(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

December 17, 2004
Augusta Maine.

The Boss is home for the holidays,
having a little chat in the living room,
while smoking a cigar,
and drinking a bit too much egg nog
next to his fireplace,
and behind a well lit christmas tree.

Boss 'Do you tink fo one minute!
dat we could do all dis stuff to DT,
if if dis were a true democracy!

Little Johnny stares back at the Boss,
towering over him,
then starts crying out loudly

Immediately the mother rushes in,
reprimending the Boss with

He's only 4 years old,
how can you talk to little Johnny like that?

The Boss with a look of innocence, says
Heee heee what? I was juss havin a friendly conversation
wid my own son.
The mother cuddles little Johnny,
comforting him,
like he'd just been attacked by some beast.

Boss 'Heee heee what?
I can't talk to my own kid?

Meanwhile 2 Aides keep close watch
on the Boss's house,
from atop the roof of the neighbor's house
across the street.

Fird trying to bundle up complains
Dam it's freezing out here.
How we suppose to keep an eye on the guy?
in these blizzard like conditions.
I almost disappeared in one of those snow banks,
walkin over here.

Sid 'The guy has at least 6 snipers in the area,
what's he need us for?
Fird 'What's he so paranoid about anyway?
Sid 'Hey, it's the Boss, you know how he is.
The guy didn't even wanna take the vacation.
Fird 'Why not?

Sid 'Somtin about DT.
Fird 'Don't tell me, the guys cash reserves are takin a hit again.
Sid 'Actually he was paranoid about the guy skippin town.

Fird 'Why would he care?
after beating this citizen to a chemical pulp
earlier this year.
For crying out loud, have some mercy.
Sid looks at Fird and says 'The Boss? no way.

Fird 'I thought the genocidal operation.
welcomed runners.
Sid 'I guess after 20 years attackin this one citizen,
it's a different circumstance.
The Boss's so paranoid about this,
that they sabotaged the guys vehicle by remote control yesterday.

Fird 'They got DT's vehicle rigged?
Sid 'Of course, that's standard procedure for all targets.
Fird 'Why suddenly yesterday?
Sid 'Apparently DT surprised the shop,
by suddenly trying to leave somewhere about 9 pm.

Fird 'I can't believe this,
what's he under curfew?
Sid 'Two weeks ago, last December 7,
the guy pulls a chunk of his savings out.
to pay his bills,
and immediately the shop started threatening the guy,
like "don't you think of leaving,
cause we'll simply have your license revoked"

Fird 'Just for paying his bills?
Sid 'Obviously they were thinking ahead.
They're trained to predict likely scenarios.
They were so paranoid about the guys next step,
that they started assaulting the guys back,
while he slept helplessly in bed.

Fird 'Wait a minute, they could revoke his license?
Sid 'You know the shop,
lies, half truths, making things up,
Fird 'But the only way they could do this
is if the guys already labeled.

Sid 'Or if they got officials believing 8 months of propaganda.
You don't have to label the guy, to generate fear and suspicion.
Fird 'So in other words, what? they could screw up his driving record?
Sid 'Fird, Fird, it's the shop.
There are many possibilities, including staging minor accidents,
screwin with traffic lights, then having the police cite the guy,
the possibilities are endless.

In fact 2 weeks ago, last December 1st,
DT starts writin stuff on the JFK assassination,
and that same day, the shop stages 3 cops, at 3 different times,
as if ready to cite the guy.
Fird 'So what was it? like a threat?

Sid 'That same night,
they sabotage the guys writing abilities, with sleep deprivation,
then the next day they harass and try to provoke the guy.
Fird shaking his head and says
Unbelievable, is there no end to this?

So to keep the guy from runnin,
they crippled im in bed?
Sid 'Partially hindered his mobility
by doin somtin to his back.
It's a military tactic,
if they fear a prisoner might escape,
they simply cripple the guy.

Fird 'So DT's like a POW.
Sid 'So to speak. Look at im, what do you think?
Fird 'In the U.S. of A?
Sid 'You saw what they did last October.
Twice, not once, but twice 2 months ago,
they immobilized the guy with severe sleep deprivation,
simply because they suspected he might run.

Fird 'That was after he produced that scathing critique,
last October 4th, right before the elections.
So the rumors are true then,
they wouldn't let this citizen vote?

Sid looks at Fird nodding and says 'It's all true.
I don't think DT's written anything political,
since then, last October 4th.
Fird 'Sounds like an elaborate form of censorship to me.

Sid 'Plus it's been sleep deprivation,
every other day, on the average, since October 4th.
Fird 'For the last 77 days?
That's like playing god, with a biological necessity.
Sid 'Since October 4th,
they've deprived this citizen of 112 hours of sleep.

Fird 'That's unfathomable, that's like 3 work weeks.
How could anybody write under those circumstances.
Sid 'Then while composing the November 24th story, on 9-11,
the shop delays the write up a few days, by drugging the guy,
depriving him of sleep, and slipping the guy rotten food.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Augusta Maine.

The Boss is in the living room
trying to entertain the kids with a game of charades,
contorting, and twisting, with every possible gesture,
to get his message across.

Little Billy 'Uh, Trex.
Little Karen 'Ronald Mcdonald!
Little Billy 'King Kong.
Little Karen 'Felix the Cat!
Little Billy 'Darth Vader.
Little Karen 'A pirate!
Little Billy 'Blackbeard.
Little Karen 'Black Beards ghost!

Suddenly the wife calls out from the kitchen.
Honey, what are you doing?.
Boss 'Heee heee. juss twyin ta scare,
I mean entertain the kids.
A minute later Little Billy screams out
Mom! Dad's torturing me again!

Within seconds the wife is in the room,
towering over the Boss and Little Billy.

Boss 'Heee heee what? I didn't do nothin.
Mary Allen continues glaring at the Boss.
Boss 'We was juss wrestlin, what?

Mary Allen suddenly reaches into her pocket,
and the Boss suddenly reacts with

DDDon hit me Mary! PPPPlease don hit me!
I I I I wont do it again!
Both siblings are suddenly entertained and laughing hysterically
as if the Boss were still acting.

Mary Allen suddenly surprises the Boss
and thrusts a Cell phone in his face, and says

You have 2 urgent messages.
The Boss quickly regains his composure,
and 5 minutes later he's in his study
on the line with Jason.

Boss angrily rants 'What!
I tot I toll you not to call me here!
Jason It's about DT.
Boss 'Dam it! Don't tell me he escaped!
Jason 'Sort of!
The Boss yells 'What!

Jason 'Sir we must use the nerve gas,
if you intend to keep him under.
Boss 'Dam it, if he comes out of it,
dere's no tellin what gonna appen.
Are you gettin the civilians involved
Jason 'Civilians? sir.
Boss 'You know who I mean.

If DT pulls out a dis, we gonna need plausible deniability.
You gotta make it look like dey elpin im
Jason 'El pin sir?
The Boss yells 'Elpin! don you unnastan englich!
Jason 'Oh, you mean helping.
So what do you suggest?

Boss 'Have dem put im unna hypnosis, while he sleepin.
Have dem suggest somtin based on their recent conclusions
Jason 'You mean conclusions reached on contaminated evidence.
Boss 'Yeah, those ones.
Jason 'You know and I know
that they have no idea what they're dealin with.
Boss 'Little sucka, are you disobeying a direct order.
Jason 'No sir! Right a way sir!
Make it look like they elpin im, with suggestive thought.

Meanwhile Fird and Sid are still at their post,
bundled up in the freezing cold, atop the neighbors roof,
listening in on the boss's conversation, against orders.

Fird 'Did you get that?
Sid 'I can't believe Jason, requesting nerve gas.
What's wrong with these people?
Why'd they have the Geneva convention in the first place?
Fird 'They're still trying to keep the guy under, chemically.
Sid 'How?

Fird 'It's the attribution theory thing again.
Essentially it's like "dam it! why can't you believe us when we lying to you!"
Sid 'Hey this is DT, if you lie, he'll know.
What do you mean? They're still gassing im?
Fird 'In public.

Sid 'What his condo ain't good enough now?
Or they just don't want to leave chemical trace elements in the carpeting.
What are the rumors that they switched carpets?
Fird 'First time I hear that.

Sid 'So they're gassing the guy in public now?
in the midst of innocent bystanders?
Fird 'Well, DT's brain has been so chemically marinated
that the same gas doesn't have the same effect on other people.
We're talkin at least 6 months of chemical marination.

Sid 'So the rumors are true. DT's a marked man chemically.
Fird 'They gas im in the mall, at the video store,
at the night club, ......
Sid 'Dam it, how?
Fird 'Portable cannisters. Press a button, to release a dosage.
Then there's the cannisters they could activate by remote control.
Sid 'Talk about sophisticated gadgetry.
Gassing is that important.

Fird 'It's called chemical warfare, secret chemical warfare,
used typically in conjunction with psychological warfare.
Sid shakes his head as if in disbelief.
Fird 'Typically it takes teams of people to do this,
behind the scenes.

As I speak, they got teams on DT right now,
like he's suddenly the shop's number one priority.
The other day he goes to a night club,
Sid 'After he was primed with gas.
Fird 'Exactly.

So DT runs to the men's room, like he always does,
and bam some tough guy intentionally confronts the guy,
in a provoking physical manner.
Of course it happens out of view, from witnesses.
With anybody else it would've been a fight.

Then later the shop tries to corral the guy in the arms
of some girl they planted there.
Sid 'Corral.
Fird 'According to Guss, they intended to swindle the guy.
But DT recognized the intent and exercized avoidence.
Sid 'All this after they affected the guy chemically.
Fird 'Exactly.

Sid 'Then later DT's in the middle of the club.
minding his own business, and the shop stages a group of 4 tough guys,
Fird 'They needed 4 tough guys?
Sid continues 'So they get right behind the guy,
acting loud, boistrous, and obnoxious,
as if trying to goad im into something.

But there's DT, havin a good time, like the tough guys weren't even there.
Fird 'Then later, DT's making his way toward the exit,
and bam, the door comes flying open, just missing the guy by inches.
Sid 'I can't believe this guy, all these near misses.
What does he have, a radar chip in his brain?

All this while they had the guy affected chemically.
Fird 'Exactly.

Immediately after, 3 more tough guys rudely brush pass im.
Then seconds later, DT is finally out the door,
and there's a Hulkamania Steve Austin look alike
blockin DT's path, glaring at the guy like he did somtin wrong.

Sid 'Somtin tells me the shop obsessively wanted to hit this guy.
Fird 'So DT nonchallantly hands the guy his valet ticket
to go get his SUV, and the hulk just looks at him, like what the?
DT actually thought he was a valet.
Sid stares ahead shaking his head.

Fird 'Then right after DT wrote a web report last Friday,
the shop blatantly stops the guy with severe sleep deprivation.
So with nothin left to do, DT runs to the video store,
and bam, the shop tries to stage an accident,
Sid looks back questioningly
Fird 'Among other things, using a team of drivers,
they had some guy run a red light at the last second.
With anybody else it would've been an accident.
Sid 'The shop doesn't pull that too often,
running a red light, just to ensure success.
That almost exceeds the charters mandate of maintaining secrecy.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Augusta Maine.

Tom and Doug are at the local pub,
escaping the freezing temperatures,
and having a few drinks
when Brewer comes rushing in.
Without hesitation Brewer interrupts the conversation,
exclaiming and gesturing in anger

This Evil grinch! This dam evil grinch!

Tom and Doug, somewhat surprised,
simply turn and look in a gawking manner.

Brewer continues 'I can't believe this idiot!
I just can't believe it!
I can't believe it. I cannot I cannot I cannot.
Tom 'Wait, slow down buddy.
Who? What? Where?
Brewer 'You know what the plan was?
Doug 'The plan for what? What're you talkin about?
Here have a drink. Relax.

Brewer 'The plan was to incarcerate the guy before christmas,
so they wouldn't have to worry about the guy,
during the holidays.
Tom 'You mean house arrest? What do you mean incarcerate?

Brewer 'That's why they blatantly stopped DT
after he produced his last web report,
because they knew incarceration,
was part of the intended subject matter.
Tom 'I knew it seemed kind of odd.
Suddenly severe sleep deprivation, for a seemingly inconsequential story.

Brewer 'It was all set up.
That's why they took out his Mercedez,
that's why they obsessively tried to provoke the guy
at the night club,
that's why they obsessively tried to stage the accident.
Tom shaking his head in confusion asks 'Why?

Brewer 'To denigrate the guys character, anticipating incarceration.
Doug 'Before the holiday, so the Boss and his goons
could spend quality time with their families,
without having to worry about this citizen doing things,
like writing, or running for freedom.
Tom Running for freedom? Is there a Berlin wall in the area?
Tom takes a drink then says 'Somehow that didn't sound right.
Did somebody lose the constitution somewhere?
Or it simply doesn't apply anymore?

Tom 'That explains the obsessive revoke-yor-license threats,
a couple weeks ago.
They didn't want the guy runnin, and now I see why.
Doug 'This selfish idiot.
They couldn't even let this citizen salvage what's left of the holiday,
instead they gotta terrorize the guy, again.

Tom 'Salvage?
Doug 'They already screwed up the guys holiday,
with invasion of privacy scrutiny 24/7.
If I knew my judge and executioner was watchin my every move,
waiting for a screwup, that would sure screw up my holiday.

Tom 'These sick fools,
they got all this power at their fingertips,
and they use it wrecklessly.
Doug 'Isn't there anything the constitution can do for this guy?
Tom 'Not when you're being targetted by the Inquisition.

Doug 'Say what? The inquisition officially ended centuries ago.
Tom 'I'm talkin about the society and their own version.
Once targetted, there's virtually no escape.
Doug 'That's the first I hear about that.
Tom 'I'll tell you all about it later.
But DT, looks like he still has a chance.

Doug 'So this sick grinch plotted during the holidays.
I can't believe it myself.
So why take out his beat up Mercedez forcing DT to tow it?
Brewer 'Apparently to get his SUV off the Side street,
and into the complex.
Tom 'Why?

Brewer 'Apparently so there wouldn't be a trail of evidence.
Tom 'You mean after the anticipated incarceration,
like somebody asking "why would this citizen abandon a brand new vehicle?"
Doug 'All this citizen did is exercise free speech.
I can't believe this.

Tom 'It's what this guy knows. That's what the big threat is.
Doug 'So when did this sick scheme hatch?
Brewer 'Probably a month ago, after DT did that write up
on 9-11 and tidbits on the JFK assassination.
Tom 'So what is it, taboo to write about it?
Doug 'Why do you say that?

Tom 'Because that's when the shop railroaded DT
out of his $100,000 per year career,
right after he produced his first theories
on the JFK assassination, 6 years ago.

Doug 'They tell me they deluged DT with nerve gas that same year, all year,
and he survived.
Brewer 'So what's your point?
Doug 'It's impossible.

Tom 'So what happened today?
Brewer 'They hit the guy with nerve gas,
then forced the guy to socialize while he was reeling from the effects.
Doug 'Talk about contaminating the evidenciary landscape
at a tactical time.

Tom 'I thought nerve gas was out a bounds at this point.
Socialize with who?
Brewer 'They staged a relative.
Tom 'Woe, they were all turned and paid off decades ago.
Brewer 'Legitimately however, they still hold power over the guy.
Tom 'Man this is corrupt, absolutely corrupt.
Doug 'The guy must of been framed or black mailed.
The guy doesn't even live in the area, yet there he was at the worst time.
Tom 'What're the chances?
Doug 'So I guess Jason's request for nerve gas yesterday was obliged?


Monday, December 27, 2004
Augusta Maine.

The Boss is resting comfortably in his bedroom,
having a nightmare,
when suddenly the door comes flying off it's hinges,
by a loud explosion.

Seconds later,
the Boss realizes he's flat on his back, on the floor,
and soon notices 4 masked men in ninja outfits, towering over him,
barely visible through the haze.
Too stunned to speak, the Boss simply stares back.

Within seconds the Boss is being rushed out of the house
and into a waiting Van, and by this time the Boss
has already passed out.
Later the Boss wakes up,
and finds himself staring at some sort of panel,
like he was on trial or something,

but he couldn't make out any faces,
since he was the only one lit up by some sort of bright light.
As his eyes started adjusting,
he soon realizes he's facing 12 men in white robes,
all dressed like priests.

An eery silence pervades the room,
and just as the Boss starts to say
'Heee heee, whad is dis?
He's quickly interrupted by a booming 'Silence!
Boss 'But I I didn't do it! I I swear I didn't.
Silence pervades the room again,
and the Boss starts shifting in his seat.

Finally the head of the court gives a nod,
and Priest 1 starts to speak,
in a calm yet firm tone, and says

Why did you defile the sanctity of this man?

The Boss confused responds with 'Heee heee huh?
The Boss squints his eyes
as if trying to glimpse a closer look at the priest, and continues

Sanktity of what man? You got the wrong guy,
I I didn't do a thing.

Priest 8 'On the most holiest of days,
you tried to prevent this man,
from renewing his spirit, why?
Priest 5 'A christian, a devout catholic, and you stood in his way.

Soon the tone escalates into harsh anger
Priest 4 'You plotted and schemed against this man! Why?
Are you not a christian!
Priest 12 'Have you no respect for this man's beliefs!

Soon the accusations escalate in quick succession
Priest 1 'Why did you defile this man!
Priest 3 'Why! Why why why!
Priest 7 booms with 'Who! do you think you are!
You had no right to stand in his way!

Priest 9 'You can torture, and wreck havoc and persecution,
but you cannot stop this mans beliefs! You cannot!
Soon the entire court approaches the Boss,
exclaiming loudly
Why did you defile this man!
Why! why why why why! why why why why!
The Boss overwhelmed and defenseless, starts crying out
Nooooooooo, nooooooo, leave me alone! I I I'm innocent.
I innocent, innocent, innocent,,,,,


Little Billy continues to jump on the Boss's back,
while Little Karen is shaking the Boss repeatedly, saying

Dad! wake up dad! wake up wake up wake up!
Finally the Boss starts to stir,
and upon seeing Little Karen, whispers to imself

Whew. Dey almost got me.

Soon the Boss is sitting up, rubbing both eyes,
and says
'Tanks kids,
you saved me fom anotha close one.
Suddenly the Boss grabs Little Karen
and starts kissing her repeatedly saying

Tank you tank you tank you, tank you tank you tank you.
while Little Karen giggles with delight.

Meanwhile Sid and Fird are at their post
atop the neighbors house.

Fird 'I can't believe he actually gave the order.
Right before Christmas too.
It just makes you wonder doesn't it.

Sid 'You sure it was nerve gas.
Fird 'Nobody really knows.
It was some bad stuff. Let me put it that way.
We use the term, nerve gas, euphemistically,
as a representation.
Let's just say it's an atrocity, whatever they're using on the guy.

Sid 'So they screwed up this guys Christmas.
Fird 'That's like an understatement.
They were terrorizing the guy,
at the level of last April and May.
By yesterday the guy couldn't even open his blinds.
Sid 'You gotta be kidding me. The threats were that plausible?
Fird 'Hey, these guys do this for a living.
Decades of experience. Even I'd believe it.
And of course sleep deprivation, drugging the guy, and nerve gas,
make you more susceptible.

Sid 'This is sick, I'm tellin ya.
Gassing and terrorizing the guy right before Christmas.
Fird 'Apparently the apparent incarceration attempt,
3 days before Christmas, was the jumping off point,
for terror and torture.
Sid 'You mean deluging the guy with nerve gas,
while simultaneously deluging the guy with incarceration threats.

Sid shakes his head saying 'Is there no end to this stuff?
This is like the 9th month.
How could they do this to the guy?
Especially after serving his country so well.

Fird 'It might have something to do with the guys religion.
Sid looks at Fird and says 'Say what? What're you kidding me?
Fird 'Something about DT becoming more energized and principled.
Sid looks at Fird and says 'Thats it? That's the big threat?
That's what they're afraid of?

Fird 'Well historically,
DT has gone to great lengths to report atrocity,
and they attribute it to his religion.
Sid shaking his head says 'This is unbelievable,
they tortured im because of his religion?

Fird 'Why do you think they were on the guy,
anytime he'd try to go to church.
Then 2 weeks ago, the guy starts playing religious christmas music
and they immediately sabotaged his stereo, permanently.
Sid 'Just like that?

Fird 'Then on Christmas eve,
there he is watchin all the religious christmas shows,
including the midnight mass at the Immaculate Conception in D.C.,
and there's the shop irritating the guy with allergy gas.

Sid 'Allergy gas.
Fird 'It stimulates the mucus membranes,
makes your mouth water, makes your nose run,
and you have to keep blowing your nose.
Sid 'Sounds like a cold to me.
Fird 'Sounds like it, but it aint.

Then the next night they gas the guy even worse.
Sid 'You mean Christmas.
Fird 'DT starts playing religious christmas music again.
Sid 'I thought they permanently sabotaged it.
Fird 'He shelled out 500 bucks for a new stereo.

So there he is playing the christmas music,
for the first time on christmas day,
and bam! they start torturing the guy with lung gas.
So DT endures the torture, continues watching the religious shows,
and while watching a special on the bible,
bam! the torture escalates, and there he is,
ending Christmas day living out of a gas mask.

Sid 'I can't believe this dude.
They already screwed up the guys holiday with the continued scrutiny.
A gas mask? On Christmas day?
Fird 'Along with lung gas,
they used lung itch gas, headache gas, and some choking gas,
to induce violent repeated coughing.
He had no choice but to use the gas mask,
not the heavy duty one, but the one that looks like a respirator.
Sid 'The heavy duty one? I don't even wanna ask.

Fird 'Then about a week before Christmas,
the guy gets a teeny Christmas tree, and they laugh at the guy.
Sid 'Then one day he buys some holiday chocolates
and they switch the chocolates on the guy.
Then on Christmas eve, the guy buys some holiday pastries,
and the clerk intentionally dumps it on the dirty counter.

Fird 'Obviously they went to extra lengths to screw up this guys christmas.
Sid 'Anything and everything related to the holiday,
Fird 'stalking the guy with large teams.
I already mentioned the night club, trying to provoke the guy,
the staged accident attempt, the apparent incarceration attempt,
sabotaging the guy's vehicle, to name a few.

Sid 'Only because it's a religious holiday?
and historically it invigorates the guy?
Fird 'Apparently so.
They're afraid that invigoration will lead to more detailed reporting,
at least that's been the case historically.
Sid 'In a free society that's the way it should be, shouldn't it.

They tell me the apparent incarceration attempt,
was on the 7th anniversary of his mothers death.
Fird 'Almost shows absolute premeditation, doesn't it.
Actually it was one day shy.
Sid 'If you want premeditation,
they tell me, 4 days before the apparent attempt,
the shop started communicating things like,
"You aren't going to be here for long"
"I will remember you" "Nice to know you, good bye",
and then there was that ambulance parked in front of the guy,
the day the shop hit the guy with severe sleep deprivation.