(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

January 14, 2005
Arlington National Cemetary
Washington DC

Its a brisk Thursday morning,
and a 21 gun salute
echoes across the well landscaped rolling hills
while general Ruckers watches the proceedings
from his 4th floor office.

Lt. General Archer 'He's being honored as a hero sir.
General Ruckers 'Hero?
60 years after his death?
Lt. General Archer '64 years sir.

General Ruckers 'This is unprecedented.
Who authorized this.
Lt. General Archer 'Stump.
General Ruckers turns and glares down at the lieutenant, and says

Lt. General Archer 'Stump sir.
General Ruckers simply glares back.
Lt. General Archer shrugs and says
You don't wanna know.
General Ruckers continues glaring.
Lt. General Archer
He has a clearance you wouldn't believe.
I can't tell you who he is, sir.

General Ruckers continues glaring, then says
General Butler a hero.
Lt. General Archer
He saved this country from Fascism
back in 1933.

General Ruckers simply nods waiting for the lieutenant to continue.
Lt. General Archer
In 1933 he foiled an attempted coup d'etat,
right after FDR took the helms
and took the nation off the Gold Standard.

General Ruckers responds with
Why wasn't he honored as a hero back then.
but had this look like he already knew the answer.
Lt. General Archer 'FDR, although he had the authority,
never pursued the accused.
Neither did the press make a big deal out of it.
So essentially the public was pretty much in the dark.

General Ruckers simply nods.
Lt. General Archer continues
like he was an actual witness, and says

Yep, 4 years after the big stock crash,
when a few people got real rich,
and that my friend is no understatement.
Because all that money didn't just disappear,
it had to go some where.
General Ruckers 'What are you, a stock broker?

Lt. General Archer continues
By 1933 the few had allot of money and power.
General Ruckers simply nods while watching the proceedings.
Lt. General Archer continues
Yep, they were gonna do it with a 500,000 men.
That's allota soldiers back then.
An army financed by the who's who of corporate america.

Yep, FDR knew all of these people too.
General Ruckers 'So they wanted Fascism?
like Hitlers Germany.
Lt. General Archer 'By 1933 Fascism was the going thing.
In fact Hitler and FDR took control the same year and month.
General Ruckers 'How coincidental.

Lt. General Archer 'Had General Butler not acted,
it's possible World war II would of turned out much different.
Like a major Fascist collaboration.
General Ruckers 'That's hard to fathom.
A fascist regime here in the United States.
Lt. General Archer 'So you see sir,
General Butler did much more than he went down in history for.
The conspiracy even offered him the position of Dictator,
can you believe it.


Meanwhile, a hero's eulogy continues, in Arlington,
as 6 star General Wright continues to speak,
in a deep booming raspy voice,
towering over the podium,
in the frigid weather,
with the fog of his breath clearly visible
with each spoken word.

He stood up to the biggest power brokers in America,
he refused fame and glory,
he refused money and power,
he refused the limelight,
special treatment, and a celebrity lifestyle,

because he believed in America,
it's ideals and it's rule of law,

because he believed in Freedom, and individual rights,
Because he knew,
that Fascism!
or any other kind of Totalitarianism!

had no place in this great land of ours!

Immediately scattered applause echoes
from the 500 people at the ceremony

6 star General Wright continues

And because he took the oath,

as a true patriot,
and a staunch marine,

to protect god and country.

And yet,
despite this heroism,
despite this exceptional character of a man,

who defended America to the very end,

not even our best and brightest, could protect this man,
because they didn't know who he was!
or what he did!


Meanwhile, back at the command center.

General Ruckers 'So what year was it again?
Lt. General Archer
1940, pancreatic cancer, a society elimination tactic.
It was the same year of the Smith Act.

General Ruckers 'What was the Smith Act?
Lt. General Archer
Apparently it authorized the prosecution of seditionists.
General Ruckers 'They needed an Act for that?
Lt. General Archer 'Sounds fishy don't it sir.