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April 22, 2003

The Pacific Northwest
The Columbia river
Near Franklin Roosevelt lake
40 miles northeast of Spokane

0930 hours, 55 degree weather

A small cruiser slowly maneuvers its way through the twists and turns
of the Columbia, easily navigating it's unusually gentle waters,
while a gentle drizzle blankets the entire landscape, forming a misty haze
over the rolling hills bordering both sides of the river, in a magnificent picturesque manner,
while mount Olympus could be seen nestled in the far distance, as if stretching and turning,
trying to force itself into the picture perfect scenery, at every turn

[The Boss slowly paces the deck, back and forth, back and forth, bow to stern,
stern to bow, seemingly oblivious of the rain, and of the surrounding hilltops,
as if oblivious to nature itself, with his hands clasped behind his back like a POW,
staring at the floor boards, as if intently studying the composition,
and every now and then, suddenly looking up, or behind, or suddenly peering intently
into the surrounding forest, as if expecting to be surprised]

Jess 'Relax Boss, the kid can't reach you here.
Boss 'shutup sucka, the kid has eye's everywhere, dam it, the forest is his playground
[The Boss suddenly turns] 'What was dat!.
Jess 'What? Come on boss that was water lapping against the boat.
Boss 'No dammit I heard somtin! .
[The Boss quickly runs to the side and peers over, then runs to the aft and looks around.
Just as the Boss turns, two frogmen quietly slip under the rails, and quickly make their way
to the Captains quarters]

[Jess sees Spider and Mouth, but doesn't say anything.]
Jess 'You're makin me nervous Boss, stop it.
Boss 'Dam it you gotta keep your senses open, dats how good the Kid is.
he he he he he ..
Jess 'Bless you.
Boss 'What?.
Jess 'I thought you were gonna sneeze or somtin.
Boss 'Shutup sucka, the kid could be on us like dat, an an an an wwwwwe
wwouldn't even know it. So you gotta keep aware dam it!
Little sucka, could could hhhhhave his Seals on me like dat
Jess 'JFK created the Seals in 62, you know..

[The Boss turns and glares at Jess for a second, then resumes his tirade of paranoia]
Boss 'Little sucka could be watchin us wight now.
Jess 'You must a really pissed the Kid off this time.

[Meanwhile Spider and Mouth make themselves at home, raiding the Boss's frig,
while the crew ignore the pair, like it's just another day in the life of the Boss

[Spider and Mouth start unloading their equipment while engorging themselves with food,
like a couple of rabid animals who finally found some prey]

Captain Rooker 'What's with all the equipment Spider?.
Spider 'Top secret, just mind your own business dog.
Captain Rooker 'Yor here to keep an eye on the Boss ain't you.
Mouth 'Heee heee heee, yor purdy smot.
Spider 'shut up Mouth.
[After setting up a couple satellite dishes, the pair relax on the couch watching satellite TV,
like it was a cruise ship or something.]

Captain Rooker 'What happens if the Boss walks in?.
Mouth 'I don't know, improvise, you were a marine once.
Captain Rooker 'Heee heee heee, yor too much Spider.
Spider 'That's what the girls tell me.
Mouth 'Heee heee heee.
Spider 'shut up Mouth.


Mouth 'You know Dittimore and Anderson grew up just around the corner in Spokane.
[Captain Rooker more concerned with navigating the ship, joins in, partially focused]
Who? General Anderson?
Mouth 'huh?
Captain Rooker 'Back where it all began, Fort Sumter, South Carolina, 4-13-1861,
and the subsequent war and hatred that still lives to this day.
Union General Anderson, eventually surrendered to the Confederates
to start the war between the states, brother against brother.


[Captain Rooker continues with his disjointed conversation]
Yep, it all started 4-13-1861.
Dittimore was born, 4-13-1952 you know, and Columbia's maiden launch was 4-13-1981.
Mouth 'You sure it wasn't 4-12?
[Spider rejoins the disjointed conversation]
You know, debris shed from the external tank at precisely 81 seconds.
Mouth 'What?.
Spider 'During Columbia's launch last January 16th.

Mouth 'JFK gave a speech there you know?
Captain Rooker 'Where? Fort Sumter?
Mouth 'The university of South Carolina, the year was 1957.
The Soviets initiated the space race that same year, 1957,
when they launched their first satellite into space.


Spider 'So Columbia's maiden launch had to be on Dittimore's 29th birthday.
Captain Rooker 'The maiden launch was also the 120th anniversary of the Civil war.
Mouth '120? That's a symbolic code.
[Spider and the Captain stare back at Mouth waiting for an explanation]
Mouth 'it's associated to the 11th sign of the zodiac.
[Spider, still confused responds] 'Aquarius? The water carrier?.


Mouth 'Imagine a transparent clock, overlaid on a graphical chart,
and 120 degrees is the same as 11 o'clock.
Spider 'During the early part of the last century, there was what you had
an arms race on the high sea's.
Mouth 'Say what?
Spider 'Especially with Britain and Germany, they were always at each others throats,
skirmishes here and there, always threatening eachother.
One country would come up with bigger destroyer,
and the other would have to match it, to alleviate an on going paranoia,
and it just went on and on, similar to the nuclear arms race from 1949 through 1989.
Captain Rooker '1949?, that's 0749 in military time.
which is when Columbia did it's roll reversal s-turn, before it started having problems.
1949 was the year the Soviet Union detonated their first atomic bomb.


[Spider and Mouth look at each other, then Spider continues]
Spider 'then Germany comes up with the U-boat submarine,
and the balance seems to change in their direction..
That's why attacking Pearl Harbor in 1941 was so important to the Japanese,
the country with the biggest and baddest Navy, was considered to have the ultimate advantage.


[Spider as if thinking out loud says]
So the number eleven does have a symbolic meaning.
Mouth ' Columbia disintegrated during this sign,
the 11th sign of the Zodiac, on the 11th or 12th day.

Spider 'eleven, eleven, elevon, that's it elevon.
Mouth 'huh?.
Spider 'The initial reports stated that the elevon sensors,
were the first to go "offscale low"
Mouth 'Which led the Majestic 20 to speculate last February 25th,
that the auxiliary power units had a few problems.
Spider 'But the MIIB quickly countered the next day, that the last 2 seconds
of data transmission showed that the APU's were still operating.
Captain Rooker 'MIIB, Men in Black II?
Spider 'The Mishap Interagency Investigative Board,
the people officially investigating the tragedy.

Captain Rooker 'wait, you say Dittimore was born in 1952?.
1952 is also 752 in military time.
752 hours is when problems on the Columbia started registering.
Spider 'sensors also showed the gear was deployed at 7:58:52.
Mouth 'and 10 seconds later the jets fired to counter balance
a sudden increase in drag, and 1 minute later, bam!.
Spider 'I thought NASA said that sensor was mistaken.
Mouth 'yeah just like they told Beasley, a professional astronomer, that he was mistaken,
after he reported debris over northern california.
These were the same guys that didn't even know Columbia was breaking apart
when it was happening.
Spider 'but they later retracted.
Mouth 'yeah after the media attention.

[pause] '.

Mouth 'Also, on the 60 minute clock, "11" is also "55",
and the number "55" was prevalent during 9-11.
Spider 'the number "21" was also prevalent.
Mouth 'exactly, the 21st month of the 21st century, and the 21st day of Virgo.
Spider 'say what? the zodiac again? The virgin?
Mouth 'Columbia also destructed 21 years after its maiden voyage, .
and the shuttle only had sustenance for 21 days.
Spider 'and the engineering debates began on the 21st of January..
Those were the NASA engineers expressing qualms at the last minute for 11 days.

Mouth 'the Teacher in Space ceremony was also held on the 21st of January,
with Columbia, I mean Columba Bush in attendance.
That's Jebb's wife, the governor of Florida, and the president's brother.
Spider 'The last time NASA held a Teacher in Space ceremony
was before Challenger Blew up in 1986.
Mouth 'and KC carried that white silk banner.
Captain Rooker 'You mean KC like in Kern County? where the shuttles were built.
Mouth 'no, KC was part of the crew, the banner was to honor teachers.

[pause] '.

Spider 'And of course, Columbia destructed on February 1st,or 2-1.

[The Boss suddenly walks in, grabs a Bud Light from the frig and leaves,
completely oblivious of Mouth and Spider, as if too preoccupied to notice]
Spider 'Did you see that.
Mouth 'yep, must be the Kid, the Boss must a really pissed the Kid off.


The Boss continues pacing the deck, bow to stern, stern to bow,
when suddenly Jess's cell phone starts chiming]
[The Boss jumps up in reponse] 'Whad was dat! Did you hear dat!.
Jess 'It's Gerard.
Boss 'Huh! Whe! I don see im! Is he wid the Kid now! Dammit dis is mutiny!.
Jess 'Don't get ridiculous, like yor William Bligh or somtin, the same skipper
the Columbia crew had to study before their January 16th launch.
Boss 'Huh? Mutiny on the Bounty? Give me the dam phone you idiot!
[The Boss yanks the phone out of Jess's hand] 'who is dis!.
Gerard 'Boss it's me.
Boss 'Who?.
Gerard 'Gerard.
Boss 'dammit, I tot I toll you to maintain radio silence!
Dammit the kid could be listenin in right now you idiot!.
Little sucka, you juss compromised my position!

Gerard 'DT's gettin ready to shoot his mouth off again.
[The Boss yells into the receiver] you idiot!.


Boss 'dam it, I tot we was squeezin im out a his fortress
Gerard 'What fortress?.
Boss 'His ouse dammit! Too many people know whe he live! You idiot!.
Gerard 'Well the FBI had im under surveillance but the shop laid low for 3 weeks.
Boss 'Th th th th th th.
Gerard 'The FBI.
But the shops always one step ahead of the game, you know that, moles everywhere,
if the Director himself investigated, the shop would immediately know when, where,
and what time
Boss 'Heee heee heee.
Gerard 'So we just slip out of the picture until they disappear into their busy
schedules, and start up again.

Boss 'Heee heee heee, we too powaful, not even the FBI can stop us.
So give me some good news.
Gerard 'The other day the shop screwed up his sewer line
causing extensive floor damage throughout.
. Boss 'Heee heee heee.
Gerard 'His resources are dwindling fast, he's gonna have to sell his ouse.
[The Boss rubs his hands together as if in triumph] 'Heee heee heee.
Gerard 'The shop's also controlling his property rental, and DT is now owed
over $30,000 in back rent, that's over 3 years of unpaid rent.
So he'll probably have to sell that too.
Boss 'Heee heee heee.

Gerard 'Within days after DT started looking into the Columbia tragedy,
the shop had his credit card company lower his credit by $7000, as a financial punishment,
which is gonna sting, since the shop's had DT under an ongoing 4 year economic boycott.
Boss 'heee heee heee, only the shop could pull somtin like dis.
whad aboud his fortified transportation?
Gerard 'You mean the Mercedes, so rock solid, that if the shop wanted to do damage,.
they would probably need a truck.


Gerard 'It failed the smog test.
[The Boss responds facetiously] 'Heee heee, a Mercedes failed a smog test?
Heee heee, dats impossible aint it? Unless of course somebody did some riggin.
Gerard 'That's how we took away his 92 Hyundai, it couldn't pass the smog test,
so now he can't drive it.
[The Boss responds facetiously] 'Heee heee, I've seen junkyard cars pass the smog test
Heee heee, so purdy soon DT's gonna be in my playground, he'll pobably ave ta buy a tin can,
if he could afford it, he hee hee heee heee hee hee he, he hee hee heee heee hee hee he.
Gerard 'Yor criminally insane Boss
Boss 'He hee hee heee heee hee hee he..


Boss 'So even afta all dis punishment, DT still persists on researchin 9-11,
an an an Columbia.
Gerard 'Fraid so Boss.
[The Boss suddenly yells into the receiver as in a fit of rage]
dam it! I wan im stopped! You got dat!
Gerard 'Well we're usin the chem war like you said, sleep deprivation, sleeping gas,.
drugging the guy, then there's the terror tactics, sharks detonating explosives a couple times,
while he's busy doin his research, trying to provoke im
Gerard 'That sleep deprivation has got to hurt, week after week, month after month,
and on the worst hits, doing research under torture, it's gotta hurt,
Boss 'Heee heee, it's gotta be like trudging thru quicksand, sleep deprivation
partially sabotages a persons mental abilities, why does he persist?
DT an animal, I tellin ya.


[Meanwhile Spider and Mouth continue their conversation in the Captains deck]
Mouth 'You know the shop tried to put the hit on DT again.
Spider 'Yeah when?
Mouth 'right after the FBI dropped their 3 week surveillance.
Spider 'That's so arrogant don't you think, like "see nobody can stop us"
Mouth 'They tried it last April 2nd, 4-2.
That's a symbolic date associated to both 9-11 and Columbia,
which DT happens to be researching.
Spider 'Of course that's a shop tactic,
using symbolism as an expression to a known enemy, in taking responsibility for an attack.
Mouth 'These powerful secret societies communicate in the same manner.


Spider 'So what does 42 mean?.
Mouth 'Add 60 and you get the symbolic "102"
"102" is the 9-11 time line, the number of minutes it all happened at the trade center,
in 2001, after flight AA11 rammed Tower 1 at 8:46 am.
And of course Columbia was designated as OV-102 when it was built.
Captain Rooker '46 was JFK's age and Bush was also born in 1946.
Mouth 'They also recovered the left elevon, with a 4x2 hole in it.
And Columbia was built at plant 42, in Palmdale.
And the MIIB chairman investigating the Columbia disaster, was born in 1942.
He also investigated Tailhook.
Captain Rooker 'The elevon is the tail aint it?.
Mouth 'He also investigated the USS Cole attack where a hole was blasted into the side.
Captain Rooker 'They thought Columbia had a hole in it didn't they?

Mouth 'Then in 1942 the Manhatten Project finally figured how much U235
was necessary for an atom bomb.


Captain Rooker 'So what'd they do to DT?.
Mouth 'Experience tells me it was a hit attempt, more overt this time.
The shop also drugged the guy first, and of course he was mentally weakened
by months of accumulative sleep deprivation,
all standard shop tactics, to increase the likelihood of success.

So there he was, in his car minding his own business, like he always does and bam!
A shark pulls up out of no where, gets out, rants and raves, with derogatory expletives,
F this, F that, like fight me dam it!
Spider 'What'd DT do?.
Mouth 'The shark had to be armed, experience tells me so.
So DT nonchalantly gets out, takes his license number down, calmly ignores the tirade, and leaves
Spider 'Just like that.
Mouth 'Anybody else, it would've been disaster.