(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

May 7, 2004

Yuri quickly interrupts Jigger, who happens to be holding a meeting.

Yuri signals Jigger that he has a phone call,
and whispers
'Line 1.
Jigger apparently anticipating the call,
quickly ushers out his guests.
Before picking up the phone, Jigger looks up at Yuri
and asks in a cautious low tone

Jigger 'Is the line secure.
Yuri 'Absolutely sir.

Jigger quickly talks into the phone without asking who it is
Johnny 'target is still being pummelled.
Jigger slams his desk with his fist,
and contains his fury in a loud whisper
'dam it!
If word of this leaks out, we're all toast.
Johnny 'not to mention, human rights violations,
constitutional violations, Bill of rights violations,
violation of free speech, censorship,obstructing justice,
using local authorities in the commission of a crime
Jigger interrupts angrily 'shut up!
Johnny continues 'and cruel and unusual punishment,
to say the least sir.
Jigger remains silent as if his fury had gone beyond expression
Johnny 'naming the guy an enemy combatant, would've been more humane sir.
Jigger issues a delayed response 'For what? for being a journalist.

Silence at both ends

Johnny 'using chemical warfare with intent to induce psychological pilferage
is much worse sir, it's a hell I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemies.

Jigger 'it's covert, that's all we care about, you know that.
that's what this secret warfare was designed for, to attack a target in complete
secrecy, even in the midst of innocent bystanders.
Johnny 'you mean like local authorities.
Jigger 'that's why we induced their presence.
that's how powerful this stuff is, attack and nobody see's it happenin,
all through the use of chemicals and drugs, essentially tying the targets
hands psychologically, makin im susceptible to our powerful psy war.
it's a beautiful combination.


Jigger 'if the stupid idiot didn't shoot his mouth off
a few weeks ago, about our other tactics, maybe this wouldnt
have been necessary.
Johnny 'you mean about false incarceration.
Jigger 'yeah, this way, it's easier to implement.
Johnny 'this is absolutely evil and sick.
Jigger 'you're a warrior soldier, now act like it!
Johnny 'you have absolutely no idea, what people, targets, have to endure!
from this sick warfare! the plans, the description, the instructions, everything!
should be locked in a vault, and the key thrown away!
out of fury, Johnny hangs up the phone

Jigger looks at Yuri 'I can't believe he just did that.
Is a court martial in order here or what.
Get the idiot back on the line.

After a minute, Johnny's back on line

Before Johnny could apologize Jigger rants his case
There's a major re-election coming up dam it,
we can't have this guy shooting off his left wing opinions,
and stuff on 9-11'.
Johnny remains silent a couple seconds, then speaks
' You've got to be kidding me, that's what this is about.
trying to silence an opinionated journalist,
using some of the most atrocious secret warfare tactics known to man,
because of this, what're you kidding me?

Jigger 'Relax son, you'll get use to it,
we've been attacking people like this for decades,
we're the experts at what we do.
Besides, it's reserved only for the select few,
who we can't touch using conventional tactics.
Johnny 'He served his country well, doesn't that mean anything to you.
Jigger looks at Yuri with a smirk 'He's a different species.

Look at the bright side Johnny,
that gigantic information storehouse, DT has in his head, will be for naught.
Johnny 'This is the U.S. of A., you can't do this.

Jigger looks at Yuri cupping the phone
'I think Johnny just got imself a transfer.
Jigger 'uh Johnny, you still there, put Brute on the line will ya.


Jigger 'where we at with the, uh, target.
Brute 'we finally gassed im out of the condo, sir
todays' the first day, he does hi 9-11 research at the park.
Jigger gasps over the phone in mock surprise
'he can still research?.
Brute remains silent
Jigger 'the nerve gas agents, they attack the brain,
after a week, the brain should be like hamburger meat.
yet, you say, after 3 weeks, he still does the research
Brute 'well actually he quit the research, weeks ago,
after he decided he didn't have the resources to continue.
But being a warrior just like yourself, sir, after you ordered
the ruthless and inhumane nerve gassing, and psy war,
he figured he had nothing to lose
Jigger looks at Yuri and continues a mock tirade
I I simply can't believe this, after all this,
here's a man knocked to the canvas, yet he get's back up
and challenges me?.
Brute 'He hasn't challenged anyone sir,
this is an atrocity and you know it.

Jigger 'elaborate.
Brute 'I can't elaborate top secret info over this line sir.
I wouldn't want to, not on this.

Brute 'I do have a question sir.
Jigger remains silent
Brute 'If the local authorities are watching,
how can we do such an atrocity before their eye's?
Jigger 'don't you see soldier, they're the perfect witness,
they can't see the warfare, but they can sure see the effects.
It's perfect, trust me.
Brute 'no evidence sir.
Jigger 'perhaps, but they wouldn't know what to look for,
let alone find it, that's why they call this covert warfare.
who's gonna believe that we exponentiated world war II tactics
of using the media, to communicate psychological attacks
using classical conditioning.
To the simple ear, this would be too bizarre to believe.
They just don't teach stuff like this in the class room.
You have to belong to elite group of warriors to know this stuff.

Brute 'imagine that, your brain weakened by chemicals, and forced
to endure an onslaught using classical conditioning.
Jigger 'and the media isn't the only medium,
anywhere people go, the conditioning can be reinforced.
Brute 'unbelievable, how can we be so ruthless to our own people like this,
let alone our fellow man.
Jigger 'and our covert army is so montrous, there's nowhere to hide,
I'm talking the secret society son, we are powerful and mighty.
Brute 'unbelievable.