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and the characters are fictional)

October 8, 2004

The Boss towers over his desk,
with a receiver to his ear,
yelling, ranting, gesturing wildly,
as if in a fit of rage,
as if his world had just been jolted
by an unanticipated threat of some kind.

The Boss gestures and points
in an accusatory manner,
yelling with a raspy coarse voice,
as if he'd been yelling all day, and says

I want him stopped!
I want him stopped!
I want him stopped!
I want him stopped!
I want him stopped!
I want him stopped!
I want him stopped!
I want him stopped!

Aide 1 discreetly stands outside the Boss's office
listening intently, and whispers to Aide 2

What's wrong with im?
Just the other day he was celebrating with the General
about the end of DT's journalism.
Aide 2 DT published a scathing critique, a few days ago
on the Administrations war record

Aide 1 'Huh? I thought...
Aide 2 'DT got a temporary financial reprieve,
at the last second.
DT was literally hanging by a financial string,
facing financial obliteration
with only $1000 in his bank account.

Aide 1 You're kidding me.
The guy use to make $100,000 per year.
Aide 2 'The guy was this close to being homeless.
Aide 1 'You're kidding me.
Aide 2 'At the last second,
the shop let the guy cash out on his equity.
Aide 1 stares back shaking his head

Aide 2 'Immediately after the reprieve,a month ago,
DT jumped back into his research,
this time about the elections.
Aide 1 'But last April.
Aide 2 'Exactly, the shop stopped the guy last April
before he could critique the 9-11 findings
before the commission produced their report.

Aide 1 'Of course, a scathing critique by any news organization,
could've been a big negative,
since the administrations war record
is based on retaliating for the tragedy.

Aide 2 'So DT shoots out a critique on the elections,
and bam, he gets stopped again.
Aide 1 'Last time they stopped the guy with nerve gas.
Aide 2 'And the boss got allota flack,
since that was essentially a war crime,
prosecutable by anybody, imcluding the UN.

Aide 1 'So how they stoppin im now?
Aide 2 'They stopped the guy chemically again,
using lessor atrocities.
Right after his critique last weekend,
they slammed the guy down with sleep deprivation last monday,
the next day Tuesday, they stopped the guy with sleeping gas.
The next day, they drugged the guy,
then yesterday it was sleeping gas and sleep deprivation,
and today it was sleep deprivation.

Plus they're actively initiating their terror tactics,
trying to provoke and intimidate the guy,
and trying to stage car accidents.

Aide 1 Just for a political critique?
What is this Russia?
You got thousands of websites out there,
and many are political, with worse commentaries,
scathing, deragatory, and outright lies.

Aide 2 During the VP debates last Tuesday,
the guy starts up a light hearted comedy on the VP,
and bam they start torturing the guy with lung gas.
Aide 1 Yet they let the guy critique the President?

He starts poking a little fun on his sidekick,
and he get's slammed for it? It don't make sense.
Then again the vp did call the shots during 9-11.

What's lung gas?

Aide 2 Air contaminants that settle in the lungs.
If you don't cough it out, it's sheer torture.

Aide 1 So they stop the comedy temporarily.
What was he researching after that?
Aide 2 The state of the economy.
He was suggesting and speculating.
Aide 1 Speculating?
Aide 2 He was stopped before he could delve into the intracacies,
and details of all the options.
So he was simply taking notes, and this is what he noted.

He speculated that,

Globalization puts America at a disadvantage.

The presidents trade policies,
that put us at a competitive disadvantage,
is bad for America.

Outsourcing just to make a corporate profit, is bad for a America.

The flight of US corporations to foreign countries,
to escape labor laws and regulation, just for a profit,
is bad for America.

Income tax reform to a consumption tax,
benefits the rich, at the expense of the poor.

The threat of terrorism,
a tainted world image,
due partially to alienating allies,
has scared away foreign investors.


The Free Trade Agreements put America at a disadvantage,
unless they're modified to account for inequalities and differences.

Yet the administration has a wait and see approach.

The administration calls trade reformists, economic isolationists,
deriding those who seek a balanced trade policy.

The country with cheaper labor pools, and less restrictions,
are the winners in a global economy.

The countries with the largest populations,
can afford the cheapest labor,
so it's a question of numbers.

The US with the smaller population,
demands the higher wages.

The administration, Corporate America, and business groups,
cite productivity, competitiveness, and innovation,
as the excuse for exporting jobs,
to cheap foreign labor markets,

apparently referring to the corporate benefits,
as opposed to the rising jobless due to outsourcing.

The president says "when it comes to creating jobs,
we've turned the corner",
yet America has lost 1 million jobs during his term.

This is the first president since Hoover, who's lost jobs.
Hoover was elected 76 years ago, in 1928.
One year later
America experienced the greatest market crash in history
followed by the great depression.

500,000 jobs are expected to be outsourced in the next 4 years.

UC Berkeley says 14 million jobs,
are potentially at risk the next 10 years.

Up to 200,000 American tax returns were prepared in India this year.


Americans are working harder then ever to stay even,
with a record low savings rate.

Consumer debt is now at more than 2 trillion dollars,

Most homes are heavily mortgaged,
yet the president cites this as an example
of an ownership society

Currently there's 72 trillion dollars in unfunded future retirement,
and health care obligations to our own citizens.

The deficit could reach 5 trillion dollars by 2014.


The presidents tax policies favor the rich,

the top 3.85 percent, making more than 200,000 dollars per year,
with more of the tax burden shifting toward payrolls,
and away from investment income.

Last tuesday, the president was promising an overhaul
of the personal income tax,

which according to republicans,
would basicly tax personal consumption,

effectively eliminating levies on investment and savings.

According to a 2002 internal report,
the Treasury department concluded

that a consumption tax,
would benefit higher income families,
at the expense of others.

Also, most experts say,
most taxable investment income,
goes to a very small slice of people,
at the top of the income spectrum.

5o% of tax cuts have benefited the rich.


Corporations are the big winners in a global economy.

Globalization promotes a two-tiered economy,
with super wealthy capital holders,
and a strapped and sprawling proletariat.

Corporations will be the new aristocracy.

The zero-sum game is definitely real in a global economy.
with winners and losers,
and the suggestion is that the current trade agreements,
are sure to make America a loser.

In a global society, the cheaper worker, gets the job.

The administrations disposition is,
any change in free trade policy, will affect free trade.

The flight of US corporations to foreign countries,
has allowed foreign countries to steal our market share,
by replicating our technology, our trade secrets, and our know how.

The US consumer gave China 124 billion dollars last year.

The top 15 US Financial Firms spent 1 billion dollars
on outsourcing last year.

Foreign countries are using our own capital
to manhandle the US economy.

A perfect example
is Asian countries investing heavily
in US government securities and bonds,

to keep the dollar afloat,
so our exports are less competitive in foreign markets.

Asia owns 50% of US treasury bonds,

Foreign investment is on the rise,
in all aspects of the US economy.

The US is dependent on foreign capital,
to sustain our apetite for foreign imports.

The US is dependent on foreign oil.
Oil is at a record breaking 52 dollars a barrel,
shooting up gas prices, and record energy costs are
anticipated for the winter.

US companies, acquired by foreign countries,
are vulnerable to outsourcing,
and even worse, contributing to the corporate flight.

The US trade deficit is close to 500 billion dollars,

and the trade deficit with China alone,
has increased 50% since they joined the WTO,
a few years ago.

The Globalization utopia is for dreamers only,
because of the fierce competition between countries.

Globalization could only work, if the world had one ruler.

Globalization proponents are bent on giving America away.