(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

October 16, 2004

A fairly new cargo van pulls up
to a well lit gated community,
at 4 am in the mornin,
and slowly parks next to the entrance,
as if exercising caution.

Dicky 'I feel like a regular hood,
what's with the sneaking around.
Sue 'It's 4 am, what'ya expect.
Dicky 'You sure this is legal?
I got this shaky feeling about the whole thing

Sue 'Relax, this won't hurt a bit.
Dicky 'Somehow your medical humour
doesn't seem appropriate here.
Sue 'I felt the same way you do,
on my first time.
Dicky 'First time what? sex?
Sue 'Shutup.
We just get in, read the guys mind, and get out.

Dicky 'Read the guys mind, and what else,
memory wipes?
Sue 'Who told you about that?
Dicky 'Dam it, I've changed my mind,
let's go back.
Sue glares at Dicky in a scolding manner.
Dicky 'Don't look at me that way,
this is illegal dam it.
We can't be doin this.
We're suppose to be helping the guy.

Sue 'Now look here Dick,
Do you realize how many people we could help
by learning from this guy.
Dicky shaking his head, raises his tone and says
Not like this.

Sue glares at Dicky waiting for further explanation.
Dicky 'Dam it they're using you, can't you see that?
Sue 'And I'm using them,
it's a mutual exchange.

Dicky 'If you find out this guys secrets,
you'll be aiding and abetting one of the most ruthless
killing machines to walk the planet.
Sue continues looking at Dicky,
as if trying to comprehend the surprise allegation,
then says,
'Alright who sent you?
You aint just here to assist are you.
Killing machine? These are nice level headed people.

Dicky 'Maybe on the outside.
You have no idea who you're dealing with.
I implore you to stop and return to base now.
Sue continues staring at Dicky,
as if refusing to believe.

Dicky 'dam it,
you have to believe me, this is the right thing to do.
The man endured an unbelievable onslaught,
against insurmountable odds, just to protect the information.
At least give the man the respect and courtesy he deserves.

Maybe they could randomnly place electrodes on the guys head,
and shoot damaging currents of electricity,
through the guys brain, but not us.

Sue 'We do it all the time to people,
under captivity.
Dicky 'He's not in captivity dam it.
Sue continues with her trend of thought,
as if ignoring the denial

It's called rebuilding,
the first steps of the rebuilding process.

Dicky 'How barbaric,
I never believed in the process,
and I never will.
Wiping a persons memory and reprogramming,
is brain washing, pure and simple.

You do something like that as a last resort,
with the worst cases, when all hope is gone.
It's absolutely criminal
to do this under any other circumstance,
especially with this guy,

with the treasure trove of information he has
stored in his brain.

Can you imagine all the books he could probably write.

Sue 'You're enamored with this guy, aint you.
Dicky 'As a scientist, I stick to the rules of conduct,
bound by the hippocratic oath.
Sue 'Relax Dicky,
we're not here to administer electroshocks,
we're here to read his mind,
with a little sleep hypnosis.

Dicky 'dam it this is illegal,
didn't you hear what I said earlier?
Dicky pauses, as if struck by an inclination, then says
wait a minute, you are a witness.

Sue 'huh?
Dicky 'Don't you see,
you're in a position to corraborate this citizens charges.
Sue 'What?
Dicky 'You now know these people have direct access
to the guy while he sleeps,
which blows the whole thing wide open.

Speaking from experience you know what the possibilities are,
under these circumstances,
which could easily legitimize the torture,
this citizen said he was subjected to,
to stop his journalism.

Sue 'You don't get it do you.
They will all deny everything,
and will simply slip back into the shadows,
like they never existed.
I hear what you're saying,
but it would all be futile.

We would simply lose our jobs,
and possibly our carreers.

Dicky 'You and your carreer.
This citizen lost everything, his career, his savings,
his house, all because of his journalism.
Sue retorts as if suddenly upset
I never asked for this!
We never asked for this!

You're right we shouldn't be here, but we are.
The best we could hope for is a compromise,
and learn from this.
Don't you see the tremendous potential here?
the scientific gain, new theories, new solutions,
revolutionary in nature.
We could all be famous.

Of course this is illegal, but what choice is there?


Sue pauses and looks at Dicky in an apprehensive manner
then quickly blurts out

We screwed up at the start,
and we have to prove ourselves.

Dicky 'So the truth comes out.
You're trying to cover your behind,
so now you're trying to find any shred,
that'll keep your career afloat.
So instead of being victimized by one group,
this citizen is being targetted by two groups.

I hear it but I don't believe it.

Sue truely upset now, says
I don't believe it either, alright!
What am I suppose to do?
I was minding my own business,
doing my job the best way I knew,
then bam,
hit by this group and this phenomenon,
an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.

Dicky is yelling now
That doesn't give you the right to become one of them!
Sue starts crying uncontrollably.
Dicky pulls Sue in in a comforting manner
and they start making out.

A police squad car happens by,
hits the van with a sudden flash light
and the romance ends as quickly as it started.

Sue 'I don't know what to do Dicky.
It's like a quagmire.
Sometimes I go to bed at night,
thinking everything'll work itself out.
Dicky 'I know what you're saying,
but you're going to have to control your emotions.

It's an unjust situation,
but this citizen is being victimized, ruthlessly.
There's too much at stake here, and they know it.

Their orders come from on high.
to do anything it takes,
and that includes using you, abusing you,
or whatever else is necessary,
to stop this man's journalism,
or at the very least render it powerless.

They know you have to prove yourself now,
and that gives them an even bigger advantage,
because they know they now have a dedicated servant.

You keep trying to prove yourself
and that'll edge them closer to their objective.
As long as you're working for their interests,
this man is a marked man chemically.

Sue 'Huh?
Dicky 'Everywhere he goes,
they'll keep taking chemical pot shots at the guy,
as part of an ongoing convincing game,
to you or anybody else with the power to incarcerate.

Sue 'Chemical warfare,
sometimes it's so hard to fathom.
Dicky 'Because you can't see or hear it,
it doesn't mean it ain't there.
These people are the experts at secret warfare,
you have to remember that.

Sue 'Somehow I get the feeling
he's a marked man chemically,
regardless if I'm here to spur them on, indirectly.
Dicky 'You may be right,
they've already used us,
because of this mass confusion they generated,
where nobody on our side is sure of anything,
they essentially have the excuse

Sue 'To target the guy chemically, anywhere, anytime.
Dicky 'It satisfys the reasonable doubt rule,
from a legal perspective.
So now, they're essentially free to plot, devise, conspire,
until they come up with the right combination
of chemical and psychological warfare,
that'll finally do the trick,
regardless of length of time,
or where the guy is.

Sue 'I knew we were being used, but this is ridiculous.
This is like organized crime or something.
Dicky 'But the weaponry is allot more sophisticated.
Sue 'But the mentality, is almost the same.

Dicky 'So listen to me now.
If you keep goin in there, to steal this guys secrets,
against his will,
you'll just be helping the fraternity out.
They want those secrets,
so they could perfect their genocidal operation,
to torture and brutalize others.
I implore you not to be a party to this.
It's wrong, and it's unjust.