August 22, 2002
(The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[at the boss's office while the boss aint there]

Lew 'so you say the boss flew off the handle'
Will 'I think you been watching too many Harry Potter movies'
Lew 'you know what I'm talking about'

[Will chuckles a little] 'there was DT working out of a gas mask,
perusing his library of ancient history'
Lew 'you mean in the bat cave'
[Will chuckles] 'funny funny'

Lew 'First of all how do you know this?'
[Will looks back almost questioningly]
Will 'surveillance, the shop has the guy under 24 hour surveillance'
'you knew that'

Lew 'what was he looking for?'
Will 'You know DT, cover all bases, research all leads, dig hard and deep'


Will 'He was reviewing the secrets of the ancient pyramids when he stumbled on somtin'

Lew 'who built the pyramids?'
[Will opens his mouth as if ready to say something, pauses then says ]
'wouldn't you like to know, wouldn't the whole world like to know'
[Lew stares back with a look of baited curiosity] 'you aint gonna tell me?'


Lew 'so what did DT stumble on?'
[Will speaks but it comes out in a whisper]


[Lew stares back studiously as if trying to decipher Will's cryptic whisper]
'may mayson? umm, free may, [then Lew suddenly blurts out] Free Masons!

[suddenly the Boss enters pounding the heels of his boots for effect, with 3 MP's,
as if trying to imitate the gestapo]

[Lew and Will stare back with gaping jaws as if slightly startled]
[The boss continues to play the role, and speaks with a German accent]
[while he eye's the pair suspiciously in an exaggerated manner]
[and does a 380 around the pair for more effect]

Boss 'sooooooo, you two ave been talkine about tings'
[the boss continues to eye the pair suspiciously making Lew a little nervous]
Boss 'would you be so kine, as to [the boss notices Lew shaking a bit ]'
[and pauses for more effect] as to share yor tots weeth the tree uff us?

Will 'alright knock it off! What'ya want! By the way there's 4 of you,
'unless you think you don't exist'
[the Boss quickly comes back to reality] 'whad'ya mean whad I wan,
'dis is my office you idiot'

[the Boss nods to MP-1 and the 3 MP's quickly leave]
Will 'I was wondering when you would show up, I have a few questions for you'
[Will nods to Lew and Lew leaves the room]


[Will shuts the door behind Lew]
[Will rubbing the palms of both hands walks up to the boss]
[the two eye each other almost with a curious arrogance, the boss wondering ]
[why the hell Will wasn't out in the field policing the network]

Will 'I cannot believe what yor doing to this guy'
[the Boss knew immediately Will was referring to DT]

Will 'yor henchmen got the guy cornered like a wild dog'
'you got his back to the wall, what do you want from the guy?'
[the boss shakes his head questioningly as if feigning ignorance]
[then takes on a smirk as if realizing the success of his latest torture tactics]

Will 'You sabotage one gas mask, DT buys another and the shop switches the filters
'DT then buys another and the shop switches the filters before he even makes it home'

Boss 'heee heee, how is dat possible?
Will 'As if you don't know. Surveillance, timing, distractions, impersonating clerks,
'you know, the same way the shop use to contaminate DT's food a few years ago.

[by this time the boss is openly smiling as if unable to contain the sense of pleasure]
[he got by hearing all this]

[Will however looks on with scorn as he continued to voice his complaint]
Will 'you infest his backyard with mosquitoes so he can't research outside
'he's been at that home for 7 years and never had a mosquito problem'

Boss 'heee heee, don forget about all that news about the West Nile illness
[Will thinks to himself (curious, the Pyramids are at the West Nile)]

Boss 'heee heee, we good huh? [the boss quickly qualifies his statement] about DT's yard'
[Will glares back at the boss in an accusing manner]
Boss 'uh uh about how good we are about dumpin all those mosquitoes in in his yard'
'dats whad I was talkin aboud, aboud, ddon look at me like dat Will'

[Will continues] 'now the guy has nowhere to run, so now the shop ruthlessly'
'tortures the guy with lung gas anytime he does any research'

Boss 'whad whad aboud his gas gas mask'
[Will now realizes that the boss is distracted by something, and not fully listening]
[Will continues] 'like I was saying, the shop rendered DT's last two gas masks useless'
'the rules of engagement have changed'
Boss 'whad whad rules'

Will 'like in Nam, there would be these unwritten truces both sides would abide by, '
'like cease fires at certain times'
[The Boss quickly regains reality] 'no way sucka, dere aint gonna be no cease fire'
'little sucka wanna keep writin, den I gonna keep pullin the stops, an an punish im like '
'he neva be punish before'

Will 'But the shop rarely goes to this extreme, even risking plausible deniability'
Boss 'little sucka went too fa dis time, when he when he'
Will 'started researching the Free Mason's'

[The Boss quickly springs into action and cups Will's mouth]
Boss 'sssssh, keep it down man, somebody might hear '
Will 'But yor tryin to suppress Free Speech, the shop can't do that'

[the Boss stares at Will like he's looking at an idiot]
Will 'what? You lookin at me? Huh huh huh?'
Boss 'little sucka, yor stupider den DT'
Will 'why? Because I still believe in this country?'

[the Boss continues staring and shakes his head] 'you tupid moron'
Will 'don't call me a moron you dirt bag'
'I had it up to here with yor antics'
'I'm about ready to call you know who'

Boss 'Don trettin me sucka, I aint afeared a no one'
Will 'not even the Kid?'
[at the mention of the Kid's name the boss suddenly goes into freeze frame ]
[wide eyed and without moving a limb he starts to speak]
Boss 'ddddddddddid yyyyyyyyyyyyou sssssss sssssssss
[Will lightly taps the top of the Boss's head with a rolled up news paper to get im going again]
Boss 'say the the the the

Will 'you cant say his name can you'
[by this time the Boss was completely oblivious to Will's presence]
[as his eyes quickly dart to and fro as if in a state of paranoia]

Will 'Bossss? Bosssss? Come on man, not now'
'I'm trying to hold a conversation here'
[by this time the boss looks like he's ready to scadoodle, as his eyes dart around the room ]
[looking for a quick exit]
Boss 'whe Lois? Whe Yimmy?

Will 'who?'[Will thinks to himself again (Louis, was Louis XVI still King when )]
[ Napoleon I invaded Egypt? No it must of been after he was guillotined) ]

[before Will could say another word the Boss was out the door darting down the hallway]
[Will calls out after the Boss] 'come on man, I was only kidding'
[General Luveaux happens to be walking the same aisle]
[Will calls out] 'quick, grab im'

[The General reaches for the Boss, but the Boss skirts his grasp and scampers out the main exit]
General 'what the heck happened to him?'
Will 'we were having a conversation and I happened to mention
the latest issue of superman was out
General 'dam it, I told im to stop reading those comics'
'I'll have a word with him when he gets back'
Will 'I don't think he'll be back today sir'