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September 6, 2002

The mess hall again
Camp Penshaw

[The Boss is busy chewing on a toothpick and counting the cracks on the ceiling,
when Gerard interrupts im. ]

[The Boss suddenly takes on a look of a wild man and growls. ]
Boss 'How dare you innawupt me while I tinkin!
I ave allot on my mind you know.'

Gerard 'sorry sir but General Feegleburger wants to talk to you.'
[The Boss suddenly sits up like a frightened animal and frantically looks around. ]

Boss 'Whe? Dam it, whe is e?
Gerard 'right behind you sir.
[The Boss frantically stumbles out of his chair, and trips on one leg as he tries to salute
and ends up facing the General's left boot.
A few people nearby start chuckling as the General glares angrily at the display of clumsiness]


[The Boss finally makes it to his feet and salutes the General. ]
Boss 'What could I do fo you sir?
[The General continues glaring at the boss, like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. ]


[The Boss nervously breaks the silence. ]
Boss 'Would you like a toothpick sir?.
[The General nods to one of his aides, and the aide immediately requests a private conversation.]

[Later in the hallway.]
[The Boss nervously waits for the aide to speak, fully realizing something was up,
since the General never trekked across the country before, just to have his aide speak to im in private
while 3 MP's waited at the other end of the hallway.]

[Sammy casually stares at the display of Vietnam memorabilia on the wall and doesn't say anything. ]


[The Boss nervously breaks the silence. ]
Boss 'Heee heee, whas dis all about Sammy?

[Sammy remains silent. ]
[Almost in a panic now, the boss blurts out ] 'heee heee I didn't do it, I I swear I didn't.
Heee heee, it was Tommy, he did it.

[Sammy casually turns around, as if mildly distracted.] 'do what?
Boss 'Heee heee, fo fo, you mean I aint unna arrest?
Sammy 'Arrest for what?
Boss 'Heee heee, I dunno, I was juss kiddin.

[Sammy stares at the Boss, and remains silent again, as if waiting for the boss to settle down . ]
Boss 'Heee heee, you wan a toothpick Sammy?.


[Finally Sammy starts to speak again, and the Boss jumps a little as if startled]
Sammy 'The General is about to engage in war games exercises, and would like Logistical support in interrogation matters.
Boss 'Heee heee, dats my specialty Sammy, I duh bess,
you wanna get the truth out a somebody, I duh man ta see.

[Sammy stares at the Boss again, as if trying to read through the boss's charade]
Boss 'Heee heee, you guys came all duh way across the country fo dat?
I I could a met you guys at the War Room Sammy, I was scheduled to fly back to see the Chief next week.

Sammy 'Well actually the exercises are going to be here.
The General is curious about one thing though.

[The Boss nervously stares back again, as if paranoid about something] 'Heee heee wha dat?
Sammy 'It's Lew, he's been talking to people.
Boss 'Dat little sucka! I toll im ta keep his mouth shut.
Sammy 'Now other people are talking, and this concern's the General.


[Sammy continues with his casual demeanor and asks]
'By the way, does the City Attorney have DT under surveillance?
[The Boss stares back almost surprised, wondering how news travels so fast]

Boss 'heee heee, uh, why you ask?
[The Boss starts thinking (Dam it, no wonder the General looked at me like dat)]
Sammy 'Because the shop is suddenly under fabrication mode.
Boss 'Fabication mode?.
Sammy 'Fabricating evidence on video, staging false impressions, like they're
suddenly deceptively trying to sway the opinion of a certain somebody.

Boss 'Heee heee, it standard procedure, you know how it is,
we're always fabricating evidence.
Sammy 'Why do you guys play games with these city officials like this?
Here they are, trying to catch the bad, I mean trying to catch you guys in the act,
yet you guys already know what they're gonna do before they even do it.

Boss 'Heee heee, we powaful you know dat.
We leave nuttin to chance, do you know how humiliating it would be if we let a city dog
catch us in the act, heee heee dere aint no way dat gonna appen, you know dat.
Sammy 'They got their boys using up city resources, using up all that time,
for what? What's the point?

Boss 'Heee heee it perfect, dey sitting ducks for our fabrications.
Dey tink dey twyin ta catch us, but we really using them ta make tings up,
so dat dey go away tinkin what we want them ta think.

[Sammy starts chuckling] 'Now you're talkin, the General wasn't sure, but you just
convinced me, report to Tiger company at 0900, in 2 weeks, after you get back from D.C.

[The Boss continues talking as if enthralled by his own conversation]
Boss 'Heee heee, standard police procedure ain't gonna catch us.
If they was really smot, dey would twy ta catch us by surprise.
We already use to dis stuff, they follow standard procedure, they do surveillance fo a few days,
den give up an an say, "see, he lyin, dere ain't nuttin goin on ova dere".
If dey was smot, dey would pop in every now an den, you know, like a bunco squad,
suddenly doin a raid against organized crime, heee heee heee, we juss too good'.

[Later Gerard comes walking by]

Gerard 'uh, Boss sir, who you talkin to sir?'
[The Boss suddenly looks around as if awakened out of a trance]
Boss 'Huh? Whe Sammy? He was juss here.
Gerard 'They left an hour ago sir.
You have a blood spot under your nose.
Boss 'Huh? How'd dat get dere?


[Later on a MAC flight to Fort Briggard]

[Virtually exhausted, the General sits reclined, in an aisle seat, with eyes shut, as if ready to sleep the 3 hour flight,
while Sammy casually takes in the view over death valley]

General 'Don't look too hard you aint gonna see it in the dark .
Sammy 'I could with a night vision scope. We're at our best in the dark.
General 'So what'd you find out?

Sammy 'Not enough, he knows a few things, but we needed more time.
General 'Did DT's brother leak any information on his death bed?
Sammy 'I don't know yet? He was only an officer in the Marines.
General 'He was still a career officer with many connections.
With 3 tours in Nam, he met some very powerful individuals.

General 'When we conduct maneuvers in 2 weeks, I want your team to keep at it.
The General starts thinking (War games at camp Penshaw, there's gotta be a better excuse
to interrogate this guy)]

Sammy 'We did have enough time to find out a few things sir.
[The General suddenly sits upright as if in anticipation]

[Sammy casually looks out the window, and doesn't say anything,
employing the same tactic he used on the Boss, controlling the conversation,
like the intelligence officer he was trained to be]


[Spurred on with anticipation, and a little paranoia, the General breaks the silence
in an irritated manner]

General 'What'd you find out dam it!
[Sammy remains silent, confident from the protection of his Aristocratic bloodline]

[The General glares at Sammy as if insulted by the silence
and starts thinking (That little idiot knows something and he aint tellin me.)
(The Seal team demolition was compromised, I just know it. Dam it, dam it!)
(The society and their symbolism, dam it.)
(The whole affair was rigged from start to finish, somebody's bound to find out, dam it.)]

[By the time Sammy was ready to respond, the General was already fast asleep]


September 7, 2002

Fort Penshaw

[With the sun barely poking through the pinnacles of the nearby mountains,
Gerard is doing his regular jogging exercise, around a deep ravine, on the West side
of camp Penshaw, trying to beat the 0700 deadline, when tank maneuvers in the area,
begin their regular shelling.]

Boomer 'I can't believe they let you jog through here.
Gerard 'You know how it is, what's the point of serving, if you can't enjoy
the spirit of combat.

Boomer 'The boss really let DT have it last night.
Gerard 'What'd he do this time?
Boomer 'It was like " dat little sucka juss won't keep his mouth shut"
"I ave no choice but ta punish the sucka".

Gerard 'More punishment?
Boomer 'It was more like shutting the guy up.
The shop's resorted to sleep deprivation twice this week.
Sleep deprivation has rarely been an option.

Gerard 'Well DT restarted his probes into 9-11 last Monday.
Boomer 'Talk about rampant paranoia.
Gerard 'What else did they do?
Boomer 'The shop spent 4 hours on the guy last night, then slammed im with
sleep deprivation.

Gerard 'After decades of this stuff-------
[Boomer interrupts] 'Decades?
Gerard 'Well, a long time. Sleep deprivation torture was common early on,
when DT decided to start shooting off his mouth.
Combined with memory wipes, the guy was literally a vegetable on many occasions.
You can bet there was a certain level of brain damage.


Gerard 'So DT can't take sleep deprivation, like most people can.
The shop already knows this weakness, and slaps the guy down, when he digs too deep.
It's their ace in the hole.

Boomer 'Dam, so those 9-11 probes----
Gerard 'DT must be getting close to somtin.
If they spent 4 hours on the guy, they probably wiped his memory again.
With that length of time, there would be few symptoms.

Boomer 'Dam, is there any justice in the world?
Gerard 'DT must a thought a few letters to city officials would protect im,
long enough to do another 9-11 report.

Boomer 'Protection just to be able to write, unbelievable.

Gerard 'He's still living out of a gas mask, aint he?
Boomer 'Every dam day, I don't even recognize the guy anymore.
Gerard 'What're you a comedian?

Boomer 'The shop's also busy trying to fabricate negative associations with the guy.
Gerard 'again? The last time they did this was ----
Boomer 'Was when DT was busy researching 9-11.
Gerard 'Dam.

Gerard I can't believe the FBI turned away evidence the other day.
Did they already know the contents of DT's report?
Boomer 'Well look at it this way, if they aint privy to any evidence, officially of course,
then there's no obligation to do anything.
Gerard 'That almost describes their track record in the 90's between both
World Trade Center attacks.