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Subject DT72 20020218

February 18, 2002 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[In conference]

TOMMY 'did you hear what the chief said 2 days ago?'
FLETCH 'what? You mean on the terrorism bit'
TOMMY 'yeah, with added rhetoric about those countries that gas their own people'
[FLETCH eyes TOMMY in a knowing manner] 'now where'd that come from?'
[TOMMY stares back]
FLETCH 'do you think anybody'll notice the coincidence?'
TOMMY 'you mean about the spill on GOOSE? Rumors going around, especially about'
the gassing episodes, and the BOSS trying to cover his behind'

FLETCH 'I don't think the shop cares, all they care about is the fabrication'
TOMMY 'you mean on DT's journalism? '
FLETCH 'yeah, they've repeatedly tried to deflate it with lies, fabrications, falsehoods, '
' and false implications such as this'

TOMMY 'what are you talking about?'
FLETCH 'for years they've tried to give the guy a middle east association'
TOMMY 'huh?'
FLETCH 'you know, because of the content of DT's journalism, chemical warfare, '
' psychological warfare, 'using our own people to experiment on, secretly running a police state, '
' or at least trying to, without the American people knowing about it, genocide, elimination's'

TOMMY 'what does the middle east have to do with this?'
FLETCH 'absolutely nothing, it's just a convenient deflation tactic '
TOMMY 'you mean by fabricating a middle east association?'
FLETCH 'exactly, it provides an ulterior motive, like a foreign power retaliating or something, '
'through the press, especially with the war on terrorism running full steam, ya see what I'm sayin?'
'like a war of words' 'this type of fabrication would lessen the impact of anything DT says'


TOMMY 'that's kind of ironic don't you think?'
FLETCH 'what?'
TOMMY 'it's printed in bold letters and in full display for anyone that walks through the front door'
[FLETCH stares back]
TOMMY 'The Truth Shall Set You Free'
FLETCH 'then just the other day the shop was so obsessed with this sort of fabrication, that they literally '
'took over the U.S. Post Office to reinforce the same fabrication on video'

TOMMY 'let's see, this is after DT went online last month with his own web site, '
' sending out shock waves of fear and paranoia every which way, because of his information storehouse, '
' on everything from unexplainable tragedies of the past, to the internal workings of the shop, '
' especially this top secret illegal operation, that has such a low regard for the common citizen'
'by February 7, the paranoia was so great that the shop literally jammed traffic going in and out '
'of the city'

FLETCH 'say what'
TOMMY 'according to certain people, DT gave certain traits that said he was about to report '
'and this sent the shop into red alert'
'the next day, February 8, the shop try's to stage a hit'
'the following Monday, February 11, the FBI issues another terrorism alert'

FLETCH 'another of those coincidences, that would conveniently restrict DT's '
'ability to report'

TOMMY 'how so?'
FLETCH 'naturally this reinforced the ensuing panic that occurred in the aftermath '
' of the September 11 attacks '

TOMMY 'you mean anthrax, delivered by letter'
FLETCH 'exactly, scaring a few key political opponents that don't see eye to eye on certain '
'financial issues'

TOMMY 'what exactly are you saying?'
[FLETCH stares back a second or two as if in a telepathic insinuation]
[TOMMY stares back as if receiving the drift]
FLETCH 'so last Halloween the FBI issues, wait, oh yes, Governor Davis was led to believe that '
'a terrorism alert was necessary, coincidentally while DT had just prepared to go on a reporting spree, '
'so there he was, sticking out like a sore thumb, with all these manila envelopes in hand,'
'while the city was in high alert, with police barricades all over down town'

TOMMY 'so in this particular case DT was trying to contact city officials'

FLETCH 'at the worst possible time' 'can you imagine, it was barely two and a half months
'after the September 11 scare, and the anthrax scare was fresh in everybody's mind, and there was '
'DT walking around a high profile area, with a bunch envelopes in hand'
'talk about looking suspicious' 'the shop probably used this as the perfect excuse to associate DT'
'in a very bad way'

TOMMY 'so 2 Mondays ago, the FBI issues a terrorist alert, and guess what, the shop is sure '
'DT is gonna report' 'talk about coincidences, first last Halloween, then last February 11'

FLETCH 'exactly, which essentially confirms, or rather coincides with what I've been saying all along'
TOMMY shakes his head 'amazing, absolutely amazing'


TOMMY continues 'so after DT's site goes up, the shop is so paranoid that they continue'
to give DT memory wipes, that's electroshocks, by sending a certain '
'level of voltage through the guys brain, a tactic that is known to turn a citizen into a vegetable '
'if applied too frequently'

FLETCH reacts 'ouch, that could kill a man's brain'
TOMMY 'now the shop's using a new gas, that seems to be bio warfare, I'm not sure,'
'like their tactics are getting more ruthless, like they wanna force a lung disease or something. '
'DT wears the gas mask quite frequently now, one night it was so bad he had to brush his teeth outside'
'every time he tries to improve his web site they sabotage his mental abilities with sleeping gas,
'yesterday they stopped DT's web activities by drugging the guy, and the list goes on'

FLETCH 'you forgot to mention the vandalism'
TOMMY 'of course, how could I forget, they ripped his main water line, '
' and so DT was there digging away'

FLETCH 'like another facetious irony, not to mention the potential financial blow, especially since the '
'shop's had DT under economic boycott for over 3 years now'


TOMMY 'so what happened at the post office?'
FLETCH 'it was well coordinated and sophisticated, making use of the security camera, and a team of people'
'to make sure DT interfaced with a certain clerk, at a certain counter, at a certain distance from the '
'exit, so that the camera could film some guy for a calculated length of time, whose features could have easily''
fit in with the faces of the 19 9-11 hijackers' 'the guy suddenly pops in and stands right next to DT'
at the last second, and leaves with DT, side by side like they were together'

TOMMY 'for the camera's'
FLETCH 'exactly' 'of course once they get something like this on video, it would be a piece a cake
'for their psy war experts to stretch the truth here'

TOMMY 'the shops propaganda machine at work, half truths, lies, fabrications, false impressions,'
'just to protect this insanity, this uncontrollable monstrosity'

TOMMY looks at FLETCH 'unbelievable aint it' 'DT's the only guy I know of who could set things straight, bring order to chaos'
'and here he is up against this impossible gauntlet'

FLETCH 'well, if anyone can do it, DT can'
'I still remember 1997, when DT had the shop up in arms for trying to spill out info on JFK '
'and so the shop reacted by trying to gas DT to death'

TOMMY 'that's cause he said the shop did it, or did he say military?'
FLETCH 'that same year DT's mother dies, and the shop clandestinely communicates responsibility'
TOMMY 'so what'd DT do?'
FLETCH 'well the shop expected a reaction with a humungus report, '
' especially after leaving DT with the impression that they took out his mother in retaliation'
'so 1998 comes along, DT writes up a quick summary, about something, I think it was about genocide or'
'something, I can't remember, and so bam, suddenly air strikes are ordered against Iraq'

TOMMY 'Iraq again, coincidentally timed just as the shop expects a report from DT'
FLETCH 'exactly, the timing would suggest something ulterior' 'think about it, '
' suddenly we're attacking Iraq again, DT does a write up accusing the shop of atrocities, '
' like chemical and psychological warfare, even biological warfare, '
'so if you were running the country, what would you think?'

TOMMY 'of course, just like what we talked about earlier'
'didn't the Clinton scandal take the nations headlines at about the same time?'

FLETCH 'exactly the same time' 'another setup, but that's an entire new story'
'without it, I doubt Bush would be the pres right now'

TOMMY 'man, that was January 1998, 2 years before Clinton's last term in office'
FLETCH 'well, these masterminds gotta think ahead'

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