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April 30, 2003

Washington D.C. A pow wow with the chiefs

12 noon
An informal awards ceremony is currently underway in the war room, with all the major players
in the latest conflict overseas.

General Shoemaker 'And so gentlemen, if there were 5 stars to give,
this man would be our first 5 star general, in fact if we had 6 stars,
he'd be our first 6 star general.
I can't tell you enough how many lives were saved with the quick decision making,
and heads up play by this one man.
[General Shoemaker glances over to General Grabber.] My salute to you General.
[The room suddenly erupts with applause coercing the modest General Grabber to stand up
and acknowledge the gratitude.]

[After the 2 minute boisterous applause, General Shoemaker continues]
General Shoemaker 'He was there for us in Afghanistan, and he came through for
us in Iraq, although initially there seemed to be hesitation, eventually he came through
at the moment of truth.
[The room erupts with scattered applause.]
General Shoemaker 'Even the big chief was a little concerned, and we actually
decided to go it alone. Thank God General Grabber stepped in when he did.

[General Shoemaker continues talking while two aides whisper on the side]
Johnny 'I'm glad somebody's showing a little appreciation.
Frankie 'What'ya mean?.
Johnny 'You haven't heard.
[Frankie shakes his head with curiosity] 'No what?
Johnny 'The shop stole another one of Grabbers girls.
Frankie 'again! These guys don't respect anybody.
[Frankie quickly draws the attention of nearby officers,
and they take their little chat into the hallway.]

Johnny 'Actually it's the doing of ...
Frankie 'The Boss! Again! dam it!.
The guys so hedonistic.
[Frankie does a poor imitation of the Boss] 'heee heee, I like a kid in a candy shop.
Johnny 'That's enough! There's more to this then meets the eye.
Frankie 'How does he do it?
Johnny 'The covert warfare arsenal of the shop, sometimes the whole gamut.
Frankie 'you mean psy war, the powers of persuasion?
what about the chemical warfare arsenal?
[Johnny doesn't respond]
Frankie 'Why pick on Grabber?
Johnny 'Grabbers like the Don Juan of the forces, all he has to do is look at a chick
and they're suddenly all over the guy, not suddenly of course, but you get the picture.
Frankie 'But it's so callous and disrespectful, considering everything Grabbers done
for the country. I mean the guys a major player in area 61.

[The pair is suddenly distracted by a fast approaching page, walking swiftly,
as if with an urgent message for one of the generals.]

[Johnny grabs the page and says] 'I'll take that.
[Johnny quickly opens the sealed envelope and quickly walks back into the war room.]

[Quickly Johnny interrupts General Grabber and hands im the message]
[Quickly General Grabber politely excuses imself and leaves the room]

1233 hours
a small phone booth on 23rd street,
near George Washington University

Little Bucky 'I'm tellin ya, the shop keeps threatening DT with alzheimers.
[General Grabber pauses and stares blankly at passing traffic,
as if suddenly fraught with concern.

Little Bucky 'of course the threats are covert, using surveillance and timing,
even using the media to flash ominous images of the intended fate,
for example repeated flashes of Ali.
General Grabber 'You mean the boxer, turned Muslim, conscientious objector
to the Vietnam war, and civil rights activist, famous for saying "I'm the Greatest",
and imprisoned for refusing to be drafted.
[General Grabber pauses trying to remember, didn't he glimpse the guy on television
for the Apollo 11 launch? or was it the return home? Wasn't he there for JFK JR's funeral?
What about the vocal comedian Richard Pryor? did he get alzheimers or was it something else?

[Little Bucky interrupts the short silence] 'They're resorting to the covert tactics
more and more, especially the covert chemical warfare arsenal.
[General Grabber still in thought is slow to respond]
'I thought he was protected by the surveillance?
Little Bucky 'It stops at his home.
The shop owns the night, and that's when they're implementing the latest chemical warfare,
while the target sleeps helplessly in bed. DT's literally at their mercy in that respect


Little Bucky 'Everybody and anybody, form the FBI, the State police,
to the D.A., and the city attorney, have had the guy under surveillance,
but their resources are limited.
These people have no idea what they're up against, the shop has moles everywhere.
If DT was slated for surveillance, they'd know when, who, and for how long.
If the D.A. decided to use the toilet, they'd know about it.

Little Bucky 'The shop even uses the opportunity to their advantage,
using tactics they have DT conditioned on, to make the guy look bad, image wise,
to mislead, or give a false impression.
You use to run the counterintelligence arm so you know what I'm talkin about.
Over the years the shop develops a hidden dialogue, through forced conditioning, with their targets,
and can induce certain responses, which could be quite confusing to any prying eyes,
behind a lense.

General Grabber 'What're they doing to the guy's brain this time?.
Little Bucky 'Suddenly they're saturating the guys brain with chemicals,
with injections into strategic locations of the brain, and they're restarting the
memory wipes again, and continue with the brain drain accumulative sleep deprivation..

Little Bucky 'For awhile they let DT up, and immediately he picks up his research,
and bam, the shop starts obstructing the guy with their chemical warfare arsenal,
especially the chemicals designed to reduce intelligence, comprehension, memory,
and reading and writing abilities.
It's all designed to impede his progress. With the memory wipes, he has to waste days, reviewing
the same material over and over, and even that's no guarantee to retaining the treasure trove
of information, analysis, speculation, and conclusions, he's accumulated mentally over the years.

Little Bucky 'It's like, like.
General Grabber 'Like what?.
Little Bucky 'Like a historical monument under attack or something,
for lack of a better description.

Little Bucky The shop's getting more blatant with the chemicals.
This morning it was so bad, he'd quickly forget what he intended seconds earlier.
For example he turns his PC on, leaves while it boots, and returns wondering why the PC is on,
or walks to a room intending to retrieve the gas mask, only to reach the room
and wonder why he went there. That's how bad these chemicals are.
The chemicals they're using on the guy are getting more dangerous.

In essence sir, DT has two major investigations under way, on 9-11, and the Columbia disaster,
and the shop is suddenly intent on stopping the guy through chemical means,
and they're in a position to do so.


Little Bucky 'To add to the atrocity, they're also shoving acidic solutions
down his throat again.
General Grabber 'again? what do they want to do, burn a hole in his stomach?.
Little Bucky 'It would be a symbolic punishment, since after all the major suspicion
is that Columbia had a hole in it's belly, that led to disaster, and DT is intently on the case,
temporarily postponing his 9-11 research.
We both know symbolic punishment is a common tactic.

Then again the shop might be fabricating evidence against one of their past crimes,
namely last September when DT wrote in his diary that the shop used chemicals to induce nausea,
in punishment for writing about the Bush land grab, and commenting on verbal digestion.
General Grabber 'What about their violent tactics, or car accident attempts?
Little Bucky 'The shop's toned down a little in that area, probably because of the
surveillance, and the attention.
It's probably temporary, knowing their history.


General Grabber 'I have to run little Buck, thanks for the info.