the shop, web cam minutes, subject dt72-20040827 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

August 27, 2004

The Boss leans back with his feet propped up
on General Wainwright's desk, puffing on a cigar
like he didn't have a care in the world.

Boss 'heee heee heee
heee heee heee.
Give me some more champagne general.
General Wainwright continues staring out his 6th floor window
and doesn't respond

Boss 'You look a wittle concerned general,
what's wong?
The general continues reminiscing,
remembering how Oswald pulled the trigger apparently,
from the 6th floor of the school book depository.
The general then starts thinking about his tour of duty
during the first Gulf war and those pinpoint explosions.

The Boss takes a swig, and exaggerates his enjoyment
with a loud hissing "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

General Wainwright casually returns to his desk,
and gruffly shoves the Boss's feet off his desk.

Boss 'touchy touchy.
General Wainwright settles in his chair and lights up a cigar and says
I wouldn't be too sure of myself if I were you.
The Boss looks back as if confused and says 'I sure of you general.
The General stares back wondering how the Boss
could misconstrue a simple statement but doesn't say anything.

suddenly the Generals phone rings.
Boss 'heee heee I aint here.
Secretary 'It's CMN sir.
The General cups the phone and stares ahead a little wide eyed
as if paranoia started creeping in,
askin himself how the press got his number.

The Boss reacts with 'heee heee what?
why you lookin at me dat way general?
who who is it?
General Wainwright 'what do they want?
Boss 'heee heee how should I know.
secretary 'It's about 9-11.

General Wainwright breathes a sigh of relief and says
dam it do I look like a spokes person? what's the anchor's name?
Boss in a high pitched tone 'relax, relax, what's eatin you anyway.
secretary 'It's Cheryl.
General Wainwright as if a little embarrassed quickly says 'uh put er on.

CMN 'Why did Beale Air Force Base go to condition Bravo
36 hours before 9-11? Was this a nationwide exercise?
General Wainwright hesitates then says 'The case is closed, what is this?
have you asked the panel?
CMN 'They officially ceased as a government entity last saturday.
Why were bomb sniffing dogs abruptly pulled the day before 9-11?
while the towers were already on heightened alert for 2 weeks.
Who chose that particular day? and why?

General Wainwright hesitates then says 'Why are you asking these questions?
Have you tried the Port Authority?
CMN 'The Port Authority leased the towers 2 months before 9-11,
to a private party. Why did they chose that particular time to unload
a profit making machine?
General Wainwright doesn't respond.
CMN 'Why do the 9-11 photographs of the pentagon show damages
that don't seem to accomodate the destructive capability of a Boeing 757?
General Wainwright slams the receiver down in anger and glares at the Boss.
The Boss starts shifting in his seat and gives a nervous laugh.
Heee heee, heee heee, what?


Meanwhile 2 well groomed individuals in business suits
sit at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, going over
what looked like aerial photographs.

Stan holds up a photo and says
yep that's a pentacle.
Stew 'where?
Stan 'You don't see it?
Stew 'No.
Stan 'It's housed in the 5 sided figure.
Stew looks closer and notices the pentacle
Stan Now, imagine the legs stretching out,
beyond each corner of the 5 sided figure.
Stan If you look closely, leg 1 seems to point to the white house.

Stew 'How you figure leg 1?
Stan 'Because it's between corridors 1 & 2.
Stew 'That makes it an upside down pentacle.
Stan 'However it isn't positioned true north and south.
Stan holds the picture closer for greater scrutiny
It's shifted counter clockwise 10-15 degrees.
Stew 'Probably intentional so leg 1 could point to the white house.
Stan 'So if we start with leg 1,
we have 6, 18, 30, 42,
Stew 'woe woe, what are you talkin about?
Stan 'the 5 legs of the pentacle, all equidistant.
Imagine a transparent clock placed over the pentacle.
An upside down pentacle,
would point to numbers 6, 18, 30, 42, and 54.
These are all symbolic numbers through history.

Stan continues
1942 was the Manhatten project,
or the dawn of the nuclear age.
If you add 60 you get the 9-11 timeline of 102 minutes,
from 0846 when flight AA11 struck the North tower,
to 1028 when the South Tower collapsed.

Stew 'Where does the number 60 come from?
Stan 'We are talkin about a clock, or time,
which has intervals of 60.
Stew 'so?
Stan 'Just a theoretical perspective.
Stew 'To what? the 4th dimension?
They both laugh.

Stan 'In fact 9-11 happened on the 60th anniversary,
exactly to the day.
Stew 'To the day of what?
Stan 'The command center,
they broke ground on 9-11-1941.

Stan suddenly pauses then starts staring at the reflecting pool.
Stew looks at the pool then looks at Stan and says 'What?
Stan 'After each tower was hit,
what were the notification times?
Stew '0855 and 0905.
Stan 'Exactly, both times are one minute off.
Stew 'huh?
Stan 'the symbolic times of 08:54 and 09:06.
Stew 'Probably just coincidental.
Stan 'Coincidental twice?

Stan 'Now keep in mind, that the number 55,
is a symbolic number prevalent during 9-11.
Stew 'The 9-11 timeline, 102 minutes,
was also the designated number CV-102
for the space shuttle Columbia, which destructed 1.5 years ago.
Come to think of it, the Columbia was built at plant 42 in Palmdale.

Stan 'The Columbia also destructed at exactly 7:59:54.
The external fuel tank, the center of controversy,
after it shed debris during liftoff, was 154 feet in height.
Stew 'Skull and Bones was founded 54 years after the Declaration of Independence.

Stan '9-11 also occurred on julian day 254.
Stew 'The chief was 54 years old when he was elected,
and was born in 1946.
Stan 'Of course, the inverse of 54 is 46.
Stan 'JFK was 46 years old when he was assassinated.

Stan continues 'If you recall 9-11 happened during the 6th sign,
which starts at number 4 on the clock.
Stew 'And 42 is the 4th leg of the pentacle.
There's the number 4 again.
Which corridors were struck during 9-11?
Stan '4 & 5, or was it just 4.
Stew 'There's the number 4 again.

2 hours later

General Wainwrights phone rings again.
The General hesitates,
then looks at the Boss who happens to be staring out the window
with a pair of binoculars,
while simultaneously juggling a bottle of champagne
with his fingers .

Boss 'You wan me to get it?
General 'You have enough to handle.
The General continues to hesitate wondering who would be calling
on his direct line, then picks up the receiver.

Guard 1 'Steve, 2 shirts are on their way to see you right now.
General 'Why?
Guard 1 'They simply flashed their badges and walked on through.
The Boss happened to capture the entire exchange,
since the speaker phone had been on,
and was already in a state of high anxiety.

Boss 'heee heee, heee heee,
uh uh, heee heee.
The General, puffing his cigar more than usual,
observes the Boss, as he frantically dashes to the rest room,
carrying a load of items cradled close to his chest.

The Boss quickly slams the door behind im,
and the toilet could be heard repeatedly being flushed.

10 minutes later 2 shirts walk into the Generals office,
and make themselves at home like they've been there before.

Stan 'Where's the Boss?
The General stares back a couple seconds then says
'What makes you think he's here?
2 seconds later the toilet flushes again.
Stan waits a few seconds then says
There was quite a bit of activity at Logan airport, the day before 9-11.
General 'Of course there was, the airport was being remodeled.
Stan and Stew both look at the General but don't respond.
The General looks back puffing his cigar more than usual.
Stew 'Were both airliners in their hangers that night?
General 'I don't understand what this has to do with me?

Stan 'How is it that the start and end times
of both major tragedys correlate?
General 'Both tragedys?.
Stan '9-11 and the Columbia tragedy.
The Columbia destructed at exactly 7:59,
and the first fatal flight on 9-11, AA11, departed Logan at exactly 7:59 am.

The General shrugs as if it were news to him.

Stan and Stew look at eachother, then slowly get up.
While starting to leave, Stan stops and comments
By the way, does the number 102 mean anything to you?
The General nods questioningly.
Stan 'That was the 9-11 timeline.
It took exactly 102 minutes.
The suggestion is the timeline was intentional,
which of course suggests tremendous precision and timing.

The General simply looks back
Stew 'Several eyewitnesses claim they heard explosions,
right before each tower fell.
Stan 'Coincidentally bomb sniffing dogs were pulled the day before.
Stew 'And coincidentally the original designers,
guessed correctly the reasons both towers collapsed.
Stan 'A determination that wasn't officially made until a year later.
The General simply looks back and continues to puff his cigar.

Stan and Stew look at eachother, then casually make their exit.