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Subject DT72 20020208

February 8, 2002 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

TOMMY 'I understand you had DT under torture last night'
BOSS 'Yeah, so what if I did'
TOMMY 'what'd he do wrong this time?'
BOSS 'little sucka bin shootin off his mouth'
TOMMY 'the truth no doubt'
BOSS 'shuddup sucka'
'little sucka bin writin how the shop's had Goose livin out of a gas mask'
'the last two years'

TOMMY 'you idiot, obviously you didn't comprehend the entire document'
'he qualified it by saying Goose's been living out of gas mask off and on '
'and that the shop's turned his home into a chemical torture chamber 2 years ago'
'these are all true statements'

BOSS 'weally? is dat whad it meant?'
TOMMY 'you trigger happy idiot, why dont you tink before you act?'
BOSS 'heee heee, heee heee, well the little sucka betta watch what he says'
'or I might misinterpret again'

TOMMY 'you sick idiot, somebody ought a take your gassing mechanism away from you'
'obviously this has surpassed your professionalism'

BOSS 'shuddup sucka, don tink I don know whad I doin, I know exakly whad I doin'
TOMMY 'repeat that to the judge when he asks'
BOSS 'don trettin me you idiot'
'believe it or not dere's order to dis chaos'

TOMMY 'yeah, like what?'
BOSS 'if you notice we bin twyin ta punish DT wid lung gas, anytime he wooks on his website'
'howeva, duh little sucka escapes the gassin by puttin on a gas mask'

TOMMY 'you sadist, simply wearing a gas mask must be torture in itself'
BOSS 'so I says "dam, dat little sucka, anytime we gas im, '
'he puts the gas mask on", den I says "who dis sucka tink he is?
nobody run fom duh BOSS, nobody", so den I says "dat little sucka, I'll shoot in '
'the allergy gas, let see im run fom dat" '

TOMMY 'of course you know, unlike the lung gas, the allergy gas easily penetrates'
'DT's gas mask'

BOSS 'heee heee yep, little sucka wanna keep writin, den he ged punished'

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