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and the characters are fictional)

January 13, 2005

Donny and Drake are making their way
down a busy city street,
when suddenly this stranger
startles Drake in his tracks
by running right into him

and grasps Drake by both shoulders,
as if in a desperate manner,
both wide eyed and full of fright,
quickly blurts out

The Inquisition still exists!

Drake, too startled to respond,
and offended by the seemingly obnoxious intrusion,
simply gawks at the decrepit old man,
who appeared homeless,
and is immediately revulsed by the odd stench,
and trys to break free.

The old man continues

Please, I mean you no harm.

Drake, quickly ascertains no threat,
and conceding to the insistent manner,
and suddenly curious, asks

Who are you?

The old man quickly replys
Former chief of staff, and confidante to the King.

Drake stares back,
as if confused,
by the irony of the bold words,
and the old mans decrepit appearance,
then hastily trys to loosen the old mans unusually strong grasp.

The old man retains this piercing stare, and insists saying
Drake 'What do you want from me?
I have no money to give.
The old stranger quickly looks behind and all around
as if afraid and paranoid,
and quickly says

There isn't much time.

As the Old man trys to continue,
he's interrupted by a nasty sounding cough.

Drake all too familiar with the shop's chemical arsenal,
quickly recognizes the sound,
and knew immediately he was target.

Donny asks 'Who you running from old man?
but knew the old man wouldn't have the answer.
With a failing raspy voice the Old man says
Four, the number Four.

Drake and Donny, hot on the shop's trail,
immediately knew what the old man was talking about.
Suddenly both men were intrigued and more curious than ever.

Donny 'Who is it?
Who is Four?

The Old man quickly looks behind again and hesitates.
Drake looks up to see 4 tough guys quickly approaching.
Drake then grabs the Old man by the shoulders and demands

Who is it! Who is four!
The Old man hesitates again, obviously distracted,
then quickly says
'Very few know that answer.

The old man is interrupted by a cough again, then continues
But there are clues.
The old man hesitates again,
and Drake immediately sensed that revealing the name and identity
was some how taboo, despite the old mans decrepit state.

The old man continues with a failing raspy voice
It's all symbolism.
That's how they leave their mark.
Drake gripped by curiousity,
shakes the old man, demanding

What mark!
Who are they! Why do you run!

Despite his decrepit state,
the old man continues as if with a set agenda,
like his message was scripted and premeditated, and says

Follow the symbolism, and you will have your answer.
Drake 'What symbolism? Where do we look!

Old man 'The prime numbers are significant,
especially "3", "7", "11", "13", "17", and "19",
including their inverse, and their complements,
both below and to the right.
The Old man hesitates, then continues
They also use multiples,
and matching letters in the alphabet.
Drake stares back as if confused

The old man quickly looks back again,
then gasps with
"I have to go!"
Before Drake could respond,
the old man was already gone, fleeing in the opposite direction,
and Drake is amazed by the old man's speed.

Donny shaking his head, says
Even I can't run that fast.

The Old man suddenly turns and yells in a fleeting manner
The clues are in the 60 minute clock, the 360 degree graph,
the pentacle, and .....
By this time the Old man could barely be heard,
but Drake demands yelling at the top of his lungs

And what?

The Old man responds, but Drake couldn't hear.
Drake begins to ask Donny a question,
when he's suddenly interrupted, as 4 tough guys in black suits,
quickly fly by, barely able to maintain the old mans pace.

Drake 'Did you get anything?
Donny 'It looked like he was mouthing the word zodiac.

================================================================ '.
================================================================ '.

Later both men are in a restaurant
trying to decipher the cryptic message.

Donny chewing on some spaghetti,
'Chief of staff?

Drake shaking his head says 'It didn't make sense.

Donny 'Delusional perhaps?
Drake 'No, I'm absolutely sure this man was on the level.
Somehow I knew he was tellin the truth.
But chief of staff to what? The King?

Suddenly Drakes cell phone chimes.
Drake 'Yeah.
Base 'The commander wants to know
why you didn't drag the guy in for questioning.
Drake 'It happened too fast.
One second he was telling me this stuff,
then bam, he was gone.

Base 'What about the 4 tough guys?
Drake 'What can I say,
I was dumbfounded, too stunned to act.
Base 'How'd the old man know where you were?
Drake 'What?
Base 'He must of known your schedule, to the exact minute?
Drake 'I'm stumped, I have no idea.

Base 'Jack wants to talk to you.
Jack 'The number "4", is associated to "20" and "16".
Drake 'How you figger.
Jack 'On the clock, in military time,
0400 hours, 1600 hours, and 20 minutes,
all mark the same spot.

And get this,
you got the major tragedys occurring on the 4th month of the year.
To name a few,
the civil war begins on April 12th,
Lincoln is assassinated on April 12th,
the Titanic sinks on April 12th,
FDR suffers a stroke on April 12th, and dies.
Allot of other activity for the month of April.

Drake 'Why April? Why is "4" so significant?
Jack 'Then if you divide 360 degrees into 12 pieces,
the 4th piece is at 120 degrees.
Drake 'Now you're getting creative.
What does that mean?

Jack 'It coincides with the prime number "11" on the clock,
and the numbers "23" and "55" hold the same position.
Drake 'What's "11"?
Jack 'It was prominent during the JFK assassination.
Of course you know 11-22 as the assassination date.
Oswald was shot at 11:22.

Drake quickly interrupts asking '11:22?
Jack doesn't respond and waits for Drake to continue.
Drake 'That means Oswald's apparent assassination
was staged and timed.
Certainly this was no coincidence.
Jack 'Appears so.
Donny 'Why bring it up?
Drake 'Well because a recent apparent expert,
insisted Ruby acted on impulse.

Jack continues 'Kennedy arrived that day
about half past 11, at Love Field.
His motorcade maintained a speed of 11 mph in the kill zone.
The investigation started on the 11th month,
and lasted 11 months.

Jack continues 'Clay Shaw,
the only person accused in a court of law,
dies 11 years later, after the hit.

Drake interrupts again thinking out loud 'Clay Shaw, Clay Shaw.
Didn't he run the CMC? He was like the chairman of the board.
Donny 'CMC?
The Cuban Missile Crisis had the same initials.
Drake 'Exactly what I was about to say.
10-16-1962 we were on the verge of world war III,
the 2 super powers on the brink of a nuclear holocaust.

Donny 'Wait a minute,
that was the 3rd anniversary of Oswald's defection.
Drake looks at Donny, and Donny continues
Oswald also got the job at the school book depository on 10-16,
and get this, Oswald's birthday is 10-18, just 2 days off.

Donny 'When did the Cuban Missile Crisis end?
Drake '10-28.
Donny stares through Drake for a few seconds then says
That's when the 2nd tower fell on the 11th day of September.
Drake 'You mean 9-11, the North Tower fell at 1028.