the shop, web cam minutes, subject dt72-20040824 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

August 24, 2004

The Boss enters the grounds skipping down the sidewalk
in a carefree manner, whistling to himself,
and goin 'heee heee heee, heee heee heee'
like he just won the lottery or something.

The Boss happens across 2 siblings playing hopscotch
and joins in the game, immediately scaring the
2 kids away.

Meanwhile Aide 3 and Aide 4 watch the display
from a 4th floor window.

Aide 3 'It's amazing how the brain could power such energy.
Aide 4 shaking his head 'Unbelievable.
Aide 5 joins in the conversation 'what is this guy a section-8?.

Aide 4 'What's he so happy about anyway?
He hasn't offered such a display since since over a year.
Aide 3 'It's DT
He has the guy in a headlock, euphemistically speaking of course.
He has the guy gagged, blindfolded, and his hands tied,
staring into the abyss,
and he's dangling his last dolla in front of the guy.
Aide 4 'last dolla?
Aide 3 '$70,000 in equity cash.
Aide 5 'Doesn't the shop owe the guy $44,000 in unpaid rent?
Aide 4 'yeah, like they're gonna pay.

Aide 5 'What do you mean dangling?
Aide 3 'They got two lenders in limbo,
using stall tactics, while the Boss is essentially goin
"you want the cash? then stop readin news papers"
"you want the cash? then stop writing"
"you want the cash, then take the house arrest"
or "take the house arrest or go homeless"
Aide 4 'what're you kidding me?

Aide 3 'This was the same day DT speculated on paper.
Aide 4 'What this citizen can't speculate on paper now?
Aide 5 'You know how paranoid the shop is now.
The minute he writes his interpretations on paper, alarm bells go off.
"Is he gonna publish it? is he gonna publish it?
Aide 4 'It's just a website for crying out loud.
Aide 3 'Right after DT speculated, the shop punishes the guy hard,
slams im with severe sleep deprivation forcing im to vegetate the next day,
while simultaneously forcing im to live out of gas mask
after deluging the guy with lung gas.

Aide 5 'Dammm, what did he write down that was so terrifying?
that would cause the shop to lash out like this.
Aide 3 'Something about the shirts joining the re-election campaign.
Aide 5 'say what?
Aide 3 'using intimidation tactics against innocent little protestors
some getting their feet wet for the first time, engaging in the democratic process
by exercising their first amendment rights of free speech.
Aide 4 'unbelievable.

Aide 5 'So they're using extortion tactics,
against DT that is,
trying to extort compliance,
stop your journalism or else.
I can't believe this is happenin in the good ol USA,
not with these people, sworn to uphold the law and the constitution.
What're you kidding me?
Aide 4 'These people are ruthless.
Aide 3 'ruthless? ruthless? you say ruthless?
This is nothing, compared to what they did to this citizen
the last 4.5 months
Aide 4 and Aide 5 both look at Aide 3 waiting for im to continue
Aide 3 'While DT was under torture, a repeated thought was
"these people are sick".
Aide 4 'how do you know this?
Aide 3 'trust me, I know.
Even while he was there under torture,
he couldn't fathom the sadistic mentality of the perpetrators.
Perhaps he could fathom it, but he couldn't believe it,
or he didn't wanna believe it,
sadistic, ruthless, merciless, no remorse,
freely assaulting this citizen seemingly without hesitation
jumping on every opportunity, seemingly trying every angle,
using different variations of the same tactics,
simply to incapacitate and force incarceration,
while DT was there reeling from every hit,
every burst of nerve gas, thinking
what hole did these monsters crawl out of.

Aide 4 'I had no idea the nerve gas was that powerful.
Aide 3 'plus the classical conditioning.
Aide 4 'like what.
Aide 3 'like threats, one threat after another,
boom bam boom, day after day.

Aide 4 'but the guy's fearless, or so it seemed.
Aide 3 'that has nothing to do with it.
These people have devised tactics, in such a manner
that the threat level goes directly to the subconscious.
Aide 4 'like the mental shield is down, and they have at it.

Aide 5 'sort of like what happened during 9-11.
Aide 4 and Aide 3 both look at Aide 5, then continue.

Aide 3 'exactly, a military tactic,
the nerve gas essentially paralyzes
the natural defenses....

Aide 5 'like the aides virus. Notice its acronym HIV. Notice IV.
Aide 4 and Aide 3 both look at Aide 5, then continue.

Aide 3 The chemical paralyzes certain abilities,
like comprehension, rationalization,
your ability to reason and decipher.
Aide 4 'So it's like being drugged.
Aide 5 'drug, gas, what's the difference, it's still a chemical attack.
Aide 4 'yeah but it's easier to gas then drug somebody
plus gassing is more covert, and leaves no traces in the bloodstream.

Aide 4 'so how are the threats being communicated?
Aide 3 'symbolic mediums, any medium people receive information.
After 20 years, these people have this guy so rigged up on symbolic dialogue,
that communication is fast and easy, just take my word for it.
If I told you the details, you would gasp at the impossibility,
and then I would have to explain how the society has taken control
of most major mediums, which are now rigged and biased to sway opinion.
This is a montrosity that you wouldn't believe.

The scandels you see these days, many are glorified versions of public lynchings,
witch hunts, scarlet letter labelling...
Aide 4 'huh?
Aide 3 'What, you never read the Scarlet Letter?
public humiliation, embarrasment, social ostricization.
Many major trials through history have had such an effect.

Aide 3 'The point is, these people have a literal free for all
communicating threats directly, and without hesitation,
using surveillance and timing.
Aide 4 'But if DT knows this, why don't he just ignore it.
Aide 3 'That's what I'm saying, the debilitating chemical attacks
won't let you, they make you susceptible, over and over and over.
It's like shoving terror down your throat day in and day out
Aide 5 'Sounds like an age old tactic used to control the masses.
In fact the Romans used fear and terror to maintain dominion
over their vast empire.

Aide 3 'In DT's case, its like being hounded every where with their mediums,
with the repeated threat
"we're gonna lock you up, we're gonna lock you up"
and the debilitating chemical attacks make the threat more real,
and their threats become creative like
"once we incapacitate you,
we'll then have the excuse to break in,
haul you in against your will,
and lock you up forever,
and there's not a dam thing you could do about it."
Aide 3 'Not in those words, but you get the picture.

Aide 4 'of course once they got you in,
you're pretty much at their mercy.
Aide 5 'Like what exactly?.
Aide 4 'False diagnosis, as the excuse to cripple,
incapacitate further, the possibilities are endless,
depending on what your punishment is,
If you were falsely incarcerated,
it can't be good, let me tell ya.