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Subject DT72 20020315

March 15, 2002 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[at a coffee shop in a discreet location of town]

WILL 'man I don't know what the shop's gonna do with this guy, something's gonna give'
LEW 'what happened this time?'
WILL 'well it's just the trend, since DT's web site went up last February'
LEW 'like what'
WILL 'well for starters you got the 2 hit attempts, not to mention the gas torture, keeping the guy drugged'
'frying the guys brain for memory wipes...'

LEW 'wait wait you say 2 hit attempts? I thought there was only one, right after his web site went up'
WILL 'a month later, just the other day on a weekend, March 9 I believe'
'this attempt was unprecedented, which could have had devastating consequences, it could have been the end'
'of everything DT's spent the last 17 years building'

LEW 'Unprecedented?'
WILL 'yeah, the tactics had a measure of sophistication never used before on this particular guy,'
'as if the shop wanted to make dam sure this time'

LEW stares back 'I'm listening'
WILL 'well there was the incident on the freeway on March 9, real clever, a typical hit you from the blind '
'side maneuver, but the targeted area was the drivers side of DT's Mercedes with a Hugh 2 ton truck'
'I'll leave it to your imagination how fatal this could have been, or at the very least a very severe hit'

LEW 'how many on the team?'
WILL 'at least 4 vehicles, plus surveillance' 'the pivotal vehicle preceded DT at slow speed, to coerce ''
'a lane change into oncoming traffic, while the killer vehicle swung around DT's blind side at high speed'
'then there were the trailer vehicles whose sole function was to protect the left flank by slowing traffic,
'Clearing a path for the killer vehicle, whose entry was from the onramp'

LEW 'sounds sophisticated and I'm not really sure I understood everything you just said'
WILL 'but that's not all, there were preliminaries'
[LEW stares back ]
WILL 'the shop had DT heavily drugged at the time'
LEW 'you mean to impair his ability to drive'
WILL 'no no, it was something else, a debilitating chemical or drug, sophisticated as if to prevent detection'
'and perhaps lead to a false diagnosis'

LEW 'false diagnosis? '
WILL 'somehow the chemical or drug was suppose to provide the excuse for perhaps a false reading and '
'and thereby a false diagnosis'
'you could only imagine the malicious intent here, judging by the perpetrator's and their capabilities'

LEW 'how debilitating are we talking about here?'
WILL 'like maybe some kind of poison, or that's what I'm hearing so far, nobody really knows'
LEW 'so far it looks like the shop wanted to force hospitalization where DT would be at the mercy'
'of the shop's physician's'

WILL 'say what?'
LEW 'the shop, if they expended the level of sophistication yor talkin about just to get the guy hospitalized,'
'you can bet that they didn't stop there'

WILL 'sort of like November 22, 1963, Parkland hospital, trauma room 1'
LEW a little surprised responds 'who told you that?'
WILL 'nobody' 'then JFK just so happens to succumb at 1 PM, and Oswald is signaled by the police'
'at the same time'

LEW 'what?'
WILL 'nothing'
'that's probably why Oswald was treated in the same area'
'and there's still more, .... about DT that is'
[LEW continues to stare back]
WILL 'several days prior to the hit attempt, the shop started pouring leaches across DT's left torso'
'inducing a visible rash with multiple needle like wounds, while he slept helplessly in bed '

LEW 'why do you say needle like wounds'
WILL 'it's a typical shop tactic to camouflage drug entry wounds, but usually they use a chemical'
'that I like to call a poison Ivy derivative, since it induces a tremendous itching sensation, and the target'
'ends up scarring himself with incessant scratching'
'but the leaches, using leaches would suggest a certain level of obsessiveness, like they wanted to make sure'
'the drug entry wounds were camouflaged '

LEW 'especially if they anticipated hospitalization, like the poison Ivy derivative would be harder to explain'
'along the left torso'

WILL 'one could only imagine what the shop pumped into DT's left torso right before the hospitalization '
'attempt, ..... And what organ they were targeting'

LEW 'this is starting to sound more malicious the longer we talk about this'
'what are you suggesting? The shop was targeting DT's heart? And a false diagnosis could have led to'
an unnecessary surgery?'

WILL stares back as if he knew more than he was saying 'it would fall into the tactical category'
LEW 'what was that actor's name? The comedian who did impersonations of President Bush in the early 90's'
'Dana Carvey wasn't it? Didn't he have a heart operation in Friscoe, and something happened, they screwed it up'
'and had to do it again or something?'

WILL 'I don't know'
LEW 'and another actor, the Terminator, he hooks up with the Kennedy clan, the quintessential tough guy is '
'some how humbled by a heart operation'

WILL 'I don't know' 'you mention the Kennedy clan like there's a connection'
LEW 'you know about the Kennedy's, one tragedy after another, the family curse,'
'or at least some in the public call it a curse'

WILL 'if they knew the truth behind all the tragedy's they'd probably be able to figure out 1963'

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