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Subject DT72 20020718

written July 18, 2002
(The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[a suburb somewhere in America]

[2 discreet figures make their way to the back of Taco King, and just as discreetly]
[enter a back door. Both promptly enter a janitors closet and within seconds quickly descend]
[in a tubular elevator]

CROWBAR 'how many G's does thing have, I could feel my brain lifting'
[Stump ignores Crowbar, staring at his new Boston wingtips, like he was]
[trying to make out his image in the reflection]
[Crowbar returns the silence nervously cracking his knuckles]

[30 seconds go by and both are still in quick descent]
CROWBAR 'dam, what is this, journey to the center of the earth?'
STUMP 'shut up'
CROWBAR 'they should at least have elevator music'
STUMP 'shut up'
CROWBAR 'they tell me the Shop had DT for 3.5 hours the other night'
'in his sleep of course' they tell me the Shop must a wiped his memory again'
'that was after he published that report on the president'
'usually the shop could do a wipe in 90 minutes, but 3.5 hours, they must a done somtin else'
'if you ask me, I say he was interrogated under sleep hypnosis'

[just as Crowbar opens his mouth again, the elevator comes to an abrupt stop]
[however the doors remain shut for the next 15 seconds, then suddenly shoot open]
[Crowbar trails Stump out of the elevator surprised to see no elaborate security screen, ]
[like security keypads and guards armed with submachine guns ]

CROWBAR with jaw half open utters 'where…'
STUMP 'where's security? Don't worry if we had failed the security screen,'
'we'd be on our way to the interrogation unit the minute we stepped off'
CROWBAR 'what security screen? 'you mean the elevator?'


CROWBAR half jokingly says 'what'd they do? A DNA scan?'
STUMP 'shut up'

Security command post 32]

GUARD 1 'sure we arrest the two jokers in janitors suits sir?'
Watch Commander 'relax that's just Stump and Crowbar'
GUARD 1 'but one of the guys failed the scan sir'
Watch Commander 'it's ok'
GUARD 2 nursing a broken arm says 'you don't wanna mess with Stump'
GUARD 1 curiously observing the cast says 'did I hear you correctly?'
'this is the most secure post in the land'

[Guard 2 looks at Guard 3] 'you wanna tell im'
GUARD 3 'the last time Stump was here, he sent 3 guards to the hospital'
'he also disarmed a 4th guard, grabbed his shot gun and ordered him to kneel and beg'
'by the time help arrived, guard 4 was shaking with fright'

[Guard 1 stares back as if confused]
GUARD 3 'they say he's with the shop, but nobody really knows'
GUARD 1 'why the display of force?'
GUARD 3 'they say it's an ego thing, you know, psychological subjugation'
[Guard 1 stares back again as if more confused]

GUARD 3 'just don't mess with the guy, look at guard 2's arm'
GUARD 1 referring to Crowbar says 'why doesn't the 200 pound body builder
' keep his mouth shut?'
GUARD 3 'why don't you go over there and ask him'

[meanwhile Crowbar trails Stump again unable to keep his pace]

CROWBAR 'slow down dog, you cyborgs are all alike'
[Stump turns his head as if mildly insulted]
CROWBAR 'I mean Seal, you Seals are the best'
STUMP 'former Seal, that was years ago'
CROWBAR 'dam, this place looks like a space ship'
STUMP 'it is'
STUMP 'just kidding'
'you heard the saying "all roads lead to Rome" '
STUMP 'take a look at the Japanese flag'
CROWBAR 'huh' there you go talkin in riddles again'

[15 minutes later the pair make it back to the archive retrieval section of NS1]
CROWBAR 'don't we need badges or some kind of ID'
STUMP 'shut up' believe it or not you've been scanned at least 6 times'

[both enter a gigantic office area with partitioned offices, and gigantic message boards covering]
[every wall]
[both make their way to a corner office, and a thin bearded individual who looked like a teen]
[out of junior high stands up to greet the two]

SID 'Stump my man, who's your side kick'
STUMP turns to Crowbar 'he wants to see your sidekick'
[before Sid could say anything further, Crowbar had flashed a sidekick, a roundhouse, and a flying front kick]
[at unbelievable speed and grace, as Sid watched helplessly, wide eyed, and with a dropped jaw]

SID 'woeeee! I'm glad you're with us'

STUMP 'now if you two would quit clowning, maybe we could get down to business,'
'time is precious and my girlfriend wants me home by suppertime'
SID 'I don't know if I could help you Stump, DT's the only guy with the necessary clearance'
STUMP 'shut up, I got the same clearance you got,'
[SID stares back indecisively]
STUMP 'plus I got Crowbar with me'

SID looks at Crowbar 'alright, but it ain't gonna be easy '
STUMP 'Don't give me that, NS1 knows everything'
SID 'it's the shirts, they're guarding those 3000 documents, and there are no copies'
'I could go through channels, but that might not be fast enough for DT'
'besides, I talked to a few cronies, and they don't see the connection to 9-11'

STUMP suddenly appears irritated 'you talked to others?'
SID almost looks frightened and says 'they're my best friends'


[all three stare at each other like security had just been compromised]

SID braves a comment as if in hesitation 'to be frank I don't see the connection either'
[Stump stares at Sid, poker faced, as if waiting for Sid's paranoia to set in]
STUMP breaks the silence 'you know DT, standard procedure, follow all leads,
'even if it's just symbolism'
SID 'symbolism?'
STUMP 'it's a society thing, they've been attacking the innocent for so long,'
'they arrogantly leave their tracks, symbolically'
CROWBAR 'whad'ya call that, sociopathism?' like "catch me if you can" '

SID 'so, exactly what symbolism is DT concentrating on these days?'
STUMP 'the atomic devastation over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the fall of 1945'
CROWBAR 'the twin towers fell in the fall season'
STUMP 'shut up'

STUMP 'the cataclysmic event literally destroyed the 2 cities, '
which included a tremendous loss of innocent life'
'DT suspects many in the society opposed the use of the atom bomb in 1945'
CROWBAR 'including FDR' some think he was poisoned on April 12, 1945'
'his successor, is the president that approved the 2 devastating strikes that left Japan with no choice
but surrender, as a matter of technicality on their part'
STUMP 'shut up'

CROWBAR 'in actuality, surrender violated the code of honor, thus you have acts of desperation,'
'in the final moment's of the war, namely the kamikaze's' of course, before the horrific atomic explosions'
STUMP 'shut up'

SID 'I see, then there were the kamikaze strikes on both towers, starting at 845 '
CROWBAR 'you sure it was 845? Some say it as 846'
SID 'give or take a minute due to human error, 845 might've been the targeted time'
CROWBAR 'Japan and LA are both at the 35th parallel, and JFK was the 35th president'
STUMP 'shut up'

SID 'LA, LA? Yes, the 3 successful hijackings were all destined for LA'
CROWBAR 'Yami also built the Century plaza towers in LA'
STUMP 'shut up'

SID 'what about flight 93, bound for Friscoe?'
STUMP 'the home port of the U.S.S. Indianapolis in 1945, before it was sunk '
'on July 28, by a Japanese U-boat'
CROWBAR 'notice the "U", it equates to the number 21'
SID 'the U.S.S. Indianapolis?'
STUMP 'it was FDR's ship of state, for diplomatic missions, and McVeigh was FDR's '
'naval aide' In fact Mcveigh was given command by FDR right before he was assass..,
'I mean right before he died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage'

CROWBAR 'that was right after he got reacquainted with an old flame'
STUMP 'shut up'

STUMP 'Mcveigh was the delivery boy, for "little boy" in 1945'
'DT thinks Timothy Mcvey was just a delivery boy on April 19, 1995'
'that's why he wants to see those 3000 documents' he thinks he might've been brain washed'
SID 'little boy?'
STUMP 'the two atom bombs, that later fell over Japan'
CROWBAR 'so then it was two little boys?


STUMP 'DT thinks Mcvey was chosen by the Society for symbolic reasons'
CROWBAR 'just like JFK in 1963' The atomic symbolism there was the
'1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, exactly 13 months before the 63 assassination'
'quickly now, what event happened 13 months before 9-11?'
STUMP 'shut up'

SID 'I see, that atomic bomb symbolism' Timothy drove the truck that carried the payload,
'that later devastated the federal building in Oklahoma city'
CROWBAR 'they called it apparent retaliation for Waco'
'in actuality DT thinks WACO was symbolically connected to that famous quote,
STUMP 'shut up'
CROWBAR 'right after Pearl Harbor in 1941 "we just woke up a sleeping giant" '
'then then remema the ATF shootout, well ATF equates to 1-20-7, or 12-7, Dec 7'

SID 'so you say the U.S.S. Indianapolis was sunk on July 28?
CROWBAR 'Timothy was imprisoned in Indiana in early 2001, before he was executed'
'that was the 35th federal execution' the last had been in 1963, the year the 35th president was assassinated''
[Sid and Stump glance at Crowbar]

SID 'so it was sunk 9 days before Hiroshima'
CROWBAR 'DT thinks the sinking was the Society's punishment, for delivering "little boy"
'in fact the record shows, search and rescue somehow didn't see the drowning crew of 1196, '
'until 29% of the crew had perished'
SID 'so what's the "29" symbolism?'
STUMP 'B29 bombers had been pounding Japanese cities for 9 months'
'and a B29 was randomly slated to drop "little boy" on August 6'

CROWBAR 'The Indianapolis departed the U.S. on July 16, an of course you know '
'JFK's son crashed on July 16, and the moon shot, Apollo 11, JFK's responsibility, launched on July 16, '
STUMP 'shut up'

SID 'so the sinking was punishment for "little boy"?'
STUMP 'DT's not sure, since there was an apparent coup conspiracy in 1933, and Wall street'
'financiers were suspected of organizing the intended Government overthrow'
'however when FDR didn't use his powers to pursue the investigation, people started to wonder,'
'since he was also named during the investigation'

CROWBAR 'he was also related to Robert E Lee, who led the Southern rebels in the Civil war'
STUMP 'at any rate, some think FDR was eliminated after being elected to his 4th term,
'and DT suspects FDR's ship of state was intentionally sunk by the Society, and FDR's Naval Aide, '
Mcveigh, who dropped off "little boy", seemed to encounter punishment up to 1968'
CROWBAR 'that was the year he apparently and symbolically committed hari-kari'
SID 'that's a Japanese term for loss of honor and subsequent suicide by a large knife'
CROWBAR 'knives were apparently used on 9-11, on those suicidal hijackings'

CROWBAR 'then there's the fate of flight 93, destined for San Francisco,
'the port home of the Indianapolis in 1945,'
SID 'flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, didn't it?'
CROWBAR 'if I ain't mistaken,, shank is a prison term for knife without the handle'

STUMP 'to coincide with Mcveighs suicide in 1968, the inverse of 68 is 32'
'32 was Timothy's age when he was executed, on 6-11-2001, 3 months before 9-11'
CROWBAR 'then there's FDR, elected in 1932, as the 32nd president'
'and Japan's flag has 32 stripes, and Japan was apparently targeted early on,
when Mac Arthur left in 1935 to build an army in the Philipines'
'of course after the Japanese surrender, MacArthur appointed himself defacto emperor of Japan'

SID wipes his brow 'that's enough information for one day guys'
CROWBAR 'next time we'll talk about Manson and gang, who in 1968,
'went on their murderous rampage, where Tate was stabbed 16 times'
SID 'you ain't gonna tell me there's a connection here too'
CROWBAR 'DT says there's connections everywhere, but nobody's bothered to look'
'he says America's being punished and he's trying to find out why'

STUMP 'shut up'
'we gotta go'
SID calls out as Stump and Crowbar head for the exit 'why was Mcveigh court martialled?'
STUMP 'for inefficient abandonment of ship, and not taking a zig zag course'
CROWBAR 'on 9-11, Bush returned on a zig zag course, and during the Tower's evacuation,'
'apparently miscommunication and misdirection led to unnecessary loss of life, at ground zero'
SID calls out one last time 'what does ground zero mean?'
CROWBAR 'it's the center point on the ground, for an atomic explosion'

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