(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

May 11, 2004

High up in the Himalaya's a fierce storm rages on
with blizzard like conditions, while the kid trudges slowly
through 2 feet of snow against a fierce biting wind,
unable to see beyond a step or two, his face weathered and beaten,
his clothes shredded and torn, as one who had been struggling
with the storm for days, calls out as if in desperation,
like a lost child in search of his mother.

The kid with a failing raspy voice calls out 'Cyyyyyclops,
Cyyyyclops, where are you?

The kid trudges on, ocassionally tripping on his own feet,
occassionally stumbling in the snow and falling on his face,
then slowly getting back up again

The kid continues in a low raspy voice 'Cyyyyyclops,
Cyyyyclops, where are you Cyclops?
The kid trudges on for what seemed like hours,
then suddenly steps into a crevice at the side of the mountain,
then starts sliding, and tumbling and tumbling,
as if out of control, tumbling and tumbling,
then suddenly, just like that, his ragged and torn jacket
snags on a jagged rock, abruptly breaking his fall,
leaving im dangling at the edge of a 200 foot verticle drop.
Too delirious to know the danger, the kid continues to call out
Cyyyyyclops, Cyyyyclops, Cyyyyclops.

Soon the Kid's voice starts to grow weaker 'Cyclops, Cyclops.
when suddenly he hear's a voice, calm, gentle, soothing,
a man's voice
'Grab my hand child
The Kid look's up but can't see anything
Monk 1 'Grab my hand child.
The Kid speaks in a raspy whisper 'Where is it?
Monk 1 Pray my child and you will see it, pray.
The Kid recites the lord's prayer,
then recites it again and again
and the storm seems to calm, and the Kid see's the hand
and grabs it.

the Monk pulls the Kid to safety,
hugs im as if the Kid were his own and says

The goodness in your heart called out to me child
like a beacon in the night.
While carrying the Kid to safety, sheilding im from the fierce wind
and the freezing snow, the monk says

'You have opened the door my child, and have stirred evil
from the four corners of the earth.
The storm that rages around you is from the Beast.
You have fallen because you were weak. Now you must pray

In no time at all the Monk soon carrys the Kid
into a cave, and lays the Kid on a bed nestled next to a warm hearth.
Monk 1 gently wipes the frost from the boys eyebrows and says

'rest my child, rest, you have the lord's protection
because you are good in heart.

Completely exhausted, the Kid quickly drifts off to sleep.
Days go by and The Kid is awakened by gentle laughter
from monks in another room of the Cave.
The Kid could still hear the fierce storm raging outside,
yet there was calm and tranquility in the cave.
There was no door, yet no draft of cold wind seemed to enter.
Soon the Kid drifts off to sleep again.

Days go by and The Kid is awakened again,
and slightly opens his eyes
to notice several monks hovering over his bed in low conversation.

Monk 4 'Very few have seen the Beast.
Those who have, have not lived to tell about it.
Monk 1 'Only the Lord knows what this child's purpose is.
He is the first to open the door.
No man has done so before.
Monk 2 'Now this cauldren of evil lashes out at this helpless child.
Monk 1 'Smitten by the Beast because he was weak.

At this The Kid starts to stir and trys to sit up but can't
Immediately Monk 1 assists the boy back under the covers

Monk 3 'Pray with us child.
The Beast lash's out in fear,
The Beast know's you are the first to peer into his world
and he feels naked, with perhaps a level of vulnerability.
Therefore it is very critical that you speak only the truth my child,
only the truth.
This cauldren of evil has only one enemy, that which is good in the world.
Monk 1 'Pray with us.
At this the group spends the next hour reciting the lord's prayers
and the Kid quickly drifts off to sleep


Derek slowly wakes from a deep slumber to find his 2 siblings
and a priest reciting verses from the bible
Priest 'So Derek, are you feeling better?
Derek slowly sits up but feels a bit dazed 'What happened?
priest 'You took a bad spill in the mountains,
you've been in and out for over a week.
we were beginning to wonder about you.