(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

April 22, 2003

Dallas Texas

1438 hours
A steady rain has reduced visibility by 10 % as the Blackhawk swings around
for another aerial view of Dealey Plaza.

As the war bird slowed into a hovering sequence, the crew of three stare down,
from a different angle, this time directly over the triple underpass, where in 1963, JFK's
limo sped through on it's way to Parkland hospital.

Stump 'Dealey Plaza is definitely shaped like an aircraft.
Since the space shuttle program wasn't conceived until 1969,
that was 6 years after JFK was eliminated,
the designers must have had a jet aircraft in mind.
Danny 'It looks like a space shuttle to me.
Maybe the shuttle program used Dealey plaza as a model for some reason.
Crowbar '1969 is also the year Apollo 11, alias Columbia, touched down on the moon.

[The crew continue staring at the park shaped like a jet aircraft,
but also shaped like a space shuttle]

Danny 'Where was JFK shot?
Stump 'The sign post, to your left, on Elm street, near the top of the curve.
Danny 'The sign post up ahead, and your next stop may be the twilight zone.
[Crowbar and Stump look at Danny]

Crowbar 'The whole sequence took just 45 seconds,
starting with the motorcade turning up Houston from Main,
then left up Elm, to the sign post where he was shot.
Stump 'JFK's limo maintained the same cruising speed of 11 mph
for an entire 5.6 seconds, even after he was struck twice.
until the fatal shot at the signpost.
Crowbar 'LBJ, the VP who succeeded JFK, was from Houston,
and lived at the Elms in DC.

Stump 'Let's assume for a moment that Dealey Plaza is the Columbia on it's back
and we're looking at the belly.
[Danny and Crowbar stare down as if trying to reorient their perspective]
Stump 'That would place the fatal shot at the leading edge of the left wing.
[Crowbar suddenly aware responds with]
That's where the MIIB thinks the shuttle Columbia was damaged last February first,
the leading edge of the left wing, exactly where the sign post is.
Which means, the assassination in 1963 and the damage to the Columbia 2 months ago,
correlate to exactly the same position.

Crowbar 'The Kirtland photo also seems to show a bulge
correlating to exactly the same position.
[Danny looks at Crowbar questioningly]
Stump 'that's Kirtland Air Force base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Last February 1st, they happened to take a snapshot of the Columbia at 0758, as it flew overhead.
Crowbar 'That was 1 minute and 54 seconds before Columbia destructed.
154 feet is the size of the external fuel tank.
That's the tank that shed the foam debris at liftoff.


[Even though the correlation was convincing enough,
the crew of three continue to stare at the park shaped like a space shuttle,
as if trying to phantom the ramifications of this seemingly impossible coincidence.
Finally after a few moments, the Blackhawk takes a few more snapshots
and the crew is quickly on their way back to Claybourne Aifforce base.]

[The crew of three say nothing the first few minutes, as if mesmerized by a ghost
from the past, and despite the apparent coincidence, still confused how this ties in
to Columbia's destruction last February 1st, unless of course, somehow, for some odd reason,
one tragedy spawned the next, and the next, but who? why? Was it some feud? Playing itself out
over and over and over? And for how long? How many centuries?
How many more innocent bystanders will get caught in the crossfire?
Powerful secret societies at each others throats, like Titans on mount Olympus battling it out,
like gladiators in the Roman coliseum, shedding each others blood, for the amusement
of the Gods, but who are they? Where are they?
While the mortals, toil and labor, struggling to survive from the meager rations they're
dished out.]


[Crowbar suddenly breaks the silence] 'Bring up Bush's 9-11 route again.
[Stump enters a few commands, and a transparency appears, highlighting the 9-11
route from Sarasota Florida, to Barksdale Airforce Base in Louisiana,
to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, to Washington in the District of Columbia,
or Washington DC for short.

[The crew of three stare intently at the image]

Crowbar 'rotate the image 180 degrees.


Danny 'I guess it could be a crude outline of the left wing.
Stump 'Assuming it is, Barksdale would correlate to the position we determined earlier,
the damage point on the leading edge of the left wing.
[The crew of three stare intently again]

Stump 'Of course Barksdale is now the recovery command post
for the space shuttle Columbia.