(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

May 14, 2003

At the mess hall

Butch and Sledge look around the cafeteria listlessly, waiting for their food to digest.
Suddenly Dicky shows up and sits at the table.
Butch stares listlessly at Dicky, as if barely recognizing im, and belches a few times.
Soon Sledge belches as if in response, and looks at Dicky,
as if the belch was a cue for Dicky to speak]

[Dicky stares back a few seconds, then speaks]
You guys look like you ate a cow or somtim..
[Sledge and Butch respond in unison, but in a bland manner,
as if restrained for some reason]

We did.


Dicky 'The New York Times is sure on the chopping block today.
[Sledge looks at Dicky, as if the comment was still registering, then sits up in his seat.
Sledge 'How coincidental, as the re-election campaign kicks off.
Butch 'Already? Election time is 2 years away, or 1.5 years.

Dicky 'I just don't get it, the Times is one of the most reputable papers in the country,
and tell the news like it is.
Sledge 'They're the ones who did the write up on the Bush land grab,
last year on 7-16-2002.

Butch 'Hey 7-16? That date has allot of coincidental history.
JFK JR crashed on that date in 1999, Apollo 11 launched on that date, in 1969,
the first battle of the Civil war was on that date, in 1861,
president Lincoln's wife died 21 years later on the same date, and what else?
Of course, the first nuclear test was detonated on that date in 1945.


Dicky 'Their reputation getting damaged like that,
that's the worst thing you could do to a newspaper.
Sledge 'And to make it even worse,
the federales are indirectly advertising the event for all it's worth.
Butch 'How so?
Sledge 'By simply investigating the event.

Butch 'DT used the information from that write up, for one of his web site stories.
Dicky 'What write up?
Sledge 'The one on 7-16, The New York Times write up on the Bush land grab.
Butch 'and DT got punished for writing about it.
I was told the shop kept attacking the guy chemically or biologically for weeks,
inducing nausea, simply for writing the phrase 'verbal digestion.
Dicky 'At least that was temporary.

[Sledge and Butch stare back, waiting for Dicky to explain himself]
Dicky 'They got the guy on level 2 ...
[Sledge finishes the sentence] 'Brain assaults! Again?.
Dicky 'After DT did his two sets of theories on the Columbia tragedy,
headquarters apparently said "that's it!", and since then it's been brain assaults every night.
Butch 'A couple weeks ago while DT was assembling his theories,
the shop kept saturating the guys brain with chemicals
and symbolically threatening the guy with alzheimers.
And they're wiping his memory now?

Dicky 'they're using a new contraption, which they've never used before.
It's so bad, the guy gets up walking like a zombie.
There's no telling what the permanent damage is.
Sledge 'How they getting in?
Dicky 'It has to be through the roof.
You know the shop, they'll resort to any means to follow an order through.

Sledge 'But I thought the authorities had DT under surveillance.
Butch 'It's no deterrent, not for the shop.
They'll just strike when nobody's looking.
The shop already has the guy under surveillance 24 hours a day,
and they wrote the book on surveillance.
If somebody else is looking, they'll know.

Sledge 'man, that's like committing an atrocious felony, right under their nose,
it's like an affront to the U.S. Constitution .
Dicky 'Those brain assaults are so bad, they got DT trying to run for cover.
[Sledge and Butch stare back waiting for Dicky to continue]
Dicky 'they got the guy sleeping in the restroom, trying to escape their assaults at night.
He try's one, they get in, so he try's sleeping in another restroom, they still get in,
so he try's the hallway and secures all the access doors, and they still get to the guy.
The guys even using alarm clocks, to wake him up every hour, on the hour,
and they simply shut the clocks off.

Butch 'But that's physical evidence ain't it?
[Dicky responds as if expressing futility] 'evidence for who?
Apparently they were concerned about the circumstantial evidence earlier,
about 2 loud alarm clocks next to his head not waking him up,
so they countered that by gassing the guy
and forcing him to sleep with a gas mask on.
Sledge 'gas mask? what for?.
[Dicky responds in a facetious tone]
It was suppose to be their plausible deniability.

Sledge 'how stupid and ruthless, torturing the guy like that,
and that was suppose to be the excuse for a loud alarm not waking him up.
Dicky 'It sounds stupid, but all they cared about
was satisfying reasonable doubt, just in case.
Butch 'Like the Warren Commission in 1964, many thought it was a sham,
but all the commission seemed to want is to satisfy the lone assassin theory,
and the people were powerless to question the inconsistencies.

Sledge 'So how's DT suppose to elaborate on his theories on the Columbia tragedy?
theories based on a tremendous research effort.
Dicky 'that's what the shop's worried about, what he might say next.
That's why they obsessively suppressed information from his web site.
They even sabotaged his email account, the one he uses to email newspapers.

That's why they're assaulting the guys brain
every single night, in an obsessive manner.
They're also pumping specialized drugs directly into the guys brain.
These guys want the guy shut down, and they're suddenly obsessive about their intent.

In fact, last Thursday, on May 8,
right as DT was about to publish his 2nd set of theories on the Columbia tragedy
the shop attacked the guy chemically, in a fatal manner.
In fact anybody lessor fit physically would've succumbed.
The attack was unprecedented, the shop never attacked the guy like that before,
as an indicator of their fear of his research results.
The other day they tried to hit the guy with a car, and obsessively coerced him into the hit zone.
Then today they staged the police after they obsessively coerced the guy to jay walk
as the police car approached.

Butch 'It was probably a shop fabrication on video,
like reasonable doubt, in case they're accused of something,
and who would make a better witness than a policeman.
Sledge 'Didn't Bowers say he saw a policeman, on the grassy knoll?
where he said he also saw a flash of light?
Then later he dies in a car accident.
Butch 'when?
Sledge 'When he testified before the Warren commission.
[Butch and Dicky look at Sledge]


[Dicky continues] 'So, after he published his first set of theories last Sunday on May 4,
the shop started obstructing the guys web site, like you wouldn't believe,
altering the access menu's, suppressing at least 5 reports on the tragedy.
Sledge 'I was told the shop drugged the guy
while he wrote his first set of reports on the Columbia tragedy,
and DT later had to rewrite everything.
Dicky 'They obsessively kept the guy drugged,
with specialized drugs to lower intelligence, and drugs that affect a persons personality


Sledge 'So you say they suppressed information he wrote on the tragedy.
Dicky 'right after he documented his first set of theories two Sundays ago.
Sledge 'Then 2 days later, the official panel investigating the Columbia tragedy,
the MIIB, suddenly releases to the press their first solid theory on the Columbia tragedy,
after 3 months of investigation,
while simultaneously the shop was obsessively suppressing 5 reports on the tragedy from DT's website.

Dicky 'And at the same time,
they altered his web access panels,
making it more difficult to access DT's theories on the Columbia tragedy.

Then by Tuesday, the following week, that's last May 13th,
the MIIB is suddenly concerned about maintaining secrecy on their investigation,
and made an unprecedented move,
putting the civilian members of the panel, on NASA's, payroll,
thus obligating them to government secrecy rules,
in Gehman's words,
'transcripts of the testimony "are never going to see the light of day"


Dicky 'and that's not all.
[Sledge and Butch stare back intently]
Dicky 'Yesterday, the shop timed a media communique,
so that just after DT flips the news on,
the chief, giving a speech, immediately rubs both temples with his palms,
then give the thumbs up.
Butch 'Coincidentally while the shop's assaulting DT's brain every night.

Sledge 'what does the thumbs up mean?
Butch 'During Roman times it had a total different meaning.
There was also this picture, in a major newspaper, the day before Columbia destructed,
that showed a Colossus angry stone statue,
postured as if angrily rendering judgement, or condemnation,
with an outstretched fist, and with the index finger, angrily pointing down.
The day before 9-11, the same newspaper had ads, that seemed to communicate something similar.


Dicky 'I suspect DT might pull his theories on the Columbia tragedy
from his website.
Sledge 'But it's free speech, they're just theories.
The least they could do is let him provide the detail elaborations.
Dicky 'I think we both know things don't work that way.
Sledge 'What is this Russia? in the 60's?