(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

November 10, 2004

The Boss is sitting at his desk again,
nervously chain smoking,
and staring straight ahead
as if anticipating some earth shaking event

suddenly Jeffy walks in again
and the Boss doesn't seem to notice again.

Jeffy notices a tray overflowing
with half smoked cigarrette butts and says

I didn't know you smoked Boss
The Boss keeps smoking with an emotional attitude
conveying his obvious apprehension,
but doesn't say anything,
and keeps staring ahead,
while his hands are visibly shaking

Jeffy remembering his last encounter cautiously says
uh, sir, if this is a bad time?
I could come back..'
suddenly the phone rings,
waking the Boss out of his self imposed trance.

The Boss answers the phone,
and glances at Jeffy as if surprised by his presence.

The Boss, obviously not his usual self,
answers with a feeblish
The General booms 'Who is This!
Boss 'it's it's me'
I I twy so hod, I been twyin so hod.

The General pauses then says
obviously not hard enough!
There's no way we're gonna put up with this idiot
for 4 more years.

Boss 'whad'ya wan fom me general?
I been doin everyting I can.
General 'All you have to do is label the guy!
is that too much to ask.
Incarceration, house arrest, anything.
Boss 'We juss cant yank im out a dere general,
he has to be incapacitated and helpless
or somtin of that nature.

General 'Damn it! You've had 7 long months to do this.
I thought the system was fool proof!
Boss 'It is, fo fools.
The General pauses, and the Boss could sense he wasn't amused.
The General then says

That little idiots humor is rubbing off of you.
Boss 'huh?

General 'You can't do any dirty tricks or anything?
Boss 'huh?
General 'Blackmail! extortion! bribery!
fabricating evidence, false testimony,
Do I have to spell it out for you!
People in a position to incarcerate,
relatives, and you know who else.
Boss 'You askin me to cheat the system general.
The General booms 'You already have!
I was just testing your honesty!
Boss 'Damn it, your good General.
I can't hide nothin fom you.

General 'Damn it get serious!
Failure is not an option!
Boss 'Heee heee, we been creating compromising situations,
for soiten people, who could make a difference.
Heee heee, plus I ave people, I mean they ave people
goin through all the surveilence tapes right now,
lookin for any shred of evidence,
that we could use against the guy.

Heee heee, I can't believe it myself,
they're suppose to be helpin the guy, against us
and they're goin through all the stuff like he's a criminal.
The attitude sort a reminds me
of how the Feds went afta Al Capone,
lookin fo anything to convict the guy.
General 'Shut up!

Boss 'Heee heee, any scientist will tell ya
that you can't make a diagnosis,
based on contaminated evidence.
General 'Do they know the evidenciary landscape is contaminated?

Boss 'You mean the secret warfare,
druggin and gassin the guy behind the scenes,
always usin scare tactics usin our secret dialogue.
Of course not, we too powaful.
That's why we call it secret warfare.
General 'You sure they dont know.

Boss 'Look at me,
do I look like an idiot to you?
The General remains silent for 15 seconds, then says
But DT's log books. You know he writes everything down.
He knows more about our operation then we do.

The Boss seems to ignore the suggested rebuttal, and continues
Heee heee, there they are,
makin conclusions on contaminated evidence,
then twyin to justify the conclusions
with further scrutiny.
Heee heee, there they are
lookin at im like a bug under a microscope,
twyin ta diagnose his behavior in detail,
his habits and idiosyncracies,
and goin,
"whad'ya tink, obsessive compulsive?"
or he'd go to a night club, and they'd say,
"whad'ya tink, obsessive in that arena?"

General 'Talk about extentuating invasion of privacy.
Boss 'Heee heee heee.
Then they'd say,
"once we ged our hands on im, we gotta stop dat habit".
General 'Sort a like a police state, huh?
Boss 'Heee heee yep,
justified by conclusions on contaminated evidence.

Or they'd go,
"what was that? why'd he do dat?"
"what, pickin his nose"
"oh, was he pickin his nose"
"the techs should clean the lenses"

"what was that?"
"What, I didn't see anyting"
"he looked like he was jumpin around"
"you idiot, he stumbled on a crack on the floor"

Heee heee, you see what I sayin?
Wid our propaganda war, skewin everyting up,
it's a win win situation fo us.

Heee heee, den they'd have his relatives look on.
General 'His relatives?
Boss 'Yeah man, we turned them 20 years ago,
you know wid our propaganda, like we doin now,
makin the target look bad,

druggin, gassin, terror, all behind the scenes,
plus lies, half truths, insinuations, slander,
stuff like dat
You know, for the good of the operation,
to maintain secrecy.
That was our biggest hurdle,
gettin them to throw him to the wolves.

General 'You sure they weren't paid off?
Boss 'Heee heee, you're always a step ahead General,
why do you even ask?

So they're like
"looky, he still looks the same
like he did 20 years ago"
General 'What'ya think, a time warp?
Boss 'Heee heee, you funny General.

Little sucka scared us lass October.
We thought he was gonna run, afta he bought some travel packs.
General 'When?
Boss 'October 13, a week after he wrote that scathing critique.
Heee heee, so that night we knocked im out for 3 hours,
then immobilized im with severe sleep deprivation.
Dat was before the interrogation, to find out what his plans were.
Heee heee, I luv my yob.

General 'Good job.
If he runs, we'll have to watch the guy with greater scrutiny.
Our surveillence budget on this guy, is ridiculous.
Boss 'uh huh, so the motive is money.
General 'The guys outlasted his usefulness to us.
Besides, he already knows too dam much about the operation.

Boss 'Then 2 weeks later, on October 29,
we had to immobilize im again wid severe sleep deprivation.
General 'Why?
Boss 'Cause man, he opened a new savings account,
so we thought he was plannin somtin,
so you know, we couldn't take a chance.

Then that same day, he wrote a facetious remark in his log book.
General 'About what?
Boss 'It was facetious juss take my word for it.
Heee heee, so the next day we twied ta povoke im into a fight.
General 'You sure it wasn't about the guy possibly runnin,
and the shop wanted to stop the guy with a hit attempt.
Boss 'Heee heee, you purdy smot General.
But not smot enough.
General 'What!
Boss 'Heee heee, juss kiddin.

But what weally set us off,
was when he noted some very damaging allegations,
in his log book, right before the elections
General 'About who?
Boss 'Heee heee, you know who.

General 'You think he was gonna spill it,
just because it was in book 26.
Boss 'Damn, he has 26 log books? There's 310 pages per book.
That's allota a writin, let me tell ya.
General 'The little idiot produces about 2 books a year.

Boss 'Damn, I knew we torture the guy whimsically,
but I didn't know we do it that much.
No wonda I'm obsessed, I mean sadistic, I mean uh,
I mean no wonda I like my yob so much.
General 'Yor a torture machine Boss, that's what you are.
Boss 'Heee heee tanks.
You wasn't twyin to be funny were you?
General 'Why should I make a joke out a that.
Boss 'Heee heee, I don know.

General 'So what was the punishment?
Boss 'Heee heee, fo what?
General 'The damaging allegations.
Boss 'Oh, we tortured im, what else.
Torture, torture, torture.
Heee heee, we dwug im, depwive im of sleep,
then used all mediums,
to deluge im wid every conceivable threat,
in the area of incarceration.

Heee heee, it was poifect timing too,
since it was right afta Halloween,
so right after we was sure the incumbent would be re-elected,
every night was like fright night.

Heee heee, so it was like,
"boo! we gonna get you",
"boo, we lied! He hee hee heee heee hee hee he"
then "boo, we gonna get you again"

General 'That was scary?
Boss 'Heee heee, well when dwugs and sleep depivation
make you susceptible to dis stuff,
yeah it could be real scary,
as long as it's believable,

and believe me, we got decades of experience doin dis stuff,
we the experts, the bess, the bess in the world.
Nothin can stop us, nothin.

Heee heee, "boo! we gonna break down yor door, so get ready"
"huh, you don beleve me? well a little blackmail, and bribery,
goes a long way" "Boo! Boo!" Heee heee heee.
Or it would be like "the jury deliberated, get ready"
"here we come" "Boo!" heee heee heee.

General 'Alright so you had some fun,
but you didn't meet the objective.
Boss 'Well it wasn't like last April,
where we had a free for all, with nerve gas.
For the average inexperienced target,
dis is all we need, but we talkin about DT here.


Meanwhile Jeffy has already exited the room,
and is conversing with another aide, right outside the door.

Scarecrow 'Is this guy for real?
It's like he's on pins and needles.
Jeffy 'Fraid so,
This Dt character, has generated a firestorm of debate,
and people in high places are startin to get paranoid.
They want im stopped.
They tried to stop im last April,
then April turned to May, and on and on,
and he's still here.

You'll never believe what they put this innocent citizen through,
it spells atrocity just writin about it,
if anybody has the insight to put it into words.
An outright tragedy, without question,
of our principles as a nation,
and our character as a governing body.

Our founding fathers would've been revulsed,
had they witnessed what took place the last 7 months,
to this one helpless citizen.
Hell I'm revulsed, and I was part of this atrocity.

Who would a ever thought censorship
could morph into outright tyranny against one helpless individual.
All he did is write his opinions, theories, and speculations,
that's all he did.
Just because he's good at it,
they try to torture im into oblivion?

Scarecrow 'I hear they stuck the guy
into another torture vice grip the last week
since election day.
Jeffy 'That aint the word for it.

You know how they run bootcamp at Westpoint, for new recruits?
Scarecrow 'Yep.
On you 24/7, "Do this! Do that!"
They literally take you over, it don't matter who you are.
Yellin at you 24/7, day in and day it.
It's called conditioning, in every respect.

Jeffy 'That's what they did to this guy since election day.
Scarecrow 'What're you sayin, the tactics could a been different?
Jeffy 'Or perhaps none at all.

Every conceivable threat associated to incarceration,
they drilled into this guy, day in and day out, the last week,
far and above the level of last April and May.

Scarecrow 'So they were trying to convince the guy or something.
Jeffy 'Drugging the guy, repeated sleep deprivation
since that scathing critique last October 4th,
under those conditions,
wearin the guy out with dialogue, day in and day out,
has a tendency to condition anybody.

It was sick, I'm tellin ya.
How could we do this to this guy?
especially after 7 months of atrocity.
I had to put in a request for early R&R.
Scarecrow 'Well at least nerve gas wasn't involved.
Jeffy 'But even still, I was like "hey, the guys a US citizen for cryin out loud."

Scarecrow 'I hear they didn't let the guy vote in the election.
Jeffy 'He sent the change of address in 2 weeks before election day,
but never got the ballot.

Scarecrow 'I wonder what it's like?
being targetted with the secret warfare like this.
Jeffy 'I can tell you one thing,
invasion of privacy proliferated to the nth degree
the last week, since re-election day.

Scarecrow 'I don't get it,
why tell the guy he's under scrutiny?
One would think this should be secret, especially with the target.
Jeffy 'It's part of the scare tactics,
especially with the flood of incarceration threats.
They did the same thing last April.

It's like telling somebody,
your judge and executioner is watching your every move.
Can you imagine the fear factor from that alone.
It's like suddenly your style is crimped and restricted,
and you have to be on your best behavior 24/7,
so any quirk or idiosyncracy won't happen to be misinterpreted.

And then you gotta deal with the secret warfare chemical arsenal,
sophisticated chemicals designed to simulate illness and desease,
or induce specific reactions, that could easily be misinterpreted.

It's like being on stage all day.
Even the best of us would have a problem with this.
With me. I'd be like "Get out a my face! what'ya kiddin me!

Scarecrow 'But 7 months under the spotlight.
Jeffy 'This helpless citizen trys to seek privacy in the bedroom,
but the ruthless idiots, are like "say cheeeese".
Scarecrow 'They must really got this guy rigged on symbolic dialogue.
Jeffy '20 years of it.

During the last deluge they started to get creative.
Like in one instance, they'd lose his mortgage bill,
and communicate "sorry dude, your properties been confiscated"
Scarecrow 'Even I wouldn't believe that.

Jeffy 'Of course not,
it's like a ding, like "geee, all these incarceration threats,
I guess confiscation is a possibility".
Or they'd lose his insurance bills, and communicate,
"sorry dude, you've been cancelled, you know cause of the situation".

Or they would do things like hold back a $9000 mortgage refund,
until after he paid his bills.
Scarecrow 'Why?
Jeffy 'Limit the guys access to funds.
Apparently too much in the guys hands is a threat or something.

Or they would communicate, "sorry dude, before house arrest,
we gotta incarcerate, you know, cause all that knowledge,
it's just too much of a threat, so you know,
it'll have to be memory wipe galore"
or "by the way, no more women for you dude"

Scarecrow 'I'd never believe this stuff.
Jeffy 'It's a ding, that's how their psy war works,
dind ding ding, it all adds up.
A deluge of possibilities.
They've been doin this stuff for decades,
so they have a good idea what your limits are.
You're like Pavlov's dog to these guys.

Scarecrow 'arf arf arf.
Jeffy 'Not funny, not funny at all.
Or they'd communicate things like,
"there's a number of house arrest possibilities,
which do you prefer"

Scarecrow 'I can't believe this dialogue,
it's like talkin directly to the guy.
Jeffy '20 years of conditioning,
plus the secret warfare experts, a potent combination.

They would also communicate things like
"Once we get our hands on you, you'll be a paraplegic"
Or "no more log books for you boy"
or "no more research for you boy, no newspapers"
Scarecrow 'I can't believe this stuff.
Jeffy 'There's also sophisticated technology involved,
that you wouldn't believe, and I can't talk about.

Scarecrow 'Unbelievable,
taking over this guys world like this.

Jeffy 'They can't do it without surveillance.

Scarecrow 'If I could hear it from this guys own mouth,
what it was like.
Jeffy 'It was like that opening scene
in Raiders of the Lost Ark,
where the team is lurking in a cave
and the guide suddenly has all these tarantulas on his back,
and he's like "oooooou get them off me! ooooooooou!
"quick, get them off me!".
Imagine having such an experience
repeatedly for 7 months.
Of course that's only one perspective.
I'm sure the experience was allot worse.

Scarecrow 'By the way,
what's this paranoia about the guy runnin?
Jeffy 'Actually the paranoia started last February
when the guy was runnin out a cash.
Rumor has it that somebody big was gonna rescue the guy.

Scarecrow 'You don't think that was part of the reason for ....
Jeffy 'Trying to torture im into oblivion last April.
If you think about it,
the guys image was dragged through the mud
Scarecrow 'Elaborate form of slander?
Jeffy 'It had the effect of labelling the guy as a modern day leper.

Whatever the guys image was last February,
has now been shattered.
If he had any big support last February
it's now been replaced with caution, uncertainty,
and perhaps revulsion.
Not intentionally of course,
but that's what such a label does to people.

Of course all they ave to do, is attack this guy secretly
and it's like a self fullfilling suspicion
DT says they were using nerve gas,
but I'm sure they were also drugging the guy,
without hesitation, and at will,
whenever it served their purpose.

Scarecrow 'But how?
Jeffy 'Food contamination, any place, any time,
and switching his vitamins.