(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

July 17, 2004

Somewhere in the South Pacific, on a tropical island,
seemingly in the middle of nowhere, the Kid, with a birds eye view
atop the highest perch, stares intently at the vast ocean,
seemingly oblivious of the waves crashing below,
or the chatter of life all around him, the birds chirping away,
the seagulls seemingly skipping across the morning surf,
or the roar of a towering waterfall directly behind him.
The kid was so intent in fact, that he failed to hear the
approach of one of the natives.

As the Chief approached gently, so as not to startle,
he noticed the appearance of a nasty storm brewing in the distance.
The Chief, casually wraps his arm across the Kid's shoulders,
gently massages his neck,
while sharing a view that was almost beyond description.

The Kid 'I can't believe I came this far,
only to be stopped by this this tremendous monstricity
which now stands before you and I.
[The Chief nods in agreement and says in his native accent]
Nobody beats the Beast child,
unless God wills it himself.
Many good people have tried child, to help you,
but the Beast has created an inpenetrable barrier child,
around the island.
I guess the world isn't ready yet child,
otherwise you would have been saved by now child.

The Kid continues to stare across the sea,
which was quickly starting to stir in a violent manner,
from the fast approaching storm.

The Chief notices tears starting to welt in the Kid's eyes.
The Kid wipes back the tears and says
But many will suffer.

At this both the Kid and the Chief stare off in silence.
After a few seconds the Kid says shaking his head

all this knowledge, all this work, all this
information, accumulated over decades, all for naught,
just like that.
I can't believe all this effort, can be suddenly stifled and stopped
so ubruptly and without warning.
[The Chief looks at the Kid] 'The Beast is sly and cunning child.

The Chief stares at the looming storm for a few seconds,
then turns and quickly grabs the kid by the shoulders,
as if suddenly in a slight panic, and says

Whatever the Beast tells you, you must ignore it.
The Chief shakes the Kid's shoulders as if demanding his absolute attention,
and continues
'Is that clear child? You must ignore it.
Soon the Chief's white silvery hair starts to blow in the wind,
every which way, as the wind started picking up from the approaching storm

The Chief continues, and starts to raise his voice
so he could be heard above the whistling wind, and is almost shouting now.

The Beast is vile, and a liar,
the liar of all liars.
It's presence is contemptible
even to the animals that walk the earth.
It will deceive, trick, mislead,
it will lure you with the treasures of the earth,
then suddenly strike you down, once it has gained your
complete trust.
It will corrupt and taint all those around you, just to
get at you and render it's own form of vile justice.
It's power reaches to all end's of the earth,
and there is no escape, except for those who pray.

The Kid stares back, as if trying to comprehend
the danger he was just warned of, and doesn't say a word,
and soon notices the palm trees bending with a violent wind,
and leaves and debris swirling all around,
and a sky that literally turned black.
By now, the Chief was nowhere to be seen,
and suddenly the Kid was all alone,
face to face with a monstricity,
the likes he had never seen before.
What am I looking at he thought,
and suddenly as if in response he hears a low whisper
echoing in the forrest around him,
a guttural vile sounding voice, but still in a whisper,
the likes he had never heard before, whispering

Kiiiiiid, Kiiiiid.

The Kid looks all around as if in haste, but see's nothing
The beast whispers in the same echo, seemingly reverberating
throughout the forrest
'kiiiiiiiiid, why do you stalk me?
The Kid, wide eyed, confused, and afraid,
and at the same time surprised by such an accusation,
and curious how the victim could suddenly be portrayed as a perpetrator,
wildly searches the darkness above, as if intent on rebuking
the implication,
then hesitates,
remembering the Chief's warning,
that this must be a deception, a calculated and taunting lie
to set him on edge, ill at ease.

The Kid stares at the sky for a few seconds,
then quickly turns away as if in contempt, and fearful at the same time.

As if in response the forrest quickly echoes
in a loud vile sounding laughter.

The beast then whispers in the same low guttural vile sound,
and says
'There is no escape Kid, you must give in.
and the words echo repeatedly through the forrest 'you must give in, give in, give in.....

followed by the same loud vile laughter

The beast 'Take a long look at the sea Kid.
Soon you will be down to your last morsel of food,
The Beast's tone then changes as if in a light hearted manner
Then I'm afraid you will have to swim to shore.
Oh you poor suffering little lad.

Unfortunately there might be a few complications along the way.

Ahhh yes, sharks, many many sharks,
now circle your pittiful little island,
sharks from all over the globe, just waiting to engorge themselves.

And, if by some remote possibility,
you happen to make it to shore,

an even worse tribulation awaits you,
The Beast's tone then becomes vile and harsh again, and says
vultures! Vultures everywhere! form which there is no escape.

and the words echo repeatedly through the forrest 'from which there is no escape, no escape, no escape.....

Once again the forrest reverberates with the same loud vile laughter

At this it quickly starts to rain in a heavy downpour.
As the kid runs for shelter, the vile laugh continues
to echo through the forrest.

The Kid quickly scrambles up the steep mountain,
as if running for his life,
repeatedly losing his footing on the slippery slope,
occasionally sliding, and even tumbling
only to be saved by a broken limb, or a sunken rock,
or even a tree stump,
while the same vile laughter continued to echo through the forrest.

Soon The Beast speaks with full force,
so powerful that the sound reverberated throughout the forrest
with a near deafening roar, with decibals
20 times louder than that of a lion

The Beast 'runnnnnnnnn Kid!, runnnnnnnnnnn!

Once again the forrest echoes with the same loud vile laughter

The Beast 'runnnnnnnnnnnn, let's see how far it get's you!

Once again the forrest echoes with the same loud vile laughter,
reverberating, and bouncing off the canyon walls, 500 feet below.
while the Kid continues to slip and fall, several times almost
plummeting into the ravine.

Then as if things couldn't get any worse,
a bolt of lightening split's a tree a few feet in front
forcing the Kid to lurch to his right
to avoid being crushed by the falling tree
and barely maintains his balance
once again avoiding a 500 foot plummet into the canyon.

The Beast Runnnnnnnnn! you pittiful little creature!
Let's see your god save you now!
At this another bolt of lightening discharges into the side
of the mountain sending boulders crashing down
forcing the Kid to dive for safety into a small cave.

The Beast Runnnnnnnn! you small little runt,
how dare you! how dare you peer into my world
without expecting consequences!
How dare you!
At this another bolt of lightening discharges,
striking right in front of the Kid
as he attempts to step from the small cave.

The Beast Where are your people now?
when you need them the most?

Once again the forrest floor trembles
from the loud vile laughter, again and again and again
continuously for several minutes,
while the Kid continues to slip and fall
struggling against the rain.

Halfway up the mountain the Kid suddenly falls to his knees
and starts praying.
This immediately sends the Beast into a fit of rage,
who utters
with a sound so loud and horrifying, that the ground
started to rumble and shake and crack as if from an earthquake.