(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

April 25, 2004

Roy and Brewer stare intently at an expensive handcrafted chessboard
seemingly oblivious to the natural beauty of the New York skyline,
at 11pm at night, 70 stories high, and more intent on chess pieces
imported from Florence, crafted out of fine ivory
in the images of the Roman court in it's heyday 2000 years ago.

Roy 'you move slower than a ,,,,,, worker'.
Brewer 'shut up'.
Roy 'You know, they tell me something peculiar happened
to DT's computer on 9-11'.
[Brewer too intent on making a move, continues to stare at the chessboard] '.
Roy 'The emperor in that movie about the gladiator'.
Brewer 'what about it'.
Roy 'It was on DT's screen, the picture was'.
Brewer 'who was'.
Roy 'DT's computer chessgame, the old guy on the box,
he look's just like the emperor, his picture on DT's screen,
when he got back from a jog'.
Brewer 'so what's your point'.
Roy 'it's a typical society taunt, their secret dialogue,
like, your move.
Brewer 'I think DT's writing days are almost over,
he's almost out of resources.
Besides, the shop, the shirts, and anybody else they could influence,
are ganging up on the guy.
Roy 'Why?'.
Brewer 'They don't want im writing about 9-11, they don't
want im writing about the shuttle tragedy, they don't want im
writing about shop atrocities'.
Roy 'what is this Russia?'.


Roy 'what's the shop `doin to the guy now?'.
Brewer 'the word on the streets, false incarceration'.
Roy 'say what?'.
Brewer 'you heard me, false accusations, trumped up charges,
you figure it out'.
Once they start doing that, anything could happen.'
Roy 'After everything this citizen's done for this country,
what're you kidding me?'.
The guy just wants to write the truth for crying out loud'.
[Roy shakes his head] 'I can't believe this,
he's the only guy in a position to write the truth,
doesn't the truth mean anything to anybody anymore?.


Brewer 'About a week before Ashcroft got out of the hospital,
right before his testimony to the 9-11 commission,
somebody seemed to try to put the hit on DT, just last March'.
Roy 'seemed?'.
Brewer 'The indicators were there, but it wasn't the shop,
it wasn't their tactics'.
Roy 'who do think it was, the shirts?'.
Brewer 'My best estimate, a collaboration'.
[Roy stares back shaking his head] 'the shop and the shirts,
and who knows who else. Unbelievable'.
Brewer 'Then right after Tenet testified to the 9-11 commission,
the shop symbolically threatened DT repeatedly with false incarceration,
if he persisted on writing about 9-11'.
It wasn't the typical shop threat, once or twice,
they obsessively threatened the guy, day after day, the last few weeks.
Roy 'Like don't write about it, or else'.


Brewer 'And right after the attempted hit'.
Roy 'where was it?'.
Brewer 'the narrow bridge at the park,
the most dangerous spot for obvious reasons,
some 230 pound body builder'.


Brewer 'Right after the attempted hit,
the shop immediately went into fabrication mode'.
Roy 'like fabricating evidence'.
Brewer 'against DT's repeated allegations of violent intent
simply for his journalism'.
Allegations that go back years.
[Roy stares back blankly]
Brewer 'The objective is to fabricate a negative hostile image'.
Roy 'so if they do this in front of local authorities,
this essentially refutes DT's allegations of violent intent'.
Roy 'and of course if we're talking about a collaboration
between the shop and the shirts, we're talkin
a tremendous amount of influence over local authorities
even without their knowledge'.
Brewer 'influence and manpower, you figure it out.
Expert liars exaggerating a threat, a small reaction,
the possibilities are endless'.


Roy 'So how would they induce a reaction
Brewer 'the tactic is sophisticated, classical conditioning,
cognitive conditioning using symbolism,
a secret dialogue that goes back 19 years.
We're talkin about the psy war experts here,
tactics perfected during the cold war'.
Complement this with chemical warfare and you have a potent combination.
Roy 'chem warfare'.
Brewer 'nerve gas agents, drugs, sleep deprivation,
to weaken the target mentally, make im susceptible to their psy war'.


Brewer They could interface an authority, and he wouldn't even know
he was being used as a pawn, in a major fabrication.


Roy 'so why the major fabrication?'.
Brewer 'to take away the protection
to make this journalist more vulnerable
to any type of punishment they wish to instill'.
Just like I said earlier, they don't want this citizen
expressing any opinions, theories on 9-11,
the Columbia tragedy, etc.
Roy 'of course, a major obsessive effort,
like a criminal enterprise trying to silence
a major witness'.

Brewer's 420 SEL Mercedez makes it's way slowly down Broadway,
as a midnight downpour reduces visbility to 200 yards

Roy 'So if DT knew he was low on resources
why'd he wait so long to start up his research?
Brewer 'The shop threw the guy into a 7 month tailspin.
Roy 'say what'
Brewer 'strapped for cash, forced to sell his home,
while the shop took financial pot shots at the guy from the sidelines.
[Roy nods and waits for Brewer to elaborate]
Brewer 'it was one thing after another,
like a shop gauntlet, one hurdle after another
impossible situations that defy probability.
The shop knew time was critical, and it would be only
a matter of time before DT ran out of resources.
Roy 'so they worked behind the scenes
enacting Murphey's Law, so to speak,
just to use up his precious time.
Brewer 'exactly'
Right after DT was booted out of his home,
effectively stopping his website reports,
the Columbia investigators issued their final report

Roy 'Booted out? I thought he sold it'
Brewer 'You know the shop, a flair for the dramatic,
especially if they're waging their psy war.
Roy 'what appened?
Brewer 'DT was getting ready to move out,
when the shop had the buyer abruptly change the move out date.
Roy 'to what?
Brewer 'DT was suddenly ordered out,
given less than 24 hours to leave,
or the buyer would have the Sheriff kick im out.
Roy 'what're kidding me? nobody does that.
DT was there for 8 years'
Brewer 'Coincidentally the Columbia investigation report
was soon to come out, and the shop knew it'
Roy 'unbelievable, unbelievable'
Brewer 'so there was DT in panic mode,
trying to empty out a fully furnished 4 bedroom house
in less than 24 hours, an absolute impossibilty for anybody else.

[Roy and Brewer both shake their heads in silent revulsion]

Brewer 'So the shop, treating DT like an absolute enemy,
didn't stop there.
They nail the guy with severe sleep deprivation the night before
the big move out date.
Roy 'severe
Brewer 'like in 2 hours sleep.
Roy 'but to organize an immediate move on such short notice
with no sleep
Brewer 'exactly, absurd and ridiculous, a common shop theme.
There was DT driving a 15 foot truck, loaded with furniture
Roy 'They must of simply dumped the house contents into the truck.
Brewer 'exactly, complete chaos and disorganization.
can you imagine coordinating 3 movers with no sleep.
Roy 'all this punishment simply for his journalism? unbelievable.

Brewer 'DT ended up renting 2 gigantic storage slots for about $440 per month'
Roy '440 a month, that's a car payment.

Brewer 'So suddenly in need of a residence
the shop wouldn't let anybody rent to the guy,
and would disconnect his cell phone anytime he would call a place
they couldn't influence on time.

Roy 'From what I heard the shop obsessively did the same thing
when he was trying to cash out the equity on his condo.
Brewer 'That was last July, when he was strapped for cash,
and selling his home.
This created a desperate dependence on the sale proceeds of the house,
and the shop later used the circumstance to screw up the guys credit.
Roy 'why?
Brewer 'It created the excuse for having people not rent to the guy.
Roy 'how? how'd they screw up the credit?
Brewer 'A dependence on the sale proceeds to pay the bills,
then freezing the bank deposit beyond the expiration,
forcing critical checks to bounce


Brewer 'not to mention, temporarily stealing critical credit bills
this eventually gave the excuse for major credit companies
to drop the guys spending potential by $42,000.
Roy 'You've got to be kidding me, $42,000.
Brewer 'Then the guy tries to buy an SUV,
and the shop has the guy swindled out of $7000.
Roy 'What'd they do, drug im first?

Brewer 'then with no place to rent,
the guy is forced into his condo, and it's a literal pigs pen.


Brewer 'it took weeks to clean, gunk everywhere
DT was on his hands and knees scrubbing away like a slave in the 1800's.


Brewer 'it took 4.5 months to refurbish a place that was absolute
perfection when he rented it years ago.


Brewer 'The tenant wouldn't even pay a $44,000 accumulated debt.
Roy 'You've got to be kidding me, all this happenin to one guy
in just 7 months. $44,000? dam.

Brewer 'So after a 7 month gauntlet DT was scrapping for cash again,
forcing the guy to mortgage the condo at a ridiculous rate.
Roy 'They finally let im get a mortgage.
Brewer 'cash availability is the critical factor for the shop.
The more cash, then the longer the journalism lasts.

So finally, after all this, DT was ready to research again last March,
in time for the 9-11 testimony's