(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

September 1, 2002

NS5 West Virginia

[Tommy is busy searching the archives for the Boss's family tree,
when the phone starts ringing. ]

[Too intent on staring at the computer screens covering the front wall,
he let's the phone ring, and continues moving his fingers over the invisible flat keyboard
on his desk, like a master pianist stroking out a Mozart concerto.]

[The phone starts ringing again,
but Tommy is too intent on trying to trace the Boss's bloodline,
almost in an obsessed manner, certain that anybody who could be responsible
for so many atrocities and escape scrutiny, has to be a member of the aristocracy.]

[The phone starts ringing for the 10th time, and Tommy finally picks up]

Tommy 'This better be good, it's 3 am in the mornin.
Grasshopper 'I can't believe it, your wife was ready to fill out a missing person's report.
Tommy 'Grasshopper, it's you, who blew my secret location.
Grasshopper 'You sound like DT.


Grasshopper 'I had to twist a few arms at Norad, to hone in on your position.
Tommy 'Don't tell me you had Stump break a few arms.
what'ya want?
[Tommy mumbles to himself (that stupid chip in my brain, must a given me away)]

Grasshopper 'What was that?
Tommy 'Nothing, talk to me before I hang up.
Grasshopper 'It's the FBI
[Tommy quickly cuts Grasshopper off]Dam! They finally caught up with me.

Grasshopper 'DT actually tried to communicate with them again,
but this time somebody screwed up
Tommy 'Another screw up?
I thought those Congressional committee's set the G-men straight.

[Tommy casually stares at the screens on the wall, graphically charting the progress
of his database search, a marvel of artificial intelligence, self serving recursive algorithms,
evolving, improving with each activity, with each query, producing results with unbelievable speed
and accuracy.
Tommy thinks (where would we be without quantum technology, nano memory chips,
smaller then the size of a pin head)]

Grasshopper 'Tommy? You still there?
Tommy 'Yeah, yeah, what'd the G-men do to DT?
Grasshopper 'To put it mildly they ignored his pleas, and the shop subsequently
punished the guy like you wouldn't believe.


[Tommy doesn't respond, as he continues staring at the screens]

Grasshopper 'They skinned the guys genitals, they tried to smash the drivers side of
DT's Mercedez with a fast moving truck, they tried to run the guy over from behind, with a
fast moving bike.


[Tommy seems distracted by the readings from his query, and remains silent]

Grasshopper 'They keep getting the guy sick, food contamination, switching his food,
and some say, they're simply shoving rotten food down his throat while he sleeps helplessly at night.
How? you ask. probably by shoving a tube down his throat first.
There's also a gas that could have the same effect.


Grasshopper 'What effects? you might ask. Nausea, upset stomach.
How are they getting in? you might ask. Probably thru the roof.
Of course they have to knock im out first. How? You ask. Probably chemically.


Tommy 'what happened to that handy man? Lung gas, feinting gas, false diagnosis, etc
The Bono lookalike, Bono, Bonaparte, he took power after the Bastille didn't he?
Grasshopper 'What?
[still distracted, Tommy continues with a seemingly disjointed conversation]
Reno, yeah, she feinted during a political speech, that must a dampened her image, made er look
[Tommy suddenly goes silent, and busily types a few more commands into his keyboard ]

Grasshopper 'What?
Tommy 'That's a peculiar disease she has, don't you think?
Reno, Reno, a name symbolically associated to Nevada, the Nevada test sights, radiation fallout,
the atom bomb, Hiroshima.

Grasshopper 'What?
Come on Tommy, are you listening to me?
What're you doing over there anyway?
Ain't you gonna ask why the shop keeps getting DT sick? We're talkin biological warfare here,
banned by Geneva.

Tommy 'What? Who? Why are they gassing the guy like this?
Grasshopper 'It was that article DT wrote on the Bush land grab, where he mentions
verbal digestion, as a means of reasoning things out.


Grasshopper'Tommy? You still there?
Even worse, is the shop keeps wiping the guys memory
[Tommy suddenly slams his fist on his desk and yells] I knew it! Yes! Yes!
Grasshopper 'Tommy? Did you just say yes?

Tommy 'Oh? I mean, how much brain damage? I mean how many brain cells did they
destroy permanently this time?
Grasshopper 'I don't know, but extensive applications could turn a citizen into a vegetable.
They've been giving DT memory wipes since before 9-11. That was about a year ago, they've been
wiping his memory, for about a year now.
Just recently they've refined their tactics by pumping drugs into his hippocampus, short term memory.
This reduces retention, hampers his research efforts.
This is on top of the inconvenience of having to do the same research over and over, reviewing
the same news, the same notes over and over.

[Tommy still distracted says] Sounds so redundant, why does he do it?
Grasshopper 'Because they keep wiping his memory.
Not too long ago he forgot his own address.

Tommy 'And the FBI's letting this happen?
Grasshopper 'The FBI would be powerless to stop these guys.
You saw what happened the other day.
Tommy 'What? What'd they do to DT?

Grasshopper 'Haven't you been listening? They wouldn't even take DT's report this time.
Tommy 'Turning away evidence? I'll have to tell Lew about this one.
It's happened before you know.
Grasshopper 'With DT?

Tommy 'The year was 63, there was panic in the streets, pure absolute chaos.
The perpetrators were quickly making their get away, tough dudes flashing secret service badges,
were crowd controlling the maddening rush of people toward the parking lot, yet no secret service
personnel had been assigned to the parking lot that day.


Tommy 'Didn't he address second graders during 9-11?
Grasshopper 'huh?

Tommy 'The police were frantically redirecting attention, pointing toward the upper floors
of the school book depository, "up there! Look! Up there!"
But many were absolutely sure it was the grassy knoll, and rushed the parking lot only to be turned away.
The after math was bloody, witnesses being eliminated over a period of time. Bowers, who saw
everything from the Eiffel tower
Grasshopper 'Eiffel tower?
Tommy 'I mean The Towers, I mean the the Watch Tower.

Tommy 'He said he saw the flash of light at the grassy knoll,
and the investigating commission interrupted his testimony in mid flight, changed the subject.
Later he dies in a car accident.

The FBI kept turning away witnesses, evidence, photographs.
The investigating commission kept ignoring eye witness testimony, that deterred from
the lone assassin theory. In fact the president's brain was stolen,
promoting the same theory even further.

Other person's of interest soon met their fate,
Ruby, Bannister, Oswald who was the only one accused,
David Ferry, and others, were soon dead.
[By this time Tommy was fully attentive to the discussion, expressing thoughts that seemed
suppressed and held at bay for much too long]

Tommy 'So these G-men have had their problem's in enforcing the law.
But treating DT like this,

Grasshopper 'He was also repeatedly harassed and provoked for over 15 minutes
in a round about way, using tactics that the shop are experts at.
Tommy 'Yeah, see, the only guy that I know of, seriously investigating 9-11,
and they turn im away like this, and back into the waiting arms of this vicious killing machine,
[Tommy shakes his head] I've seen many things in my day, but this.


Tommy 'Who's officially investigating 9-11?
Grasshopper 'The FBI is, I think.
They've also been busy defending themselves, against those 9-11 failures, what has been dubbed
the 9-11 intelligence failures.


Tommy 'It doesn't make any sense, others, anybody has ready access to FBI field offices,
to report crimes, yet they, you say they fought with the guy?
Grasshopper 'It was like "ooou, out, don't touch us with that stuff, just beat it!
We don't even wanna see those reports, ",

euphemistically speaking of course, not in those words, but that's what it looked like to DT.

Tommy 'So they knew what the contents were?
Grasshopper 'How? How could they possible know?
They wouldn't even read the cover letter.
Tommy 'Why? I can't figure it out.


Tommy 'What was in those reports?
Grasshopper 'The usual, he's given similar reports to other officials, with no problem.


Grasshopper 'Wait, he did give a peculiar motive.
Let's see, oh yes, he listed the Free Mason's as possible suspects
[Tommy suddenly sits up in his swivel chair] Did you just say
Grasshopper 'The Free Mason's.


[Tommy has this look of mild surprise and concern,
and turns away from his computer screens for the first time,
and starts thinking (It can't be. Even if it were true I wouldn't believe it.)
(Many of the founding fathers were Free Mason's. The one dollar bill has their seal.)]

Grasshopper 'What is it? Speak to me Tommy.
[Tommy suddenly regains his thoughts on the current conversation,
as if temporarily sidestepping the far reaching implications of this last distraction]

I'll tell you later.


Tommy 'What were we talking about earlier? Oh yes, the G-men.
[Tommy stops to think again, (The Free Mason's? We're talkin about the upper echelon's
of society here, with powerful connections everywhere.)]

Grasshopper 'Tommy?
Tommy 'Yes, uh, the FBI.
Grasshopper 'Yes, they cited a lack of information technology as the primary reason,
for the intelligence failures, that is.

[Once again Tommy is distracted, this time by the latest revelation on the Mason's,
and stares at the computer screens on the walls, while typing another query
into the invisible flat keyboard on his desk]

Tommy 'You're kidding me right?

Grasshopper 'Things seemed to go awry in the 90's,
especially after Ramzi tried to bring the Towers down in 93.
[Still distracted with the screens on the wall, Tommy says]
Who? Ramesses? Ramesses II? Didn't he rule the 19th Dynasty?
The great builder, the great warrior famous for his military campaigns.
Grasshopper 'What?

[Tommy still preoccupied with querying the Mason's says]
"Let my people go" Moses cried out, but Pharaoh wouldn't relent.
Flight 93 did a u-turn over Cleveland you know, named after Moses Cleveland.
Grasshopper 'What?

Tommy "You infidels, get outta the land of Mohammed", Ladin said.
Grasshopper 'What?
Tommy '9 plagues were unleashed, and Pharaoh still didn't relent.
Grasshopper 'What are you talking about Tommy?

Tommy 'last October it was anthrax, now it's the West Nile virus, and the White House
is getting ready to innoculate thousands against smallpox.
[A little confused, Grasshopper lets Tommy ramble on]

Tommy 'Finally the 10th plague hit's, pharaoh loses his first born, and relents.


[Tommy preoccupied with the displays on his wall continues with his distracted conversation]
Tommy 'What was the name of that show with Maxwell Smart and agent 99?
or Ward Cleaver, what show was he in? who was that kick boxer movie star?
what duo sang "I got you babe"?, what was the name of that guy who did the home
improvement series?


[Tommy finally stops talking and Grasshopper takes that as a cue]
Grasshopper 'Tommy, you have to listen to me, this is serious stuff.
[Tommy is suddenly becomes more attentive by the serious rebuke,
but still keeps his eye on the screens]

Tommy 'Sorry, what were you saying?

Grasshopper 'The intelligence failures.
They also cited a lack of information technology as part of the reason for botching the Mcvey case,
the 1997 investigation into Chinese money influencing elections, the Wen Ho Lee case,
and for failing to catch Hanson, who spied for the Russians for 15 years.

[Tommy continues to type into his invisible flat keyboard]
Tommy 'What? They cited a lack of information technology for botching all these cases?
You're kidding me right?
Why that explains it all don't it, no wonder 9-11 happened.

Grasshopper 'They were also given 1.7 billion dollars in the 90's to develop their information technology.
Tommy 'And that wasn't enough money?
Grasshopper 'The suggestion is they diverted computer funds?
Tommy 'Even after all those botched cases? You're kidding me right?

Grasshopper 'That's not all. The president cut the number of available agent positions
by 400, and Congress started cutting computer funds
Tommy 'Right before those 4 hijackings on 9-11?
the same day he gave that 4 minute speech,
for the first time from the oval office, to mark a new era.
Why that explains everything, lack of info technology,

[Tommy continues to stare at the screens on the wall,
and type into his invisible flat keyboard]

Tommy 'lack of computer funds, and lack of manpower.
No wonder DT was turned away, they probably didn't have the technology or the manpower,
to review a 6 page cover letter.
Grasshopper 'A cover letter plus a 1999 attachment entitled "The Government's Case".