(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

This story is absolute science fiction

December 3, 2004,
Greenland 1100 hours

A Seal team races quickly
across the frozen wasteland
in a Blackhawk scavenger hunter
toward a cold war era listening post
located in the Northern tip of Rassmussen,
right off the Arctic ocean.

Billy 'When was the last communique?
Jeff '24 hours ago.
It was a definite SOS,
but reports indicate the line went dead
immediately after.

Billy remains silent,
concentrating on the rough terrain below.

Jeff 'By the way,
the science team communicated an earth shaking discovery,
hours earlier.
Billy 'About what?
Jeff 'They wouldn't say,
but asked for a team of paleontologists, pronto.

Billy 'Paleontologists? For what? A trex?
Jeff 'Something more riveting, according to the report.
As the Blackhawk, hovered over the old listening post,
the seal time was riveted by what they saw.
All members of the science team
were scattered and strewn about the area.

As the chopper slowly decended, Jeff says
I don't believe it.
I never seen anything like it.
It's like they all dropped on the spot.

15 minutes later, the team approaches the old structure
with weapons drawn,
and ready for anything.
Busting the door down,
they quickly poured into the scientific lab.
Within seconds they find the remaining survivor
trembling and babbling incoherently.

Seal 1 in a gruff manner says 'Who are you?
The scientist wide eyed and definitely frightened,
doesn't appear to hear,
and keeps repeating the same words over and over

Team leader 'What's he saying?
Seal 1 shrugs saying 'I don't know?

Team leader 'Get Jeff over hear.
Jeff immediately notices the scientist
was badly injured and says
'Alright, stand back,
everybody get back.
Jeff cautiously squats near thr survivor and says
Alright buddy, settle down, we're gonna get you out of here.

After administering a sedative Jeff asks Whats your name?
The scientist still wide eyed, and staring straight ahead,
keeps repeating the same words as if mesmerized saying

It was so beautiful, so beautiful.
It was so beautiful, so beautiful.
It was so beautiful, so beautiful.

Seal 3 'Jeff, over here!
Jeff notices Seal 3 handling a fossilized skull
but it didn't look human.

Jeff exclaims 'My god!
Mesmerized for 3 seconds jeff quickly says
Put it down! Don't touch a thing!

Seal 3 'What do you think happened here?
Immediately 2 more members of the rescue team
burst into the lab,
and Jarret exclaims
'Jeff you won't believe it!
As Jeff turns toward the pair, Jarret continues,
The scientists,
Jarret hesitates as if revulsed, then says
It's like, like their life blood was sucked right out of them.

Jeff remains silent, then looks at the survivor,
and says
'How'd he make it?
Jeff then notices Seal 3 was starting to pass out,
and was bleeding profusely at the hands.

Jeff not sure what what he was up against,
and starting to panic, quickly says,

alright we're out a here.

Seconds later the ground starts trembling,
and the team, already awe struck, and not knowing what to expect,
immediately freeze in their tracks,
and start looking at each other.

Seconds later two seals outside the building,
are suddenly stunned and knocked off their feet,
as an object of gigantic proportions,
flashes by in an instant.

As both seals observe the fleeing object,
barely above ground level,
racing toward the Arctic ocean,
both observe an intense beam of light,
and instantaneously the object bursts
in a cataclysmic explosion,

and just as instaneously,
the debris collapses in on itself,
and disappears into nothing.

Both Seal's react with 'Wooooooe!.

Seconds later the rest of the team rushes out the building,
asking what the hell happened,
and quickly notice at least 2 saucer like objects hovering in the distance,
which quickly and instantaneously disappear.

Immediately the team leader gives the order to evacuate.
As 2 Seal's race inside the building,
to extract the injured pair,
they quickly realize that both men were already gone.

Within minutes the Team is in the chopper ready to leave.
Billy 'Dam it, the radio's out.
Seal 4 'The circuitry inside the building is all fried.
That radio doesn't work either.
Billy 'Dam it, the engine doesn't work!


Space Command,
Cheyenne Mountain,
1500 hours.

An aide briskly walks over to the General
and hands him a graph, saying

It happened again sir.

The general intently looks at the graph,
and the aide continues.

Just north of Greenland, sir,
over the Arctic Ocean,
30 degrees longitude.

The general grimaces as if deeply concerned, then says
That's the 5th occurence since last month.

The general scrutinizes the chart a few more seconds,
grimaces again, then says

This is hush hush. This never happened.
The aide gives a quick salute, then briskly walks off.


December 5, 2004,

A second rescue team, having searched the premises,
reports back to base.

Chucky 'Eagle 1 this is eagle 2, over.
Base 'Eagle 2, this is Eagle 1.
What'd you find, over.
Chucky 'Absolutely nothing, over.

The Base doesn't respond.
Chucky 'The building's still there,
but not a soul, nobody, nada,
Base 'Eagle 1, what is the condition of the lab? over.
Chucky 'Spotless, like nobody was ever there, over.

The Base remains silent, then responds
Eagle 1, please return to base, over.
Chucky 'I copy, over.
Within minutes the Blackhawk disappears into the midday sky. '.

Chucky 'I don't get it, how could 30 disappear just like that?
Leaving no trace whatsoever.
Jason simply shrugs saying 'It doesn't make any sense.
By the way, you forgot to mention the CD player.
Chucky 'Dam it, I knew we forgot something.

Jason 'There was a scientific paper next to it.
Seal 8 'What'd it say?
Jason 'Something about a carbon dating.
Seal 8 'Of what?
Jason '70,000 BC.

Seal 8 simply stares back remaining silent, then says
Why do I get the feeling it ain't there any more?
Just as Seal 7 asks 'You sure it was a CD player?.

The chopper suddenly hits a burst of violent wind sheer,
forcing the chopper to dive in a downward spiral.
The pilot desperately trys to regain control,
and finally pulls up at the last second,
just a feet above the frigid arctic.

Seal 7 'Wooe dude! talk about a rush! Yeah!

The crew remains silent for a few seconds, then Jason says
What the hell was that?
Chucky 'I don't know, did you get a reading?
Jason hesitates a few seconds then says
Gamma rays? a gamma ray burst.

Chucky 'From what?
They both look at each other questioningly,
then Seal 8 says
'What the hell's a gamma ray?

Jason 'The only thing I know of,
that could issue such a reading with such intensity,
is a nuclear blast.
Seal 8 'What're you kidding me? wooe.
Jason 'The last time I got such a reading,
was over the Bermuda triangle.
Chucky 'Dam it, the radio's out.
The engine also shut off during the dive.