written August 10, 2002
(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

[at the boss's office]

[the boss's door comes flying open, and bams the wall,
almost yanking the door off it's hinges]

[the boss stares back behind a stack of superman comic books,
almost incredulous, wide eyed and with a dropped jaw]

[Tommy seems to tower at the doorway like an out a control android]
[they both stare at each other as if spellbound, the boss afraid to say anything, ]
[and Tommy as if trying to contain his fury ]


[a whole minute goes by and Tommy finally breaks the silence]

Tommy 'why you sick deranged idiotic maniac!'
[the Boss a little confused by the antics, yet realizing Tommy could be reacting
to a host of recent atrocities, feeblishly try's to communicate a semblance of authority]

Boss 'how dare you intawupt me while I reading the latest issue of Superman'

[ at this Tommy storms toward the boss, and the boss could almost swear ]
[that the building shook with each step]
[by the time Tommy reaches the Boss's desk, he was already cringing ]
[with his head resting on the lower part of the swivel chair]

[the Boss nervously trys to dissaude Tommy's aggressive approach]

Boss 'heee heee, easy dere Tommy, I I ere ta elp yyyyyyou'
'it it cccan't be dat bad, can it? heee heee, anyting yyyou wan, anyting, juss name it'
Tommy 'how could you give the order!'
Boss 'heee heee, uh whad orda Tommy boy'
Tommy 'and don't call me boy dam it!'

Boss 'heee heee, ok Tommy, I I juss twyin ta be fwienly'
Tommy 'you oblivious moron, how can you sit there and act like that!'
Boss 'heee heee, uh, act how Tommy? How you wan me ta ta act?'

[by this time Tommy is leaning over the Boss's desk resting on both fists,]
[still enraged, but distracted by the Boss's almost childish antics, as if wondering ]
[how he could be so carefree and distant, and yet be responsible for so many atrocities.]

[while the two are locked in another lopsided stare down,
Berry tries to get Tommy's attention, cautiously peering in from the hallway]

Berry 'Pssssst! Pssssst!'

[Tommy turns and has this look like he's ready o tear the place apart]
[Berry motions to Tommy and Tommy abruptly leaves the Boss, who by now had his ]
[upper body virtually prostrate across the seat of his chair ]

[in the hall way]

Berry 'what the hell do you think you're doin?'
Tommy what'
Berry 'he could've easily had you thrown in the brigg'


Berry 'look, I already know what happened, but that approach is useless'
'believe me, others have tried the same thing '
Tommy 'so you know the shop tried to cripple DT again'
Berry 'of course I do, they threatened the guy with a disability just a few days ago, '
'after he wrote that piece on a religious president reversing the limitations on Stem Cell research, '
'and the destruction of human embryo's and that other thing about Fast Track and skirting the '
'democratic process'

Tommy 'but crippling the guy, just for telling the truth, '
Berry 'You shouldn't worry about DT too much, he was trained for this stuff'
Tommy 'say what?


Tommy 'I don't suppose you have any details?
'on what they did'
Berry 'of course I do, they yanked his ligaments in a strategic manner,
'injected destablizing chemicals into the area, including pain killer'
Tommy 'pain killer?'
Berry 'it's a typical tactic, since these destructive molestation's are essentially tactical '
'injuries, that invariably induce degrees of pain'
'if the target wakes up in pain, then the secrecy is gone'

Tommy 'secrecy for what?'
Berry 'if the target doesn't know he's injured, then he'll go about his normal activity's,
'like exercise for example, and voila, an injury, and little does the target know
that the area was already damaged and camoflauged with pain killer, and that his physical activity'
'simply exasperated the damage into a full fledged injury'

Tommy 'such a sophisticated manner of doing things'
'yet just 3 months ago the shop tried to put the hit on DT with physical violence'
Berry 'well he did contact the FBI, maybe not directly, but they apparently got his message
Tommy 'so you say sophisticated attacks using pain killer is common'
Berry 'routine, in fact who was that guy who crashed 3 years ago?
'he had sustained a foot injury, providing a plausible reason for the plane going down, '