the shop, web cam minutes, subject dt72-20040914 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

September 14, 2004

An official briskly walks up a busy city street,
with a load of documents for some unknown case,
and seems to notice more people than usual,
crowding the corners, slowing her walk considerably,
when suddenly an individual in a sharp
expensive looking business suit,
starts walking in step.

Daren 'Nice day for a Tuesday.
The Official preoccupied with the case
responds with a nod.

Daren 'I'm glad it's starting to cool off,
I don't need to get up early anymore to jog.
The Official attracted by Daren's casual demaeanor responds
Actually it wasn't too hot this summer.
This is almost like spring weather, I hope it lasts.

Daren 'You need any help with the case,
I mean documents.
The Official looks at Daren, thinking he was a lawyer,
because he surely couldn't have known,
she was on a case.

The official responds politely 'No thanks I could manage.
Daren 'You sure, you look like you're in over your head,
I mean you seem to be struggling.

The Official abruptly slows down,
gives Daren a serious look, and says
'Awight who are you?
You're not with the US Attorneys office, are you?
Daren 'Just a friend.
Walk with me a few blocks and I'll tell you all about it.

There's a reason why this case seems to dwarf
any other case in the past,
why the details don't seem to fit any established patterns,
why you can't seem to put your finger on the cause.
The Official looks at Daren puzzled,
wondering how he had so much insight on the case,
information that was restricted and confidential.

Daren 'There are forces at work here,
the likes no one has ever seen,
at least not in the private sector.
Official 'awight, now you got my attention.
You have to be military.

Daren 'At the start of the Cold war with the Soviets,
the National Security Act of 1947,
allowed us to go to great lengths to secure this nation,
especially on the Intelligence level.
Thus you have programs like MK-ultra,
which delved into areas of the mind, and the potential for mind control.

The possibilities quickly exponentiated into other areas,
to complement our secret warfare programs,
which demanded secrecy, and always a way out, or plausible deniability.
In other words, nobody was to be held accountable for anything
at anytime.

Official 'Almost sounds like the mindset after the Kennedy assassination.
Daren 'By the 70's when operation Gamorrah was unleashed,
the same rules still applied.
Official 'operation Gamorrah?
Daren 'After the Kennedy Assassination,
the perpetrators were so emboldened and energized
by the fact they got away with it, the crime of the century,
that it heightened a sense of invincibility,
of unbelievable power and control.
After 1963, they figured anything was in their grasp.

The 60's was a turbulant time for America,
racial riots, anti-war protesters,
a rise of dissent among the youth,
drugs, rock n roll, sexuality, the Hippie movement,
things were just getting out of control.
The religious right was scared,
and people in high places were furious over the loss
of the Vietnam war.

The 70's and 80's was a period of reckoning,
and any body who fit a certain profile became a target.
Nobody, and I mean nobody was free from scrutiny.

Official 'What does all this have to do with the case?
Daren 'It was during this period,
that DT and his journalism, entered their scopes.
He was targeted just like all the others, no holds barred.

What you think you see, is something completely different.
The Perpetrators have become so sophisticated with their secret warfare,
that their attacks have an air of plausible deniability all their own,
chemicals that simulate illnesses, give false impressions,
making the target a candidate for false diagnosis.

Official 'False diagnosis?
Daren 'Thats what your whole case is, that's why nothing makes sense.
You seem to see certain recognizable behavioral traits,
but you just can't seem to come up with a certain cause and effect, can you?
That's because your scientific apparratus is contaminated
with unknown sophisticated variants, to skew your judgments in a certain direction.

These people have done this so many times to other helpless victims,
that they've perfected their skills, over the decades.
They already know what questions you're going to ask,
and so have skewed the environment to suggest the necessary answers.
But to the experienced professional, the answers would seem suspect,
especially with DT, because one might say,
he was trained for this sort of thing.

The Official shakes her head and says
This all just sounds too bizarre,
there's so much to consider here.
Daren lowers his tone in a serious manner and says
Time is running short,
the man has a treasure trove of information
that the American people have to hear.
I'm asking you to focus on what I'm saying,
for the good of the country.

Nobody, and I mean nobody has the necessary skills DT has,
to survive an onslaught he was recently put through,
If this man had the fortitude and audacity to endure the onslaught,
then please recognize this as a valiant effort to protect the information,
and listen to me.
The Official quickly nods in compliance.

Daren 'The man is not superhuman,
he is vulnerable to their attacks, to a certain extent,
but it's not what you think.
Prolonged chemical attacks can be damaging.
The Official looks back and nods.

Daren 'These people are using you.
As long as you have im under scrutiny,
they'll keep putting on the show.
Official 'A Show?
Daren 'The attacks, to convince you,
and anybody else who has im under scrutiny.
These people are ruthless, and do not quit,
as long as their objective remains in sight.

Official 'Which is?
Daren 'To label and taint his journalism in the most averse manner,
to where his claims could easily be brushed off and ignored,
and the demand for inquiry would be weak and fruitless.
If you press forward with your case, they will have met their objective.

Everytime you look at or scrutinize the guy,
they'll keep punishing im and torturing im
in the same unbelievable manner they did last April and May,
where the chemical attacks are issued secretly,
with the intent of inducing observable effects,
that could easily be misinterpreted.

Because of your scrutiny this citizen has had to drop his guard
to a certain extent.
Official 'huh?
Daren 'Like I said before,
This man has the skillset to defend against their attacks,
but your scrutiny has greatly hindered this effort,
Official 'Why?

Daren 'So his behavior won't be misinterpreted as something else.
I hate to say this, but your presence, because of them,
hurts the guy more than it helps.
They're using you for this, and for every other misinterpretation
that defines your case.

They're the reason you're here in the first place.
They've done this scenario many times before.
The Official shakes her head in mild protest and says
I I don't know what to say, I've put so much energy,
so much work into this effort.
There was a point where I was sure we had a major scientific breakthrough.
How am I suppose to react?

Here you show up out of nowhere,
and confront me with all this denial,
that everything I've done so far is all wrong,
I I, what will my colleagues think?
Daren 'If it makes you feel any better,
recovery is astoundingly quick, but it's not what you think,
only because the cause was a chemical attack,
a sophisticated chemical, that took years and years to perfect,
a perfection achievable only through human experiementation.
But others, completely ignorant of what they're up against,
are not so lucky.

The Official looks back as if astounded and fascinated
at the same time.

Daren 'Unfortunately, as long as the attacks continue,
it makes it difficult.
It's like a deep sea diver who get's a case of the bends.
It takes awhile to get over it.
However, if he keeps doin it, then it's tougher.
As long as he has an audience, they'll keep attackin the guy,
it's as simple as that.

Official 'So what do you suggest?
that we suddenly drop the case, and the stop the scrutiny?
Daren 'It's the reason for the scrutiny, that's the problem.
Official 'The perpetrators have you looking at the guy
as some desease, that has to be shielded from the public.
If you look at the guy like the victim he really is,
then the evidentiary landscape transforms itself,
perhaps in a telling manner.

This citizen is most vulnerable when he sleeps helplessly at night,
to memory wipes, interrogation under sleep hypnosis,
psychological suggestion similar to brain washing,
implants strategically placed, in areas of the body,
including the brain,
to affect, influence, motor reactions, behavior,
intellect, verbal abilities,
personality, short term memory,
a scientists dream, to say the least.

But beware, the fraternity knows what you're going to do
before you even do it.
Official 'The fraternity?
Daren 'Let's just say, we have a shadow government,
and what you think is safe information, isn't,
what you think is a legitimate system,
that cares for the victim, isn't,
for those targeted by the fraternity.

Scrutiny while the guy sleeps is welcomed.
One more thing.

The Official looks at Daren attentively.
Daren 'They'll go to any extent, to meet their objective.
Be careful who you trust, and what they ask you to do.
Official 'Darn! I'm late for a meeting.
She reaches in her purse, groping for her watch,
and by the time she looks up,
Daren was nowhere to be seen.
She also noticed that the sidewalk wasn't so crowded anymore.