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and the characters are fictional)

April 22, 2003

Dallas Texas

1300 hours, a cool 70 degrees
Scattered showers, spring like weather, slight gusts of wind from the north,
with occasional sunlight slipping through the dense murky clouds.

The Blackhawk hovers quietly over the skys of Dallas,
seemingly unnoticed by the populace below, like a sleek war bird,
stalking the countryside on some clandestine mission,
of unknown origin..

[The crew of three watch as the images of lower Manhattan,
suddenly appear on screens 4 and 5]

Danny 'I guess lower Manhattan might look like the front of a Boeing 767,
but it takes a little imagination.
Let's see, highlight that border again, where the Trade center once stood.


Danny 'I guess it might look like the deck of a shuttle, sideways maybe.

[Suddenly the crew is interrupted by a call from Jed]
Jed 'I have the information on the Columbia.
Stump 'OK shoot.

Crowbar 'That's what commander Husband said after the auto pilot was shut off at 740.
That was 19 minutes and 54 seconds before Columbia destructed.
Danny 'What happened in 1954? Hostilities with Vietnam wasn't it?
A division at the 17th parallel.

Jed 'The year was 1969, Apollo 11/ Columbia, JFK's moon promise,
launched at 0932.
Stump 'last February 1st, the initial reports said
the Columbia lost communication at 0900 est, and destructed 32 seconds later).
Jed 'In 1969 Apollo 11 launched from Pad 39A.
Stump 'last February 1st, Columbia destructed at an altitude of 39 miles,
Columbia sat on the launch pad for 39 days, and the Flight director was 39 years old,
and a 39 square foot piece of the left wing was recovered.
Crowbar 'the Manhattan project was sanctioned by FDR in 1939.

Jed 'During the landers descent to tranquility base on the moon,
false alarms kept ringing.
Stump 'On February 1st, ground control kept getting all these confusing sensor readings,
and failures, and were apparently stumped with inaction.
Jed 'In 1969, the pilot, Neil Armstrong, had to go to manual control, to land on the moon.
Stump 'last February 1st, the auto pilot switch was tripped off at 0740.
Jed 'In 1969, there was less than 60 seconds of fuel left for the lander to touch down.
Stump 'On February 1st, theoretically, Columbia's jets could've ran out of fuel.
In fact Columbia's flight control software had been modified for fuel efficiency.
Jed 'In 1969, upon touchdown,
Armstrong says "Houston, Tranquility base here, the Eagle has landed".
Stump 'Eagle is a Free Mason symbol, it means phoenix, it's on the dollar bill.
It represents the immortality of the human soul.
Crowbar 'The architect of the World Trade Center, commented on the Twin Towers,
stating the Twin Towers would sooth the human spirit,
and something about tranquility in an insane world.

Jed 'Then ground control says "Roger Tranquility, we copy you on the ground",
and finish by saying "we're breathing again, thanks allot".
Stump 'In 1970 Apollo 13's oxygen tank exploded, on the 109th anniversary of the Civil War,
Crowbar 'JFK commanded PT boat 109 in 1943 when it was split in half
by a Japanese war ship.
Jed 'In 1969, the 2 man moon lander crew,
left behind a plague reading "we come in peace for all mankind".
Stump 'last February 1st, somebody said "they died in the name of peace, science, and progress"
A Russian Progress cargo vessel, launched the next day on schedule, apparently with no qualms.
Danny 'Especially with the widespread aura of terrorism though out the world,
because of the immanent invasion of Iraq, and 9-11 16 months earlier.
Crowbar 'Then in 1986, the Soviet space station MIR,
launched right after the Challenger explosion.

Jed 'In 1969, the Saturn V rocket had 7.5 million pounds of thrust.
Stump 'After JFK was eliminated,
the budget for the Vietnam war suddenly shot up to 75 billion,
and the Vietnam war ended in 1975, with the fall of Saigon.


Jed 'The exact launch date, to satisfy JFK's promise, was July 16, 1969.
Stump '30 years later, July 16, 1999, JFK JR crashes.
Crowbar 'The first ground battle of the Civil war, was July 16, 1861.
That was Bull Run, or the battle at Manassas.
President Lincolns wife died on the 21st anniversary of Bull Run.
Stump 'The first atomic test was July 16, 1945.

Danny 'In 1978 OJ Simpson starred in Capricorn One.
That was the movie that suggested the moon landing was faked, wasn't it?
I know he was quickly tried by the media, but does anyone still think he was framed?
They called him the Juice, for Orange juice.
[Stump looks at Crowbar]


Jed 'In 1969, after Apollo 11 landed with "we come in peace for all mankind",
3 years later, Apollo 17, on the 41st anniversary of Pearl Harbor, ends the moon program
with a bang, by detonating 8 explosives on the moon, after saying,
"hey! There's orange soil! It's all over!"
Stump 'Napalm is orange, isn't it? It was used in Vietnam.