(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

April 22, 2003

The Pacific Northwest
The Columbia river
Near Franklin Roosevelt lake
Not far from Spokane

12 noon, 65 degree weather, occasional lightning and thunder showers

The Boss continues pacing the deck like a caged animal,
back and forth, back and forth, and back again.

Jess 'Will you stop already, yor making me dizzy.
Boss 'Shutup sucka, you don know nuttin, I doin dis fo a weason.

The Boss continues pacing, afraid the Kid was gonna send a surprise contingent,
and haul im before the inquisition

Meanwhile, Spider and Mouth roam the ship freely now,
as two apparent insolent deck hands on a pleasure cruise,
and at the Boss's expense.

The Captains deck again

Spider 'The Columbia destructed on the 45th anniversary of the Space race,
plus one day.
Captain Rooker 'When did the space race start?.
Spider 'January 31st, 1958, when the U.S. launched their first satellite, Explorer I.
[Spider suddenly retains a solemn look, and looks away]
DT's sister died of a massive brain hemorrhage last January 31st,
the day before Columbia destructed.


[Spider continues and looks at the Captain]
That was the 45th anniversary of the space race.
If I ain't mistaken, there was a chimp on board, but I'm not sure.
I heard there was, and I also heard the chimp's name was Maryanne.
[The Captain and Mouth look at Spider, waiting for him to continue]

Spider 'DT's sister was also named Maryanne.
An impossible coincidence, if it turns out to be true.


[Spider continues] 'DT's brother, a marine who did 3 tours in Vietnam,
got it 2 days after the war in Afghanistan started on October 7.
[the Captain and Mouth continue looking at Spider]
This was after DT persisted on researching the 9-11 tragedy, the World Trade Center attack..
'Then on the 27th anniversary of the World trade center, DT's mother dies,
after DT distributed information he wrote on the JFK assassination,
earlier that same year.

Captain Rooker 'When did the Trade Center open?.
Mouth 'It officially opened in 1973, but the first tenant was 12-23-1970.
Spider 'That's the same day DT's mother died, 12-23-1997, 27 years later.

[Spider continues] 'DT's mother got it,
after the shop tried to gas DT to death that same year in 1997, in absolute punishment.
When his mother died to end the year, DT's brain was pretty much hamburger meat,
with all the chemicals the shop was pumping into his brain.
Captain Rooker 'So they could actually induce complications like Alzheimers.
[Spider looks at the Captain as if lost in thought, and doesn't answer]
Mouth 'Alzheimers I can't tell you about,
but the shop has a gas that can constrict the flow of blood through the blood vessels.
They could also induce heart attacks, on command. It's probably a gas too.

[Spider continues, as if speaking to no one in particular]
The number 45 is a symbolic number.
Mouth 'On the clock, it's position is at the first sign of the Zodiac.
The first sign is Aries, the Ram.
In Greek mythology, Aries is also the God of war.
The numbers 45, 9, and 21, all point to the first sign of the Zodiac.

During 9-11 the initial reports said tower 1 was rammed at 845, and the Pentagon at 945.
Of course 9-11 was the 21st month of the 21st century, and the 21st day of Virgo,
which means 21 was emphasized emphatically and symbolically.
Captain Rooker 'And Ramzi, was convicted for the 1993 Trade Center bombing.
Mouth 'I saw the pictures after the Pentagon was hit,
and the damage doesn't look like it would accommodate a Boeing 757.

Spider 'Of course Columbia destructed 45 minutes after beginning it's descent,
and McCool drops his flight manual at 745, and the most critical camera malfunction
on Cocoa Beach, was headed by the 45th Space wing.
Mouth 'They oversaw the work, they didn't actually run the camera's.
Captain Rooker 'Why do you say it was the critical camera?.
Spider 'Because it was the million dollar shot that could have nullified the main theory
that the MIIB still holds to this day, that the foam debris was probably the culprit,
that initiated the chain of events that finally led to Columbia's destruction last February first.
[Captain Rooker shakes his head] 'Out of all those camera's capturing the launch,
and the most critical camera happens to be the one that malfunctions.

Spider 'DT's sister lived just around the corner.
Captain Rooker 'Where? Spokane?
Spider 'Tacoma.
Mouth 'Tacoma? That's where the DC sniper was from.
Captain Rooker 'What sniper?
Mouth 'The sniper that terrorized the West Virginia, area,
after Congress showed qualms about approving UN resolution 1441,
especially Byrd, senator of West Virginia, who's vocal rhetoric was against
giving Bush a blank check to wage war, and senator Kennedys apposition
claiming there was no clear and present danger from Iraq.
Captain Rooker 'So the sniper attacks suddenly suggested
clear and present danger.

Mouth 'Then a week later Congress approved Bush's war design's on Iraq.
Spider 'Senator Kennedy's brother was president JFK,
struck down by an assassins bullet in Dallas, in Dealey Plaza, on 11-22-1963.
Captain Rooker 'When did the sniper attacks start last year?
Spider '10-4-2002? The 45th anniversary of Sputnik 1.
Captain Rooker 'Sputnik 1?
Mouth 'Russia's first space satellite in 1957,
with the U.S. responding the following year on 1-31-1958 with Explorer 1, thus initiating the space race.
Mouth '1957 is also the year JFK gave that speech in Columbia, South Carolina,
at the University of South Carolina, the class of '57.
That was 3.5 years before he was elected the 35th president of the United States.
Captain Rooker 'suddenly the Pacific Northwest has some sort of history.
Mouth 'Boeing was headquartered in Seattle,
when they took over the shuttle program in 1996,
and Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire, the company that engineered the World Trade center
is also based in Seattle.
Spider 'Barkshire almost sounds like Barksdale.
Barksdale is where the recovery operation for the Columbia is based.
Mouth 'The Soviets used dogs during the early part of their space program.
In fact, when they launched Sputnik 2 in 1957, the first space dog was Laika,
which is Russian for Barker.


[Spider] 'After the world trade center neared completion, Robertson took a
curious photo of the Twin Towers while they were still unoccupied.
The shot was angled so the sun shown through floors 61 through 70.
Of course 1961 was the year JFK made the prediction
that we would land a man on the moon by 1970.

In the photo the sun seems to explode through the towers, in a special effects kind of way,
and of course it was during JFK's administration
that gave the U.S. the biggest scare of the century,
with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.
It was almost world war III.