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and the characters are fictional)

October 4, 2004

The Congressman slowly approaches the podium
while members of the assembly
yeild to the congressman, one by one

Speaker 'The gentleman from Ohio?
congressman from Ohio 'Mister speaker,
I yeild the balance of my time to Mel Ziller.
Speaker 'The gentleman from Mississippi?
congressman from Mississippi 'Mister speaker,
I yeild the balance of my time to Mel Ziller.
Speaker 'The gentleman from Kansas?
congressman from Kansas 'Mister speaker,
I yeild the balance of my time to Mel Ziller.
Speaker 'The gentlewoman from Missouri?
congresswoman from Missouri 'Mister speaker,
I yeild the balance of my time to Mel Ziller.
Speaker 'The gentleman from Oklahoma?
congressman from Oklahoma 'Mister speaker,
I yeild the balance of my time to Mel Ziller.
Speaker 'The gentleman from Nebraska?
congressman from Nebraska 'Mister speaker,
I yeild the balance of my time to Mel Ziller.
Speaker 'The gentlewoman from Kentucky?
congresswoman from Kentucky 'Mister speaker,
I yeild the balance of my time to Mel Ziller.
Speaker 'The gentleman from Alabama, you have the floor.
Mel Ziller 'Thank ya much Mista speaka.
I kindly thank all those who yeilded their precious time
so I can deliva this very important message,
to y'all here today, and to the listenin audience at home.

Mel Ziller pauses for effect,
and visually makes his way around the assembly,
remaining silent for 15 seconds,
then says

Cheney still insists the world is flat.

Mel Ziller pauses to see if he got everybodies attention yet,
then says

Cheney also maintains
that Al Qaeda is responsible for all those hurricanes.

Mel Ziller pauses again,
and notices everybody was listening now,
as if trying to figure out the unusual humor.
At this point Mel Ziller becomes serious,
and now has a piercing foreboding glare
like a grandparent about to scold his kids,
and says in a restrained manner

IRAQ was framed then exonerated after they were destroyed.

Mel Ziller pauses, as if waiting for an audience response
then increases his tone with

The case for war was railroaded.

All the falsehoods presented in the case for war,
were fabricated, intentional, and pre-meditated.

Before 9-11 Iraq was already on death row,
wmd’s or not, it didn’t make a difference.

Mel Ziller pauses again,
and looks around glaring at the audience this time
and says with increasing tone

9-11 was the excuse to destroy IRAQ,
just like 9-11 was the excuse to destroy Afghanistan,
and subsequently wage a full fledged war against known enemies.

Mel Ziller pauses again with the same glare,
then continues with a lower tone

9-11 is repeatedly cited by the president, as the excuse for pre-emption,
yet IRAQ had nothing to do with 9-11.
That’s what the 9-11 panel tells us.
That’s what the wmd panel tells us.

The destruction of IRAQ was on the secret agenda, before 9-11.
That’s what top administration advisors tell us.
Mel Ziller pauses again,
then continues

They didn’t even have a case for war against Afghanistan,
before that country was obliterated.
Of course, the administration didn’t have to railroad that case.
Our standing in the world allowed us to say they did 9-11,
take our word for it.

Mel Ziller raises his tone again

After we framed and destroyed IRAQ,
who’s going to believe us now?

Longtime friends and allies are gone.

The UN is already trying to distance themselves
from an obvious disaster.

The tide of public opinion around the world
has already turned against us.

The subsequent chaos in IRAQ was intentional,
to obliterate a defiant regime,
who wasn’t even the monster they were made out to be,
after 10 years of economic sanctions and hardship on the populace.

Mel Ziller is yelling unrestrained now

Thus explaining why there was no exit strategy!
why the war was poorly planned!
why the situation in IRAQ has turned out to be a disaster!
why there was a rush to war!
why the case for war was railroaded!
and why 1056 soldiers have died!
and 20,000 civilians have died!
and why helpless citizens now suffer, caught in the crossfire!

Mel Ziller abruptly lowers his tone considerably for effect

And now the American people are left to confront an escalating guerilla war,
with casualty rates exceeding the start of the war, 17 months ago,
when the president exclaimed “mission accomplished!” in front of a national audience.

And so, as the war rages on, and for political purposes,
the administration tries to give the impression of stability,

citing a new interim government,
while the new leader gets death threats daily,
anticipating elections for next January,
yet there have been 2300 attacks throughout Iraq,
the last 30 days alone,

Mel Ziller is yelling again and slams the podium with his fist

and the impression of reconstruction,
while innocent contractors are being kidnapped and beheaded!

America is being taken for a ride!
and we’re paying for it!

Mel Ziller lowers his tone again

200 billion dollars so far,
and the pentagon is already planning for 138,000 troops
for the next 3 years, at least.

The world community has been incited,
especially the Muslim community, adding to the terror ranks.
Iraq wasn’t a haven for terrorists, but it is now.

Mel Ziller increases his tone

All the checks and balances,
rules of engagement,
rule of law,
protocol and procedure,

Mel Ziller is yelling again

were usurped! abused! and ignored!

Mel Ziller is now slammin the podium
and using his entire body as if in utter contempt, yelling

mocking our constitution!
our way of life!
our principles!
and standing in the world!

Mel Ziller lowers his tone

The idea of pre-emption is abhorrent to Americans,
it’s not the way we do business,
and it’s been that way for 80 years,
until the new administration took over,

Mel Ziller raises his tone again

and to frame a nation, for the excuse for pre-emption
is a national tragedy!

Pre-emption has sent a shudder of paranoia worldwide!
even to our closest allies, who could’ve helped the war on terror.

Does this make us safer?
With world abhorrence potentionally turning on us.

Had Clinton lied about wmd’s,
and destroyed a nation, based on a false premise,
he would’ve been impeached!

Had Clinton ignored the terror threat level spike
in the months before 9-11,
he would’ve been impeached!

Even still, he was impeached for lying about a sexual affair.

Mel Ziller lowers his tone again

A secret society has taken over our form of government,

so consequently,
the elected, civilian, and appointed leadership,
of the CIA, the FBI, the pentagon, the congress,
and the man at the top,

Mel Ziller is yelling again

conspiring! usurping the balance of power!
stopped doing business!
allowing fear and tragedy to befall this great nation,
so they could have the excuse,
to do business their way!

Mel Ziller lowers his tone considerably

Once the terror threat is eliminated, who’s next?

If a secret fraternity can invoke a tyrannical hand through deception,
framing a nation, by railroading a case for war,
as the excuse to devastate;
dropping our guard,
allowing tragedy to strike,
as the excuse to wage war, and devastate others,

then what future,
does democracy, and freedom, and government by the people have?

If tyrannical inclinations exist, are the people really safe?

If this secret power, can railroad a case for war,
they could easily railroad any case, to devastate anybody.

Is this the America we want? For future generations.

The president touts his war record,
over and over and over,
yet Iraq is a disaster.

Mel Ziller is yelling again

1056 troops are dead!
and thousands are injured.
20,000 civilians are dead!
and thousands are injured.

Mel Ziller lowers his tone again

Just the last 30 days,
there have been 2300 attacks against civilian and military targets.
Attacks now occur in every major population center, outside the Kurdish north.
Last April in Falluja, there were 120 attacks per day.
Insurgents now control Falluja.
Just last month alone there were 1000 attacks in Baghdad.
This year alone, there have been 130 kidnappings,

Mel Ziller is yelling again

and just the other day, an American contractor was beheaded!

Mel Ziller lowers his tone considerably

Now intelligence experts paint a gloomy dismal situation,
with civil war as a real possibility.

Yet just last Thursday,
during the presidential debates,
the president said,
things on the whole, are going well in Iraq.

Despite the obvious calamity,
the president also says,
given the opportunity, he’d do everything all over again,
and his VP says the same thing,
as if both are intertwined
in the same disconnected, oblivious state of recognition,

Mel Ziller is yelling again

while casualties mount day by day!
while innocent American contractors get caught in the crossfire!
and while the American tax payer bears a 200 billion dollar burden
of an illegitimate illegal war,
while America suffers the worst unemployment in 75 years,
and while we suffer staggering record deficits,

and while this president
continues to deplete the treasury with record tax cuts.

Mel Ziller lowers his tone considerably
and leans forward on the podium,
as if drawing everyone near

Before the war, the president was told all this would happen,
yes he was told,
that an invasion would incite the Muslim community,
that he’d inherit a broken nation,
and have a guerilla war on his hands,

Mel Ziller is yelling again slamming the podium

yet he rushed to war anyway!

ignoring senior advisors,
including the Secretary of State,
the 4 star general, that led America to war against Iraq, in 1991.

Mel Ziller lowers his tone considerably

He rushed to war,
with no congressional appropriations,
and in the words of the general,
seemingly oblivious of the consequences.
Of course the whole scenario is explainable,
if he knew the case for war
was bogus and falsified, to begin with.

The president doesn’t seem to realize,

that under law,

we destroyed a nation by mistake,

as if oblivious to the consequences,

of possible impeachment,

if it could be proven,
that the president intentionally lied to Congress,
to go to war,

the president repeats the same rhetoric,
over and over and over,
the invasion was the right thing to do,
we did the right thing,
Hussein was a ruthless dictator,
Hussein could’ve and would’ve made and used wmd’s,
and given them to terrorists,
America is safer,
Hussein was a dangerous man,
leaving Hussein in power was not an option.

Mel Ziller pauses and looks around piercingly
shaking his head, then continues

Now the war is a disaster,
yet he repeatedly touts his war record in public,
and says things like,
things are going good in Iraq,
given the opportunity I’d do the same thing all over again.

Mel Ziller is yelling again gesturing as if enraged

Had this happened during World War II,
under Patton’s command,
he would’ve been fired on the spot!

Mel Ziller lowers his tone

As the war wages on,
the Pentagon leadership
has given the troops on the battle field, a lower priority,
over future weapons systems.

Consequently, the troops are forced to scrape for spare parts,
combat ready equipment, maintenance and training.

The Pentagon is due to spend 420 billion dollars in the coming year,
yet not one cent is for the troops on the battle field.
Instead, the operational accounts for the troops, are being raided,
to supplement the under estimated cost of the war.

The Pentagon, can’t even freeze, temporarily,
a single futuristic weapons system,
to fund the battle weary troops.

Even at the start of the war,
the president failed to ask for the necessary funds,
and the same thing happened,
the operational accounts were raided,
and training and maintenance suffered.

Now, despite the obvious state of war,
they say, Iraq has a new interim government?
Over who?
The new interim government doesn’t even control all the provinces.

They even insist, free elections in 3 months?
During a state of war?
Who will be brave enough to count the ballots?

The Iraq war alone,
has severed critical alliances,
in the world community,
who were intimidated, insulted, then ignored,
in the rush to war.

Even after the war,
17 months ago,
before chaos took hold in Iraq,
the UN offered to help,
and guess what,
they were shunned and barred from any reconstruction effort.

This president arrogantly thumbed his nose,
and excluded anybody who was not part of the coalition,
essentially maintaining the go it alone approach,
the isolationism
that this administration promoted world wide
when they took control in 2001.

Now the UN is hesitant, about stepping into war torn Iraq,
with the guerilla war escalating day by day.
Just the other day,
the UN secretary general, called the war illegal.

Just last Spring,
13 months into the war,
the administration apparently recognizing impending disaster,
asked the UN to draft Resolution 1546,
asking for money and troops,
and guess what,
nobody has lifted a finger. Why?

It’s not that nobody recognizes that Iraq is a disaster,
instead the question remains,
how do you rebuild, while a state of war still exists?

That’s like, 36 years ago,
during the Vietnam war,
trying to build a Marriott hotel,
on the Mekong Delta, during the TET offensive.
It just doesn’t make logistical sense.

If the military of the most powerful nation on earth,
is struggling to quell, an escalating guerilla war,
what could anybody else do?

Just last June,
major players in the UN and NATO expressed qualms,
about direct involvement, in a continually escalating situation,
with fears about inheriting a major disaster.

Even our biggest ally, on the war on terror, Great Britain,
is now focusing on damage control.

Now, the Bush administration says the UN is key,
to brokering a political transition.

Now, with the cost of security shooting up by 300%,
and after diverting
16% of the 18.4 billion dollars in reconstruction money,
to security,
the administration is asking the international community
to help fund reconstruction,
while the guerilla war escalates.

Even a year ago, in Madrid,
at the International Donors Conference,
the Secretary of State,
got a pledge of 13 billion dollars for reconstruction.
So far, only 10% of that money has been given.

This haphazard, slipshod manner in doing business with the world,
parallels the same manner this president is running the war.

Recent polls taken in Britain, France, Germany, and Italy,
show an unanimous inclination, away from this president.
Tremendous hostility now exists in every country.