(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

October 17, 2004

The Boss sits at his desk,
with with his hands clasped, as if in prayer,
whispering to imself,
in the same hoarse voice

please oh please oh please oh please,
don let the sucka wight anymo,
please oh please oh please oh please,
only 2 weeks to go,
only 2 weeks to go,
only 2 weeks to go,
only 2 weeks to go....

suddenly Aide 1 walks in
startling the boss with a simple question

who you talkin to Boss?

The Boss suddenly sits up.
as if jolted out of a trance,
and looks around the room,
as if trying to regain his composure,
finally recognizes Aide 1
and responds in a disjointed manner

Boss 'little sucka, don you know how to knock!
who who are you anyway?
Aide 1 'It's me Boss,
don't you remember?
The Boss looks at the Aide for a few seconds
then rants in anger

Little sucka! you didn't even salute! '.
Aide 1 salutes haphazardly

Boss 'Little sucka, you kids ave no respect anymo.
whad'ya wan!.
Aide 1 'I was concerned Boss.
The Boss glares at the Aide and says 'About what?
Aide 1 recoils a bit
and decides not to mention the apparrent prayer
and says sheepishly
'uh, nothin.

Boss 'Little sucka,
you aint lying to me again are you?
everybodys a liar dese days.
Aide 1 simply looks back
nodding in agreement, thinking to imself,
aint that the truth.

Boss 'What!
Aide 1 'Nothin, I didn't say nothin.
Aide 1 trying to soften the Boss's disposition, says
I understand DT hasn't written any critiques in over 2 weeks.
Boss 'Heee heee yeah,
stopped im good, stopped im real good,
stopped im real real good.
Heee heee, heee heee.

The Boss continues rambling
as if suddenly elated

Heee heee, stopped im so good, I tellin ya.
Stopped im so so good.

Aide 1 cautiously interrupts
as if trying to direct the Boss's trend of thought
and says

I understand you've resorted to similar tactics
from last April, when you deluged the guy with nerve gas.
The Boss retorts defensively 'Juss once I use it dis time!
or or maybe twice, or or or

Aide 1 'But you still used a chemical banned by the Geneva convention.
Boss 'dam it! I had to!
The Boss suddenly starts rambling again
as if struck emotionally

I I juss had to, you you unnastan don you?
Little sucka don quit, he juss keep goin an goin an goin
any chance he gets,

foist we use sleep depivation, den sleeping gas,
we even drug im, and den as soon as we let im up,
he stot researchin again.

Aide 1 'Yor also repeatedly threatening the guy
with incarceration again.
The Boss's emotional spectrum suddenly shifts again
heee heee yeah, keep im scared, keep im real scared.
Heee heee, it worked lass time, so why not.

Aide 1 'But such mental cruelty
after the repeated roller coaster rides
you put this helpless citizen through the last few months.
It's inhumane.

The Boss retorts 'Who are you, Amnesty International!
Heee heee, besides who gonna know? huh? huh?
Nobody, dats who.
Cause we too good, we the experts, the bess, the absolute bess.
Aide 1 'It's absolutely inhumane, I'm tellin ya,
abusing and flooding these avenues of communication,
with every tactical threat,
you and yor cohorts can come up with.

Do you have any idea what this citizen has to endure?

Boss 'Heee heee, plus we was depriving im of sleep
virtually every other day,
the lass few weeks.
Aide 1 'You've also been torturing this helpless citizen
with the ruthless lung gas the last few weeks.

Boss 'Little sucka, dats cause he stotted writin that comedy
so we punish im good, we punish im real good.
Aide 1 'For 2 weeks?

Boss 'Well why'd he portray im as Darth Vader
Aide 1 'You mean the dark lord,
who had to live out of a mask,
and sounded like he had breathing problems.
Boss 'Yeah, dats the one.

Aide 1 'That's why you repeatedly forced this citizen
to live out of a gas mask? the last 2 weeks.
Boss 'Heee heee yeah,
I punish im good, don you tink.
Aide 1 'No wonder he hasn't written any critiques,
it's been one torture tactic after another.

Boss 'Heee heee, plus we trying ta scare the heck out of im.
Aide 1 'You mean by repeatedly communicating,
that yor gonna haul im off against his will,
relocate im against his will,
kidnap im and stick im under house arrest,
and keep im drugged and disoriented,
on some far away island in the pacific,

or forcefully prevent the guy from writing,
and shutting down his web site.

Boss 'Heee heee yep, all dat and more.
A prevalent tret is house arrest,
house arrest, house arrest,
heee heee, every dam day,

we try to make it as real as possible,
your time is almost up,
you'll be out a money soon,
we aint gonna let you get a job,
dis is your only option,

heee heee, we been doin stuff like dis fo decades,
so we purdy good at convincing people.

Heee heee, plus every now and then,
we send im spinning with the nerve gas,
you know, ta reinforce tings.
Like like you know,
when we tink he's back to his usual self,
bam, we use the powerful stuff.

Aide 1 'You sick loon.
The Boss stares back,
as if surprised and confronted at the same time
by his subordinate

Aide 1 'All of this, just to stop his journalism.
Boss 'Yeah man, little sucka, who he tink he is anyway?
Critiquing the elections, little sucka, he have no right! dam it!
No right what so ever!

Aide 1 'What ever you say czar boss.
They also tell me your propaganda war continues.
Boss 'Well dese tings take time sometimes.
Little sucka threw in a few loops and curves,
so now it's like dodge ball, ooh, ah, ooh, ah,
you know, all we ave ta do is sidestep the meager throws,
and den continue feeding the officials our our our
Aide 1 'bullshit.
Boss 'Heee heee, but we good at it.
All we ave ta do is torture im from behind the scenes,
and go "see, look at im, he can't take it"
"Look, look how he struggling now, he needs yor elp"

Heee heee, dats what we did after DT put out that scathing critique,
we stotted torturin im, and den say
"see, he he cant take it, the critique was too much fo im"
Heee heee, we juss too good,
we definitely have the advantage,
heee heee, it like David and Goliath.

Aide 1 looks at the Boss waiting for him to correct himself,
then says
'Just in case you don't remember, David won.
The Boss looks back as if confused and says
Huh? I thought he was the giant.
Aide 1 'Huh?

In other words yor trying to lure their force.
Boss 'Heee heee huh?
Aide 1 'Make them think his journalism is the problem,
and thus suggest a reason to shut down his web site.
Boss 'Heee heee, yeah, now that I think about it,
dats exakly what we doin.

Aide 1 'But the man's been researching and writing
with the same intensity for the last 17 years.
Boss 'Heee heee so, people have short memories.
Aide 1 'What?
Boss 'Heee heee, heee heee.

Don you see the beauty of it all.
Once we win that propaganda war, we can we can
The Boss looks up as if elated again and continues
we can stop his journalism forever!

The Boss suddenly stands up and exclaims wild eyed
Do you know what that means boy!
Huh! Do You!

The Boss suddenly begins walking around his desk and says
2o years of evidence, gone! Vamoose! Whoosh! Juss like dat!
By this time the Boss has the Aide by both shoulders,
barking his elation directly, in a fit of excitement

Whoosh! Gone! Heee heee, heee heee heee,
He hee hee heee heee hee hee he

By now the Boss is shaking his shoulders
as if demanding affirmation

Don you see son, Huh? Do you! Huh? Huh? Huh?.
He won't be able to shoot off his mouth anymore!
20 years of atrocities, locked away fo good!

Aide 1 stares back as if in disbelief,
wondering how such an elaborate form of censorship,
could generate such joy,
as if a tremendous weight
had been lifted from the mans shoulders.

Aide 1 continues to wonder,
what atrocities this man and his cohorts were guilty of
why people in high places would go to such extremes
to suppress this one journalist, who the world doesn't even know.
All this torture and punishment to stop one man, why? why?

By this time the Boss is staring back in silence and says
Little sucka, you didn't hear a word I said did you.