written July 29, 2002
(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

[at the boss's office]

Tommy 'how's DT suppose to do any research if you keep doin things '
'to his brain'
Boss 'yeah, like whad'
Tommy 'like what, what're you a moron'
Boss 'shuddup sucka, who's side you on anyway'

Tommy 'you dam loon, there's limitations you know'
'limiting the guy to 2 hours sleep the other night, what're you nuts'
Boss 'heee heee, heee heee, I sure shut im up good didn't I'
'little sucka juss keep writin an writin an won't keep his mouth shut'

Tommy 'so what was that? More punishment? What'd he write about this time?'
Boss 'you know, foist it was a piece on the corporate scandals, den he did a piece'
'on the SEC'
Tommy 'you mean the chairman'
'the corporate watchdog who had to recuse himself from more than 20 investigation cases'
'because of his links to industry, in his first 12 months as chairman'
'why does he brave the rising storm of controversy, scrutiny? questions about his true intentions?. '
'For privilege and status? he had that as a high priced Wall street lawyer the last decade. '
'certainly not for pay'

Boss 'shuddup sucka, dis is bigga den you an me, you ave no idea how montrous dis ting is'
Tommy 'you mean in terms of money? 295 billion dollars in assets under chapter 11 protection?'
'how many more bankruptcy's does this country have to bear, before they pull the plug on corporations'
'swindling the common man'
'even Cheney's old company is under scrutiny on suspicion of cooking the books,
even during his tenure in 1999'


'so now the shop's punishing DT for writing about this stuff? What're you kidding me?
'Why is the shop so concerned?'
'you don't see the shop giving other journalist's memory wipes, every time they learn somtin, do you?'


Boss 'shuddup sucka, DT's a different animal, you know dat'
'do you ave any idea how much twubble we bbbb…. I mean, how good he be if the shop wasn't '
'given im memory wipes periodically, especially on weekends '
Tommy 'why especially weekends?'
Boss 'cause man, you know how angwy DT gets when we wipe his memory'
Tommy 'so he knows when the shop does it?'
Boss 'of course he does, little sucka know everyting, if he could remema it'
Tommy 'that doesn't even make sense'
Boss 'yes it does'
Tommy 'no it don't
Boss 'shuddup sucka'
'I already toll you how big dis is'
Tommy 'not for DT, nothings too big for DT'
Boss 'you wong, he ain't gonna be able to chew on dis'

Tommy 'so if you wipe his memory on weekends, he's less likely to report anything'
Boss 'exakly' little sucka, afta he twied ta contact the FBI lass May 21,
'he scare allot a people back east '
Tommy 'how come?'
Boss 'wwwwwwwwhy sssssssshould I I I I I I I I '
Tommy 'come on, spit it out'


Tommy 'so the shop's been wipin DT's memory since May 21?'
Boss 'heee heee, longa den dat' way back, right befo nnnnnnnnnnnnine '
Tommy 'right before 9-11? Why?'

Boss 'you askin too many questions sucka'
'but but afta May 21, the shop says "dam it, fwy his bwain, an an fwy it good, befo befo
" befo he spills out somtin dangerous"
Tommy 'In those exact words?'
Boss 'so dats when we stotted givin im intense memory wipes
'especially on duh weekens, since he less likely ta twy fo duh FBI on a weeken'
'heee heee, at one poin we fwied his bwain so hod, dat he even forgot his own address'

Tommy 'but he's been at his house for almost 7 years now'
Boss 'heee heee, exakly, dats how good we did it, we good huh?'
'heee heee, when when we took out his bwain lass saturday, wid only 2 hours sleep, '
'he couldn't even read a newspapa'
'heee heee, juss today, when he was twyin ta write, we stop im wid sleeping gas '

Tommy 'man you'll do anything to stop im'
Boss 'heee heee, we even assault his leg when he write too much'
Tommy 'you mean in his sleep? To punish im?'
'I heard of those torturous episodes, an excruciating pain that lingers thru the day'
'what exactly do you do?'
Boss ' heee heee, we pump it up wid chemicals, den we give it a good whack'
'heee heee, we done worse tings to im in the past'
Tommy 'you mean like crippling im in his own bed, on June 15, 2000'
Boss 'I juss don get why he persists on writin, when he so vulnerable, literally at our mercy'
Tommy 'not to mention the shop still has im living out of a gas mask'
Boss 'exakly' see, I juss don ged it