(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

May 18, 2004

A Blackhawk hovers silently off the coast of Maine,
in the dead of night, with temperatures near freezing,
while a slight drizzle and a nasty North wind
limits visibility, dulling the coastal city lights
twinkling in the mist.

Two Sharks carefully edge Stump to the cabins right opening,
while the waves pitch and roll in a nasty tempest,
100 yards below.

Shark 3 'Not a good idea.
Team leader 'Relax, the guys so drugged up
he doesn't even know where he is.
Besides his hands and legs are bound,
it'll be just fine, trust me.
Shark 3 'You have no idea who this guy is do you.
Team leader smiles nonchallantly 'That's what we're here to find out.
Shark 3 'what specialized mind altering drugs
do they have im on this time?

Without responding, the team leader nods,
and Shark 1 rips off Stump's blindfold.
Upon seeing the waves tossing below, and too delirious
to know the danger, Stump suddenly starts
to reminisce about his days as a frogman,
frollicking in the oceans depth like a fish at sea,
doing maneuvers off the coast of Norway,
yeah that's where he was, it had to be,
it was so so cold, but he loved the cold he thought,
god I love the ocean, I love it, I love it all.
But who are these men he thought, why the sub machine guns,
what am I doing here? why are my hands bound?

Shark 1 observing closely 'I don't think this is working guy's.
Is he suppose to be frightened or what?
Before anybody could respond, Stump suddenly slips
and Shark 1 goes flying out with im.
within a split second both men are dangling out the cabin opening,
Stump with a firm grip on Shark 2's leg,
and Shark 1 grasping on to the duct tape around Stump's legs
yelling and screaming.
Don't drop me Stump!
Please don't drop me! It wasn't my idea!

Team leader still nonchallant says 'I can't believe this.
Shark 3 'I told you sir, he must've acted on instinct,
even with all the drugs you got pumped into his brain.
Team leader to the rest of the men 'don't just stand there, pull them up!

15 minutes later, Shark 4 has an interrogation light
shining directly into Stump's eye's, while 2 Shark's have Stump
pinned to the floor.
Team leader nonchallantly walks over and
towers over Stump in a domineering manner
and demands
'who are you? Why are you here?

Stump 'I was about to ask the same question.
Team leader gives a nod and Stump get's roughed up a little
Stump still delirious 'dam that felt good.
Stump happens to glance into the corner at Shark 1
Shark 1 even though he still had his ski mask on,
reacts with
'Don't look at me Stump, I had nothing to do with this.
Team leader shoots a biting glance at Shark 1
then turns his attention back on Stump

Team leader out of the blue starts ranting in anger
who are you to think! that you could even consider investigating
something as enormous as 9-11! while we have experts! 10 experts!
on the case right now, certainly more qualified than you
investigating this!

Stump stares back as if dumbfounded,
but more so, because the drugs were starting to wear off,
probably because of the physical exertion earlier.

Team leader lowers his stance and stares back curiously
like a medic about to give a coherency check.

Stump 'you call that an investigation?
they haven't even turned up anything yet,
Stump raises his tone 'and it's been 2.5 years!

Team leader cowers back a step as if mildly surprised
by the sudden vigor,
and gives a nod in a delayed response,
and Stump get's roughed up again because of his tone

Stump 'dam that felt good.
Team leader even angrier 'You have nothing! absolutely nothing!
Stump 'Well if they'd quit wiping my memory, I'd have
more than you could ever imagine.
Team leader nods and Stump get's roughed up again
Stump 'dam that felt good.


Stump 'you wanna take off the mask, it's hard to maintain
a conversation with a masked man.
Team leader almost gives the nod but holds back
Team leader unsure how to proceed, lowers his tone,
as if in an attempt to be civil this time

Team leader 'Your research are all coincidental events.
They prove nothing, They dispell nothing.
Your research is all speculation, and no court in the land
will ever look at it.
Stump 'so what's your point.
Team leader trying to keep his cool 'why are you wasting
your time?

Stump 'you have no idea what's involved here do you?
the legwork, working behind the scenes, the piles of information
that's been poured over, and over and over, to get the facts right.
You have no idea do you, the countless hours, working day and night
7 days a week, you have no idea.
Let me assure you that any speculation, or theory, or assertion
that comes out of my mouth, is grounded in fact, and tremendous research.
There are true patriots in this country, and they're the reason I do this!
They're the reason why we still care!
especially, especially about those families that lost loved ones
at the world trade center!
There are those who want the real truth,
and nothing but the truth! That's why I do this, that's why we do this!
So if tidbits of information come our way, you can bet the world
we'll savor it and study it and scrutinize it,
because you're right, we do not have the full investigative powers
or authority of the commission, and any theory, or speculation,
or assertion, will be continuously looked at until we get proved otherwise.
This is our right, this is our privelege as American's
guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.
You can torture us, ruin us, destroy us, but you will know
that we regard the principles of freedom and democracy in high regard
as all true American Patriots should.
If you call this attitude archiac in the gener of the 18th century
when we officially became a nation, then so be it.

Team leader stares book almost incredulous,
realizing that this man didn't fit the same category
that justified such tactics, designed for men of war
who warred against America, not served it

Team leader turns and walks away slowly as if deep in thought.

Shark 4 'what is it?
Team leader 'who gave the order?
Shark 4 'Jigger did, you know that.
Team leader 'higher up, at the top.
who gave it?
Shark 4 'You never questioned your orders before sir.
Team leader 'This is different.
This man is more patriotic than any of us.
There's something more to this, and I wanna know.

Team leader deep in thought again,
stares out the cabin through the mist and at the coast.
He starts thinking 'I knew there were rumors
of secret fraternities in the higher leadership
but I never gave it serious thought.'
'who was this guy? willing to risk so much
endure so much punishment, for what he believed.
Who was he? We're using torture tactics
that destroy people mentally,
some have even turned into vegetables,
yet this man endures all this to continue
this this patriotic fight.'
'Who was so paranoid about this mans investigation
that they would order such tactics designed for
our worst enemies. why?

Team leader turns and stares at Stump,
and continues to contemplate.
'if this were Russia it would be a different story
but this is America, the land of the free,
the home of the brave.'
Those patriots that gave their lives
so valiantly to secure our freedom and this nation
229 years ago, let's hope that their struggle
was not in vain.'
That's what Patrick Henry would've said.'
Teamleader stares at the floor still thinking,
'I could be court martialled for this',
then looks at Stump, and see's Patrick Henry,
and is almost stunned by his secure confident
yet demure stare, like he knew what he was thinking.

As if drawn in by an almost hypnotic look,
Team leader slowly walks toward Stump,
and crouches before im.
They both stare at eachother for a few seconds
as if communicating silently,
both realizing that the Teamleader was on his wavelength.

Team leader 'Give me one coincidence
that is so compelling, that is so riveting,
that it demands the world's attention,
and I'll let you go.
Stump stares back with the same confident stare
then says
'How is it, that 9-11 occurred on the
233rd day of the presidency,
and 233 passengers die on the 4 hijacked planes.
How could terrorists have the influence
to control the flight manifests like this?
if in fact this was no coincidence.

Team leader looks at Shark 4
Shark 4 'He is correct, 233 passengers, 33 crew members.
Team leader looks at Stump, hesitates, then says 'That'll do it.

Stump stares back a couple seconds,
nods in acknowledgement, then slowly stands up.
As Stump makes his way to the cabin's right opening,
he continues to talk, while the Sharks stare back.

Stump 'The towers were only 33 years old, when they fell,
if you count the construction start date in 1968.
The Pentagon was 58 years old when flight AA77
loaded with 58 people slammed into it.
Flight AA11 was in the air 46 minutes before it
slammed into the North tower at 0846 am.
Flight UA175 loaded with 65 people
was in the air 65 minutes before it slammed
into the South tower.

By this time Stump was already peering at the waves
tossing below, while the crew continued to stare.
Stump then turns, gives a salute
and disappears into the cold night.

Seconds go by, then two Sharks rush to the opening
and quickly look at the tempest below, and Stump is nowhere in sight.
Shark 3 shaking his head looks at Shark 4 and says
'No way dude,
that's a 300 foot dive.

Team leader as if trying to break the entrancement
speaks to nobody in particular and says

How'd the guy escape the restraints?
so easily?.

Shark 3 and Shark 4, apparently ignoring the question
continue to scour the waves intently
and to their continued astonishment
seem to see 2 frogmen bobbing in the waves for 2 seconds
then quickly disappear.

Shark 3 to Shark 4 'No way dude.

30 minutes later a rubber raft, 1 mile down the coast
floats listlessly in the tossing waves.
By this time the rain had stopped and the overcast sky
was starting to clear,
as Stump and 3 frogmen begin to make their way.

Stump casually settles on his back as if to rest
and stares up at the sky.
A minute goes by and Stump says

'what will become of future generations.

Silence for a few seconds then Crowbar says
'Who gave the order Stump?
Stump doesn't respond and continues staring at the sky
Finally Stump says 'bald eagle did.
The guy with the crooked mouth.
Crowbar 'He's part of the fraternity isn't he?
Stump continues to stare at the sky
Finally Stump says 'A fraternity with their own secret agenda,
not necessarily in the nation's best interest.
Rogues in a position of power, who march to a different drummer.
Frogman 2 'You're talking about a shadow conspiracy.
Stump 'They've been around a long time my friend,
a very long time.
I think we're skimming the top of something monstrous and big.
A fraternity that will not hesitate to violate our own laws
and our own constitution, if it serves their purpose
and if they could get away with it.

Stump starts shaking his head and says
Guess what their logic was for silencing DT.
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
Frogman 1 What're you kidding me?
we got some serious constitutional violations here.
They're gassing the guy everywhere he goes now
with some pretty lethal stuff.
Stump 'I'm guessing they're implying
it would be like the aftermath of the JFK assassination,
with witnesses disappearing left and right.

The crew remains silent the next few minutes while Stump
continues to look at the sky, as if in search of something

Finally Crowbar asks 'What are you looking for Stump?
Stump 'The Constellation of Orion.
Frogman 1 'You won't be able to see it through the cloud cover Stump.
Besides we're almost into Gemini, the 3rd sign of the Zodiac.
Crowbar 'You believe in astrology Stump?
Stump 'No, but the Society does.

Stump 'In fact, 9-11 occurred during the 6th sign, Virgo,
the 21st day into Virgo in fact.
Crowbar 'That's three 21's.
Frogman 2 'What?
Stump '9-11 occurred on the 21st month of the 21st century,
and the 21st day into Virgo.
Talk about sophistication, precision.
That's gotta be beyond mere coincidence.

Stump 'The 6th sign start's at the number 4, on the clock.
Frogman 1 'you lost me pal.
Stump 'Figure out the number 4,
and you have the most ruthless organization
that ever walked the planet.

All three frogmen look at Stump as if confused.

Stump 'the 21st day into Virgo is 2/3rds of the way.
Crowbar 'that's .666 666..

The crew reamins silent the rest of the way.