(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

November 24, 2004, 8 pm

A DC cab makes it's way across the Potomac
crossing the George Mason bridge
with Stump and Crowbar casually sitting in the back
reading the latest issue of the Washington Post.

Crowbar looks at his watch and says
This is a bad time for a trip to Logan,
with all this holiday traffic.
Stump 'No turkey dinner for you dude,
we got business to attend to.

Crowbar looks to his right
as if trying to glimpse the rigid river
through a foggy window
and a mild snowfall obstructing his view,
and says
'This is cruel, I'm tellin ya'
why'd you volunteer for this detail?
Stump 'This is a special assignment remember,
the Director doesn't even know we're doin this.
This is the best time to go, trust me.

Suddenly the cab experiences a blowout on the right front tire,
and the car swerves uncontrollably hitting the embankment,
and spins to a stop blocking the right lane.

Immediately 4 ninja style warriors with ski masks,
and submachine guns,
pop out of a van, behind the cab,
and start pumping the cab with lead.

Simultaneously a black chopper,
swerves toward the shootout,
while both agents dive over the bridge,
away from an exploding fireball,

and in a perfectly timed sequence,
Stump grabs the extended stairway,
protruding from the chopper,
while Crowbar goes diving into the frigid waters.
Seconds later the chopper swerves down,
under a hail of gunfire,
and Crowbar latches on to the roped stairway,
and the chopper quickly disappears from the danger zone.

20 minutes later
both men are making their way
through the crowd at Reagan National airport.

Stump 'Talk about special delivery.
Crowbar 'That was close wasn't it.
Nothing like starting a trip with a little adrenaline excitement.

Crowbar soon disappears into the mens room
for a change of clothes, in a nonchallant manner,
like the recent excitement was part of the routine.

15 minutes later both men are making their way again,
and Crowbar's keen eye notices a janitor
gauging their direction from a distance,
and says
'Don't look now
but we got a 10 o'clock shadow.

Stump 'Yeah, I knew that driving through town.
Crowbar 'Why didn't you say anything,
we could've averted near disaster.
Stump 'How do you think the chopper was there so quickly.
Crowbar I almost froze to death in that stupid river.
Stump 'You were only there for 30 seconds.

Crowbar 'So how'd you know we were being tracked?
Stump doesn't respond, and Crowbar says
You mean the homeless people flashing those signs,
"will work for freedom"
"this is your future"
"cherish what you got, while you still can"
It didn't make any sense.
Stump 'You moron that was us.
Crowbar 'Then Who were the other guys?
Stump doesn't respond.

After a 2 minute silence Crowbar asks
How'd Reagan the actor get an airport named after him?
Stump 'He ended the cold war remember.
In fact he hinted the end was near in 1981,
when he took office.
Crowbar 'He said something about UFO's didn't he?
Stump 'He did?
Crowbar 'Somtin like that.

After moments of silence, Stump says Then just this year
he dies on the 3rd anniversary of the Mcvey execution.
Crowbar 'The number 3 means somtin don't it.
Stump 'Purely coincidental,
but the trinity circle is the official nuclear symbol,
and coincidentally, the cold war was about the nuclear threat.

Stump 'Then there was staunch cold warrior Paul Nitz,
who dies at age 97.
Crowbar looks at Stump questioningly.
Stump 'The inverse of 97 is "3".
Nitz was at the center of negotiations,
and adamantly opposed giving any inch of ground.
Then around the time Nixon resigns,
Nitz seems to reverse his disposition on the matter.

Crowbar 'When did Nixon resign?
Stump '8-9-1974, The 29th anniversary of Nagasaki,
the 2nd nuclear devastation over Japan.
Earlier that same year in 1974,
Nixon asked Chief of Staff, Alexander Haig,
for the football.
Crowbar 'Yor kidding,
the black bag with all the nuclear launch codes?
In the heat of Watergate?

Stump 'Then there was Melba Phillips,
who died at age 97, less than 2 weeks ago.
Crowbar 'Who was she?
Stump 'In 1935, she worked with Oppenheimer
to develope one of the first theories in early nuclear physics.
Then there was Fred Larue, a Nixon Aide,
who paid the watergate burglers, who died at age 75.
Crowbar looks back questioningly.
Stump '1975 was the year after Nixon resigned.

After a short silence Crowbar says
So after Reagan takes over in 1981,
and predicts the end of the cold war,
and talks about a higher power,
3 years later in 1984,
he comes out with SDI, "star wars", the big space sheild.
Stump 'Of course, shortly after, in 1986,
the Challenger explodes in midair.

After more silence Crowbar says
Yeah, allot of things happened in 1981.
The first Space Shuttle launched that year.
That was also the year Hinckley took a few shots at Reagan.
Stump 'That's a German alias for "Hitler" aint it?
Crowbar 'You're thinking of Hynckyl.
Then somebody shoots the pope that same year,
and then Lenin gets assassinated.

Stump 'You mean John Lennon,
the Beatle who sang
"back in the USSR, you don't know how lucky you are"
Crowbar 'That was also the year the World Trade Center,
garnered it's first profit, after being in the red for 8 years.

Stump 'How coincidental,it opens in 1973,
right before the OPEC crisis, and a bad economic slump.
Crowbar '1981 was also the year flight 243 almost hits the North tower.
Stump 'You mean flight 342.
After more silence Stump says '342 degrees matches poifectly.
Crowbar 'Huh?
Stump 'Purely coincidental,
but it's the second leg of the pentagram.

20 minutes later,
both men are in line waiting to board,
and Crowbar says
'Look dude,
miss stewardess is giving me the eye.
Stump 'If you look closer,
she's also shaking like a leaf,
and that my friend is the look of fright.

Crowbar 'Dam, you're right,
Somtins goin down, I'm tellin ya.
Stump looks at Crowbar but doesn't say anything.
Before any further conversation,
both men are already entering the gate,
and immediately both men are surrounded
by 4 tough guys.

Crowbar quickly blurts out 'I didn't do it! I swear I didn't!
Both men quickly realize
these guys were not airport security,
dressed in black suits, and dark sunglasses, late at night,
and Stump says
'You guys don't give up do you?

Before another word,
two of the black suited strangers flash badges
and quickly escort Stump and Crowbar
out a side exit

Crowbar 'I know my rights I want a lawyer.
Who are you guys anyway?

Once outside, Stump immediately tries to resist,
a scuffle breaks out,
and the 4 tough guys are out cold
within minutes.

Crowbar brushing off his suit, says
This just ain't my day.
I almost started breaking a sweat.

Before Stump could respond,
2 more men join the fracas,
armed with what looked like remote control devices,
and Stump and Crowbar are immediately incapacitated.


Two hours later Stump starts to regain consciousness,
but can't see a thing,
and quickly realizes he's bound, gagged, and blindfolded.
Stump starts thinking, not again.

Suddenly somebody issues orders
in a foreign language,
and a tough guy rips the duct tape off of Stump's mouth.
Not knowing what to expect
Stump remains silent.

After a minute of silence,
somebody finally speaks,
in a deep,low, harsh, raspy voice,
like somebody who yells allot,
yet the tone was cool, calm, relaxed,
calculated, and even soothing.

Sabertooth 'I've been waiting a long time to talk to you,
Mr. Stump.
Stump 'Who are you?
Sabertooth 'That's not important right now.

The room remains silent then Sabertooth says,
You're causing quite a stir, young man.
Stump doesn't respond.
Sabertooth 'People in high places
throughout the world, are taking notice,
asking, who is this, that dares challenge the King.

Stump 'King? Listen, I don't know who you are,
or what this is about, but I have an investigation to run.
Stump chuckles saying 'Challenge?
Who? who am I challenging?
Sabertooth 'You're so naive Mr. Stump.
Crowbar finally comes to and answers
Stump, his name is Stump.

Sabertooth casually continues 'You all are,
so naive.
Crowbar 'What'd you just call me?
Sabertooth 'Relax my young proteges,
we're on your side.

Sabertooth pauses then continues 'Besides, you need our help.
Stump 'So what's with the restraints?
Within seconds Stump's blindfold is ripped off,
but he still can't see who he was talking to,
since the room was filled with some kind of foggy haze,
and the room was so small.

Stump squints his eyes for a better look,
and could make out 3 men in dark sun glasses,
sitting directly across,
all sitting ramrod straight,
2 men in military uniforms, smoking cigars,
flanking his apparent mentor.

Crowbar 'Let me guess, you're Deep Throat.
Stump 'Who?
Crowbar 'He was the guy who spilled Watergate,
eventually forcing Nixon's resignation in 1974.

Sabertooth booms out with an uncontrollable laughter,
then says,
'like I said, so naive.
The room remains silent for a moment,
as Stump and Crowbar, stare at the group of three,

then Crowbar says,
'You ain't the Trilateral Comission are you?
Stump 'What?
Crowbar 'Rockefeller, the guy who conceived the World Trade Center in 1955,
formed the Trilateral commission in 1973.
Stump 'That was the same year the Trade Center opened,
and the same year the OPEC crisis hits,
sending the U.S. into an economic slump.

Stump 'What was the Commissions objective?
Crowbar 'To manage a Global Economy.
Canada, Europe and Japan were all members.
Rockefeller conceived the Trade Center in 1955,
2 years after allota stuff started goin down.
Stump simply looks at Crowbar.

Sabertooth 'Gentlemen gentlemen, there is not much time.
Crowbar whispers to Stump
I can't say for sure, but mentor's mouth ain't moving when he speaks.
Stump 'Probably just the haze.
Crowbar 'The other two guys haven't said a word either.
Stump 'Shut up.
Crowbar acts irritated saying
They're just sitting there staring at me.
Stump 'They're staring straight ahead,
and their cigars are still the same size.

Sabertooth interrupts 'I apologize for the rough treatment gentlemen,
but we couldn't let you get on that flight.
Crowbar 'Say what?
Sabertooth 'Like I said,
you have garnered the attention of some very powerful people,
and some are not very nice, to put it lightly.
I think you saw a little demonstration at the bridge.
Crowbar 'Demonstration? You call that a demonstration?
Stump 'Shutup.
Crowbar 'What'ya mean you didn't want us on that flight?
You sure you just didn't force our presence here intentionally?

The room remains silent then Sabertooth says
You know you're little inspection is just the tip of the iceberg.
There's no way you could crack the case,
without a little history.

Crowbar 'History? we were attacked and now we're at war.
Sabertooth 'Yes, and war is a terrible thing,
as history has demonstrated.

Yes, war through the ages,
has sent tragedy and devastation rippling
through society and civilization over and over and over.
Crowbar 'Rippling.
Sabertooth 'And the worst war of all,
brought the worst devastation potential in history.
Never before has man faced total obliteration,
by his own hand.

Stump 'You're talking about the nuclear arms race.
Sabertooth 'After World War II,
we officially became a paranoid society
on a massive scale,
for obvious reasons.
If the world didn't obliterate itself,
then a tremendous backlash was sure to follow.
Somebody was sure to pay the price.
Silence pervades the room as Stump and Crowbar stare back.

Sabertooth continues 'Look around, the clues are everywhere.
Crowbar 'Does operation Gamorrah have anything to do with this?
Sabertooth doesn't respond.

Stump looks at Crowbar and says 'The ball.
Crowbar 'What, the one in Times Square?
How long has it been there?
Stump 'No, the one in the courtyard,
or the former court yard of the Trade Center.

Crowbar 'Yeah, it was raised above ground level,
and had all those ground markings around it, in an explosive manner.
Stump 'You mean that funny design on the ground.
With a little imagination
it could be interpreted as a cataclysmic explosion.

Crowbar 'Oh, and the two towers,
looked like 2 nuclear reactors.
Why'd the designer call it the "cage of the past"?
Stump 'He was referring to the old era.
Crowbar 'What old era? the cold war?

Stump 'Probably just an euphemism.
Crowbar 'Then again on 9-11,
when Bush gave his 4 minute speech in the oval office.
Stump 'That was his first speech from the oval office.
Crowbar 'Bush called it "a new era".

Stump 'For what? the new century, or the new millenium.
Crowbar 'Well let's see,
maybe 9-11 was the new era marker,
since it happened on the 21st month of the 21st century,
and the 21st day into virgo, the 6th sign.
Stump 'That's three 21's.
What's 3 times 21?
Crowbar starts counting his fingers and says "63".
Stump 'JFK was shot in 1963.

Silence pervades the room again,
then Sabertooth says
'Yes, yes, a new era,
devastation and tragedy have a tendency to do that.
April 1865, the civil war ends,
starting a new era.
68 years later, 1933,
FDR starts a new era, with his New Deal.
68 years later, 9-11 hits, starting yet another new era.

Crowbar '68 means somtin don't it.
Stump 'The trade center started construction in 1968.
JFK's brother, RFK, was also shot that same year,
on the 23rd anniversary of DDay,
2 months before construction on the Trade Center started.

Crowbar 'I don't get it, what does it all mean?
Stump 'FDR.
Crowbar 'What?
Stump 'Took office in 1933, as a sort of savior,
declaring "you have nothing to fear but fear itself"

Crowbar 'Fear, fear, that means somtin.
Stump '68 years later, 9-11 hits,
and once again the populace was assured,
Don't be afraid, continue about your business.

Crowbar 'But what does this all mean?
Stump 'And the trade center was conceived on fright night.
Crowbar 'huh?
Stump '10-31, Halloween, and 46 years later, on 9-11,
the towers initiate the war on terrorism.

Crowbar 'Why was FDR a savior?
Stump 'From the Great Depression.
Essentially, the market crash, on 10-17-1929,
was a redistribution of wealth,
leaving the masses out in the cold.
Something similar pretty much happened 68 years later, after 9-11,
with all those corporate bankruptcies, and corporate raiders.