(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

July 21, 2004

General Wainwright sits casually at his desk
talking on the phone when the Boss rudely let's himself in,
quickly waves a salute, then starts pacing back and forth,
waiting for the General to finish.
After finishing up his phone conversation,
the General reaches for a cigar, props his feet on his desk,
and pretends not to notice the Boss's obvious state
of anxiety.

The Boss continues to pace back and forth,
with both hands clasped behind his back,
staring at the floor, as if deep in thought,
like an expectant father or something, and says,

Little sucka's gonna shoot off his mouth,
I juss know it.

The General continues staring out the window,
puffing his cigar, like he didn't have a care in the world.

The boss slaps his right fist into his hand, and says
Dam it! I knew dis would appen! I juss knew it!
Little sucka ain't human, I tellin ya.
How could he possibly survive a 3.5 month onslaught?
It juss ain't possible. Nobody has lasted dis long, nobody.

The General casually offers the Boss a cigar, and says
Have a seat, take a load off your feet.
The Boss takes a seat, and can't sit still,
repeatedly fidgeting and shifting in his seat.
Soon the boss is half prostrate in his seat,
and shifted sideways, and accidentally kick's the General's chair.
The Boss laughs nervously, and quickly sits up again,
puffs the cigar and inhales, and jerk's forward
in a violent spasmodic cough.

The General waits for the Boss to regain his composure,
while casually staring out the window, then says

You have nothing to worry about.
The Boss is suddenly alert, and sit's straight up,
like a dog about to be tossed a morsel off food.

Boss 'Heee heee, whad was dat General?
Did you juss say dere was nuttin ta worry aboud?
The General continues staring out the window and remains silent.
The Boss starts shifting in his seat again,
and starts thinking, dam it, tell me sucka.

As if in reponse, the General suddenly swings his swivel chair around,
and faces the Boss directly.

The Boss shifts back a little, slightly stunned by the timing,
and concerned thinking, did he just read my mind?

General 'There's no way he can financially sustain his work.
He doesn't even have the time to read his newspaper anymore.
The Boss stares back a few seconds, then says
You don't unnastan, he can do a report in an hour at the least.
As long as time remains, he can still shoot off his mouth.

The General casually stands up and walks over to the window,
looking out, and says calmly
'and whose fault is that.
The Boss feigns surprise and says, 'I don know what yor talkin about General.
The General finally walks over to the Boss,
stands facing his seat from the side, and raises his tone saying

Your orders were to cover this thing up!
The man has decades of information that could send scandle
rippling through Capital Hill! the Pentagon! The White House! NASA, you name it!

The General is yelling now. 'Anybody else would've been incarcerated by now!
The Boss stares back in hesitation, almost afraid to speak, then says
We couldn't convince im sir.
Attribution theory works for everybody else except dis sucka.
I tellin ya he ain't human.
I can't tell ya how many times we tried to bring him to his knees
using the nerve gas that attacks the brain,
repeatedly twyin ta convince im, "see dere's somtin wong wid you",
repeatedly we done dat, ova an ova fo over 3 months now,
we'd gas im hard twyin ta convince im.

By now, General Malveaux is standing to the right of the Boss
and joins in the conversation.

Actually, and I say this from experience,
no man alive today, can escape 3.5 months of that kind of punishment
and not be damaged by it.
The Boss looks at the general, then continues

Den we took attribution theory to the next level,
twyin to convince witnesses dere was somtin wong wid im.
heee heee, we'd gas im hod wid the nerve stuff, den say,
"see, look, dere's somtin wrong wid im.
General Malveaux 'witnesses?
Boss 'web cam witnesses, special witnesses like officials and relatives.
People in a position to incarcerate.
General Malveaux 'The guy was on a webcam?

The Boss continues like he couldn't help imself
heee heee one day we struck im down wid food poisoning,
den said "see dere's somtin wrong wid im, he needs your help".
heee heee, den one night we slammed his foot against the wall,
that we thought we broke it.
General Wainwright 'why?
Boss 'heee heee cause we thought we was convincing enough
that officials would force a rescue,
so wid a crippled foot, he'd be easier to take down.
Heee heee, one night while he was sleeping,
we contorted and twisted the joint around the knee,
General Wainwright 'why?
Boss 'heee heee, cause he'd be easier ta take down that way.

Boss 'heee heee, those officials didn't even know what was goin on.
heee heee, we'd gas DT, and they'd go "look what was dat?
what? I didn't see nothin. A slight reaction, you didn't see it?
I betta log dis down, it could mean somtin."

or they'd go, "why's he prostrate like that? is that normal?
I dunno maybe he's tired. I betta have my superior take a look"

or he'd go to the bedroom to watch tv, and they'd go
"dam dis could mean somtin, we betta observe closely the next few hours".

Boss 'heee heee heee, dis was so fun, havin them along fo the ride.
They had no idea we was all working behind the scenes like a puppet show
pullin all the strings, that it was our influence that got them there
in the first place.
Heee heee, they had no idea what they was lookin at,
trying ta ta force this anomily into a fixed formula,
or a standardized set of rules and procedures.
And then they couldn't figure out why nothin fit,
when all along it was us who had all the answers,
compiling a 20 year dossier on the guy.
Heee heee, it was a complete misinterpretation all the way,
and of course it was our experts that gently nudged dem
toward soiten conclusions.
Dam I was proud of my boys watchin dem at wook like dat.

The Boss is about to continue talking
when he notices general Wainwright is standing
face to face with him.

general wainwright 'you wanna shutup.
Boss 'yes sir, sorry sir.

General Malveaux 'There were webcam witnesses?

General Wainwright 'I guess you weren't privy.
The objective was incarceration, at the very least, house arrest.
General Malveaux 'of course, once that happens you lose certain rights,
and those given custody could easily have the authority
to stop any journalistic attempts, especially emails to newspapers.
General Wainwright 'and more importantly, the coverup would've been complete.
General Malveaux 'of course, very clever.
General Wainwright 'If you want to destroy somebodys credibility, this is the way to do it.
General Malveaux 'Absolutely ruthless, this man must've been a king fish or something.
General Wainwright 'Absolutely.
The guy was like another Hannibal, beating a path to Romes door step,
while the city of Rome held its' breath.
General Wainwright shakes his head 'There'll never be another DT,
not in a million years, not no way, not no how.
General Malveaux 'Thank god for that.

General Malveaux 'so the guy's a runner now?
General Wainwright 'fraid not, not this guy.

Meanwhile 2 aides outside the door listen intently
to the classified conversation

Aide 1 'did he say runner?
Aide 2 'slang for run for your life.
The term was popular in to 70's and 80's during operation Gamorrah.
People suddenly confronted by the operation, panic, and bolt,
most of them at least.
The few who stick around and brave the storm,
are in for the ride of their life,
and that my friend is no exaggeration.

Aide 1 'what exactly did they put DT through?
Aide 2 cautiously looks around, then motions to Aide 1
as he starts walking down the hall.

Aide 2 lowers his tone to a whisper and says
Let me give you an idea, about others given the axe.

subject g84-41, year unknown, they opened the spout full blast
on the guy, gassing the guy continuously, ruthlessly for weeks on end,
and soon the guy was squirming and writhing on the floor
from the effects of the gas.
It was a life changing event, the guy was never the same after that.
subject g72-61, year unknown, Mr. personality they called him, a college student,
friends everywhere, singled out by the operation, reason unknown,
race probably had something to do with it,
gassed for a specified period of time,
returns to college a complete zombie, soon loses all his friends,
the guy was never the same after that.

Aide 1 'What were the thoughts of these men exacting this atrocity?
Aide 2 'You'll never believe it.
This same thing was just mentioned today to the team torturing DT,
and they laughed, they thought it was funny,
when they heard what happened to g72-61,
just to give you an idea of what kind of monsters
they got running this operation.

Aide 1 'Then there's the conditioning that goes with it,
a pandora's box of everything evil imaginable, to incite, anger,
infuriate, scare, terrorize, worry, frustrate, irritate,
all unleashed on one guy over a period of time.

Aide 2 'How ruthless, wasn't the gas torture enough?
Aide 1 'For a genocidal operation,
it's no holds barred my friend.

You have scientists, doctors, psychologist's, psychiatrist's,
all supposedly bound by morality and the hippocratic oath,
working together to destroy people, rather than save or help,
all serving the operation.
What they teach in the colleges and universities,
is miniscule, compared to the knowledge these people have accumulated.

You've got major break throughs in science,
in the areas of telekineses, telepathy, mind control,
implants and controlling motor functions by remote control,
information that could help humanity,
instead this information is guarded and protected,
reserved for the priveleged few,
for their own evil designs.

Aide 2 'So they've been torturing DT like this
for over 3 months?
Aide 1 'Much worse.
We're talkin 20 years of conditioning, that they've been tapping into
while ruthlessly gassing the guy.
Aide 2 'I still don't see the connection, with the gassing.
Aide 1 'The gas weakens the brain, paralyzes certain mental functions,
the conditioning is used to attack the brain while it's functions
are hindered and it can't defend itself.

Aide 2 'cruel and unusual punishment would be an understatement here.
Aide 1 'to say the least.
They do it because they could get away with it, and it serves a purpose.
In DT's case, his silence has been ordered.
Aide 2 'On what grounds?
Aide 1 'Under the guise of National Security.
Aide 2 'Let's see if I got this right,
these people commit all these atrocities,
and they conveniently protect themselves from prosecution
under the guise of National Security? what're you kidding me?

Aide 1 'The contention is that it weakens the war on terrorism.
Aide 2 'You've got to be kidding me, this is free speech.
Aide 1 'Apparently DT's website tends to inspire those
who don't hold America in high regard.
Aide 2 'I'm sorry, but a case like that would never stand up in court.
Aide 1 'That's why they call this unconventional warfare.
The fraternity doesn't follow the rules, you know that.
If they could protect their genocidal operation under the guise of National Security
then they'll do it.


The two aides continue their conversation in the patio during lunch.

Aide 2 'What have we turned ourselves into?
How could we do this to our own people?
let alone an individual that was so talented, any career he chose
could've skyrocketed into mega bucks.

Aide 1 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
That's the logic they choose, to protect the operation,
and the people who run it.
Can you imagine? The prison sentences, the scandel,
the who's who in society.
There's no way they're gonna let this one individual do this to them.

Aide 2 'ok, so they spend the last 3,5 months
trying to get this guy incarcerated, in one form or another,
he resists, but suffers tremendously.

Aide 1 'Suffer indeed.
The level of torture they had DT under,
anybody else would've lasted 2 weeks at the most.
This guy was out there 3 months,
being pummelled covertly, repeatedly,
and at times continuously for extended periods,
with a chemical banned by the Geneva convention
against our enemies, and this guys a U.S. citizen!

After they attributed his longevity to his religion
they started covertly attacking the guy in church.
They later started intensifying the gas
while he would say his prayers before bedtime.
Aide 2 'Unbelievable.

So what was the mission objective?
Aide 1 'Incapacitate enough to require incarceration.
Incarceration was the bottom line, at the very least,
house arrest. The idea was the stigma alone would discredit
20 years of research and journalism.
That was the coverup they were shooting for.

Aide 2 'So it was attribution theory they were invoking.
Aide 1 'The power of the mind.
The effects of the gas, so debilitating,
that they were hoping he would attribute the affects to something else.
It's like self hypnosis.
Aide 1 'It came to a point where they would gas the guy hard
and essentially say "house arrest dam it! Take the house arrest!"

Aide 2 'So what now?
Well they've had the guy under economic boycott the last 5 years,
which means his choices will soon be very limited.
Aide 1 'How do you invoke a boycott?
Aide 2 'Quarantine. It takes a team of professionals,
with a certain level of authority and influence,
and it's been done many many times before.

They simply intercept phone calls, impersonate destination parties,
refuse employment, refuse loans, or redirect calls,
intercept emails, modify emails, intercept voice mail,
or deactivate your service, so you wait for a phone call that never comes,
or an email that never arrives, or even a letter that never arrives,
the possibilities are endless.
Essentially they covertly take over your world,
to influence direction, choices, limit choices,
to limit contacts, dissuade contacts,
impose their own people into your social sphere for psy war purposes,
there's no limit, believe me.
They do stuff like this all the time.