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Subject DT72 20020705

written July 5, 2002
(The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[Russel row]

[SPIDER and his entourage are escorted into LEWs office]

LEW 'I can't believe it, look what the cat just dragged in '
SPIDER 'whas up dog'
LEW 'where've you guys been? I've heard of radio silence but this is ridiculous '

[after taking their seats, SPIDER and friends stare back in silence, as if mystified]
[LEW returns the stare as if trying to decipher the intent of this silent communication]


SPIDER 'there's been a snag in the investigation'
LEW 'snag? '

[more silence]

LEW 'it's DT aint it? What happened to im?'
SPIDER 'the man's been silenced by the shop'
[LEW's eyes suddenly widen as if receiving some tragic news]
SPIDER 'no, it's nothing like that'
'the shop has the guy in a vice grip'

LEW 'vice grip? '
SPIDER 'I guess head lock would be a better term, euphemistically speaking of course'
LEW 'of course '

SPIDER 'it's like the guys in quick sand' anytime he makes a move the shop's henchmen attack'
'it's like he can't even think about the 9-11 tragedies, or the shop'll throw up a stone wall, '
'or trip im up with barbed wire, euphemistically speaking of course '

LEW 'of course '


SPIDER 'it's really bad' if the UN investigated this, the shop could be brought up on war crimes,
'or rather human rights violations'

LEW 'yeah right, imagine that, the shop under investigation, that'll be the day '
SPIDER 'well actually the shop see's this as a real possibility, if DT ever get's off the ground '
'with his investigation'

LEW 'it almost sounds bizarre ' how could one guy pose such a threat to the most powerful
'covert army on the face of mother earth?'

SPIDER 'unless they know somtin we don't, about 9-11 that is'
LEW pounds his fist on the desk and looks to his left 'dam it, why does it always have to be this way?'
[LEW turns back peering at SPIDERs team]
'the truth, that's all we want, is that too much to ask for?
[LEW looks away again shaking his head]
'these official probes certainly aint gonna do it' there's too many moles ready to derail the process,'
'first chance they get'
[LEW looks back at SPIDERs team]
LEW 'it's you guys, yor gonna do it'


SPIDER 'don't look at us dog, it's DT, he's the man'
LEW 'yor right, yor absolutely right '
'the shop knows it, you know it, the whole world knows it'

[later at the holiday plaza chow hall]

LEW 'spare me the gore, but what charges could the shop actually be brought up on? '
[SPIDER stares back a few seconds as if in hesitation, perhaps from his training in obsessive paranoia]
[SPIDER looks around cautiously then slowly speaks almost in a whisper]
'did you ever hear of a man with the initials JFK? '

[LEW stares back, almost in a piercing manner, as if suddenly perplexed, as if a single name]
[suddenly sent his mind into a tailspin, of long forgotten memories, that were suddenly being forced]
[to the fore front, all at once]

SPIDER 'gotcha! Just kidding'
LEW lights up in shades of embarassing red 'dam it, you haven't changed SPIDER! '
'you haven't changed at all'

SPIDER shoves out his drink and toasts the group 'DT's the man'

[the group responds in unison, "DT's the man" and let's out a rumpus roar]

LEW whispers 'seriously now, I have to know, what is the shop doing to the guy '
SPIDER seemingly half drunk responds 'it's not what the shop's doin ta im, but but wha DT's doin'
'to the the, whas the? Who who are we talkin about?

LEW still serious, whispers 'alright, alright, yor paranoia at play, I know you too well'
'we'll discuss this in a more secure area later, out of the social lime light'

[later at a Night Club]

SPIDER 'you ave any more dollar bills?'
LEW 'alright knock it off dam it! I want answers!'


'what's yor real name SPIDER?'

[SPIDER suddenly goes serious and turns and stares at LEW for a few seconds]
[then they both burst into laughter]

SPIDER 'for a second I tot you were serious'
LEW 'I was, just kidding, got yor attention didn't I '
SPIDER 'you sure did, you have no I idea how dangerous a question that was'
LEW 'yeah right ' [more laughter]

[later LEW is driving up Connecticut seemingly frustrated by the lack of details, ]
[when suddenly a dark figure pops up in the back seat and orders LEW to keep looking ahead]
[in a calm soothing yet demanding tone]
SCORPION 'don't be alarmed, I'm a friend, just keep driving'


SCORPION 'you had no idea you were bugged did you?'
LEW 'you mean with SPIDER and the gang '
SCORPION 'SPIDER's a good man, a loyal soldier, he knew you were bugged
'before he even met with you'
LEW 'who are you? '
SCORPION 'the shirt's are watching DT like a hawk'
'the shop has the shirts convinced that DT's the enemy'
'that's the only reason they agreed to exchange personnel with both offices'

LEW 'who are you? '
SCORPION 'shut up and drive' yor being followed as we speak'


SCORPION 'that's the reason for the tight clamp on DT's mouth'
'once he starts spilling some details on that little investigation they've stymied so far, '
'the shop knows certain compromises'll be in order'

LEW 'compromises? Yor talkin over my head, but I think you already know that '
[by this time LEW realized that there were two gophers in the back seat]

SCORPION 'you want details, I can give only a few'
'the shop has DT under intense memory wipes'
'the minute he picks up some news on 9-11, he get's his memory wiped,'
'while he sleeps of course'

LEW 'of course '
SCORPION 'he's forgetting names, people, places, and the other day he forgot his own address'
LEW 'can the shop do this?'

SCORPION 'a couple months ago, the shop tried to put the hit on DT again,'
'using hostile intent'

LEW 'you mean like last February 8? '
SCORPION 'exactly, but they eliminated the hindrances, this time the shop was face to face with '
'the guy, and for anybody else there would've been no escape, but this was DT'

LEW 'of course, no escape like in physically brutalized '
SCORPION 'exactly, even worse than that, use your imagination'
'the shop is so concerned about DT's voice, that they're actively suppressing information'
'from DT's web site'

LEW 'can they do that? While he aint looking? '
SCORPION 'after DT made an attempt to communicate with the FBI, the shop immediately started'
'sabotaging DT's mercedes by remote control' Before that they cut his fuel line and tried to turn it'
'into an explosive' Use yor imagination, it would've been catastrophic'

LEW 'of course '
SCORPION 'you probably know the rest'
'DT's home is now a chemical torture chamber '
'anytime he does any kind of probe into 9-11, or the white house, he gets punished'
'the man is living out of a gas mask, he does his research out of a gas mask,
'he has to use his computer while wearing a gas mask'
'and it doesn't stop there' the mans leg is frequently assaulted in his sleep, inducing a torturous,
'excruciating experience during the day' and suffers while he does his research'


SCORPION 'and it doesn't stop there' they're mechanically vandalizing his car, his home,
'forcing major expenses just to punish the guy' the other day he got a $50,000 quote
'for a mysterious sewer problem' and the attacks keep accumulating day after day'
'just recently the shop's been resorting to mental sabotage using sleep deprivation'
'as an example, the other day it was so bad he couldn't even read a newspaper'

LEW 'let alone do any 9-11 research '
SCORPION 'of course, at the time he was probing deeper and deeper'
'just yesterday he started speculating about the oil bust of the mid 80's, the spate of terrorism
'during the Reagan years, justifying the gulf war, and how the now president skirted the grasp '
'of the SEC on possible insider trading in 1991,

[finally gopher 2 joins in the conversation]

MOUTH 'wasn't Bush's dad president at the time? Wasn't the SEC Commissioner, Ed Fleischman '
'appointed in 1986? the same year Harken bought out Spectrum 7, the same company owned '
'by G W Bush'

[curiously LEW peers through his rear view mirror but couldn't make out the faces in the dark]
MOUTH 'Doesn't 86 symbolically signify 8-6, August 6? when 'little boy' was dropped '
'over Hiroshima in 1945' didn't Yami die in 86?
SCORPION 'little boy?'
MOUTH 'the atom bomb, and the sudden release of an insane amount of energy,'
'then there's the energy president, and and the energy crisis right before 9-11.

MOUTH 'sorry, please continue'
'By the way, Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August 1990 was the reason for the Gulf war'
SCORPION 'yeah but who lured him in?
MOUTH 'huh'

SCORPION 'so on June 22, 1990, G W Bush dumps 67% of his stock in Harken Energy,
almost a million dollar profit, about 1.5 months before Iraq invades Kuwait,
and doesn't report the transaction to the SEC until after the Gulf war,
'after the U.S. military kicks Sadam out of Kuwait and wins the war'

MOUTH 'I think DT should look into this'
'by the way, who shot the spotlight on this, prompting the SEC investigation in April 1991?

SCORPION 'the Wall Street journal'
MOUTH 'Wall street, attacked catastrophically on 9-11, and that Wall street reporter,
the Jewish guy named Pearl, and then there's Pearl Harbor, and and the rhetoric, harboring terrorists'.

'after 9-11 they kept bringing up Pearl Harbor to promote the wwwa..'
SCORPION 'shut up mouth, we aint ready for that'
MOUTH 'sowwy dog'

SCORPION 'you brought up 1986, let's talk about that instead'
MOUTH 'like I said, 8-6, August 6, Hiroshima 1945, the atom bomb,
'the ultimate destructive device made possible with the sudden release
'of an insane amount of energy, by the neutron bombardment of the U235 isotope'
SCORPION ' U235 isotope? '
MOUTH 'Uranium, the splitting of th atom, the subsequent chain reaction'
'coincidentally the twin towers were 35 years old when they came down,'
'in a chain reaction sort of way, one floor after the other'
'remember that commercial, "it aint gonna take long at all" '
SCORPION 'MOUTH we aint ready fo dat'

MOUTH 'then there was that major energy crisis in California right before 9-11'
'and in U235, the letter 'U' happens to be the 21st letter in the alphabet, and of course 9-11
'happened on the 21st month of the 21st century, an an the population of Shanksville was 235, I tink'


MOUTH 'Yama died that same year you know'

MOUTH 'it's a name of a plant'
'Yamasaki, the architect of the twin towers, died in 1986'
'the same towers that were destroyed on 9-11 in Kamakazi style attacks, immortalized in 1945'
'of course on 9-11 Tower 1 was hit at 845, and the Pentagon was hit at 945'


SCORPION 'MOUTH how do you know all this stuff?
'you were just a D, I mean C student in college, with a few F's here and there'
'you couldn't have gotten all this from DT'
MOUTH 'in grade school my teachers called me anything from dyslexic to autistic'
'but Mighty Mouse told me I was probably just a bored genius'
LEW 'who's Mighty Mouse?'
SCORPION 'I tink Mouse was just trying to be nice'
MOUTH 'shuddup dog'

SCORPION 'in fact, I hear you flunked the first grade'
MOUTH 'I said shuddup dog, don't make me make a scene in front of Lewie'

[MOUTH stares ahead as if contemplating]
'good ol Saint Pete's'
SCORPION 'you went to Catholic school?'
MOUTH 'yeah dog, how you tink I know about the Inquisition'
SCORPION 'I don't know, I tot you was makin it up'
MOUTH laughs to imself 'first grade, it was like like "MOUTH what's A + B ?" '
SCORPION 'they called you MOUTH in first grade?'
MOUTH 'and I'm like "duhhhhh, pleasssse, wake me up when you get to Differential Equations" '
SCORPION 'you little liar, they didn't even have Differential Equations in first grade'

SCORPION 'what were you saying about Pearl again? '
MOUTH 'the Jewish guy, born the same year JFK was shot, kidnapped and beheaded'
'just like JFK, so to speak' the symbolism goes back to the time of the Inquisition'
'then of course there's all that JFK symbolism during and after 9-11, to promote the ww..
[SCORPION quickly cuts mouth off and quickly thinks of something to say]
[and mentions a few things he never intended]

SCORPION 'let me give you an example of DT's line of speculative questioning
that nobody dares to ask'
'now bare in mind that this is food for thought and investigation, and is in no way conclusive


SCORPION 'did big oil blame the oil bust of the mid 80's on wall street?'
'was the California power crisis (bilking the state out of billions) retaliation for the oil bust in the 80's?'
'did anybody follow the money trail? From the California consumer to the price gouging energy companies?


SCORPION 'oops it's time to go'
'make a right on Independence and drop us off at monument park, at the Washington monument'
[by the time LEW looked back to let SCORPION and MOUTH off,]
[they were already gone]
[curiously LEW looked around but the two were no where in sight]

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