'
'once the target complains, bam, that's all the shop needs'

LEW 'you mean the reasonable doubt rule'
WILL 'exactly'
LEW 'its a good thing DT's a nice guy'
WILL 'not to mention wise in the ways of the shop's tactics'
LEW 'so a shop hit man blocks DT's exit, and DT does what?'
WILL 'not much really, but you could read his mind like "hey you moron,
' there's plenty of room, whats the big holdup?"

LEW 'usually the shop trys to maximize the chance for success, by setting the tone'
WILL 'what'
LEW 'you know, preliminaries, harassment, irritation, something to get the target on edge'
'before he's provoked'

WILL 'oh, of course, right before the provocation, the shop staged another tough guy'
'who tried to get DT into a staredown'

LEW 'a staredown, I know people who'll go into a tirade for something like that'
WILL 'well like I said, DT has more experiemce than some of our most hardened veterans'
LEW 'didn't the shop have DT beat up once, a long time ago'
WILL 'really? when?'
LEW 'along time ago, when DT got fed up with the whole operation and started spilling the beans'
'in the BOSS's words he was "shootin his mouth off about the shops attacks on Hollywood" '

WILL 'you mean the negative image makers, I know all about it, eliminations disguised as '
'traffic accidents, drug overdoses, altercations similar to the one the shop tried to pull today'
'I could write a book'

LEW 'then in 1997 the shop tried to gas DT to death, with a chemical banned by the
'Geneva convention, after DT started letting out tidbits on JFK'

WILL 'If America only knew what the shop's done to this guy, and what they've tried to do'
'including trying to brainwash the guy'

LEW quickly whispers 'shsssh here comes the BOSS, duck'
WILL 'dont be ridiculous'
LEW 'as he walks by I'll stick my foot out and try to trip im'
WILL 'yeah right'

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