(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

Another work of science fiction
For entertainment poiposes, of course.

160 million BC
The middle of the Jurassic period,
The Bermuda Triangle is a complete land mass,
in fact only one continent exists.

The mighty roar of a Trex
echoes through the valleys,
on a hot humid morning,
while a misty haze permeates the atmosphere,
partially shielding the incandescent beauty
of the night sky,
with a very bright moon, beaming in the background,
and an even larger Red Giant sun looming in the distance.

The Trex continues to roar
with a fearsome might,
alternating with the roar of several other
Tyrannosaurus Rex's,
after feasting all night
on an unusual delicacy.

Meanwhile a group of giant insects
are busy on an unusual task,
in a nearby cave,
that wasn't your ordinary cave,
in fact this one
looked like it was carved out of the rocks
with precision.

3 Insects continue a crucial surgery,
trying to save their leader,
from an unusual attack.

Insect 1 communicating telepathically says
They sound like they know.
Insect 2 'No way dude,
what'ya kidding me.
Stupid monsters are too stupid.

Insect 1 'They're not that stupid,
I think they might be sensing somtin.
Insect 3 'Yeah right.
They probably need some rain or somtin.
Suddenly the earth rumbles and shakes
from an apparent tremor.

Insect 1 'With all that geologic activity,
the last few days,
they gotta be sensing tings aint the same.

The 3 Insects suddenly remain silent
as if the surgery demanded their full attention,
while a laser light show proceeded
inside what looked like a glass tube,
just large enough to contain the injured insect.

Large display screens covered the walls of the lab,
apparently communicating an up to the minute status
of the procedure,
in what looked like mathematical formulas,
but of course the symbols are very odd indeed.

The 3 insects continue to conduct the procedure
seemingly telepathically,
guiding the lasers with precision,
repeatedly looking at the screens,
as if for pricision guidance.

Finally Insect 3 throws his hands in the air and says
It's no use, we're gonna have to use the humanoid.
Insect 1 immediately objects with 'No way!.
Insect 2 'The prototype is still experimental,
the helix is still in its infant stages.
Insect 3 'Either that or we lose Hairy.

All 3 Insects look at eachother then concede to the body transplant.
Insect 1 'Hairy aint gonna like this.
Insect 2 'Is he gonna be surprised when he awakes.
Insect 1 'You sure about this guys?
He wont be able to fly,
he wont be able to do this, do that, have sex, you name it.

Insect 3 'Alright guys,
what will it be? a humanoid head, or keep his own?
If we go with the humanoid
it's obviously gonna be more complex.
It could take days.
On the other hand, stick with his own head,
and we'll be done before we get the evacuation orders.

Insect 1 'You heard the increased frequency of seismic activity,
we should've been gone yesterday.
Insect 4 'Come on guys.
we're here illegally in the first place.
If the empire knew we was here,
we'd be eliminated on the spot.
Insect 2 'We can't evacuate without a ship you moron.

Insect 4 flys out the cave mumbling telepathically
Stupid navigator, I can't believe he fell asleep at the wheel.
The ship was sabotaged I tell ya.
Insect 2 'Stupid navigator compromised our position and our lives.
The helions are sure to find the ship.

Suddenly Insect 6 comes bursting through the entrance and says
All right guys we're out a here!
Insect 1 protests 'We can't leave now!
What about Hairy?
Insect 6 'Hurry dam it!
The team took a big risk just being here.
The helions military flotilla will be here by noon tomorra, at the latest.

Suddenly the earth trembles violently,
by a gigantic earthquake, at least 17.0 on the richtor.

All the Insects look at eachother.

Insect 1 'Stupid empire, they let the helions do what they want.
Insect 2 'What are we, a defacto empire?
Insect 3 'You better watch your language.
10 to 1, the helions are listening in right now.
Insect 2 'Yeah right, we'd all be dead by now.

Insect 5 'Bunch of idiots create this gigantic tourist attraction,
and now the dino's have to go.
Insect 2 'Save the Dino,
who's idea was it anyway.
Insect 1 'At least we tried.

Insect 2 'If the helions ever find out,
it was us that kept sabotaging their efforts,
the last few million years,
the empire would suffer dearly.
Insect 5 'Dearly? How about crushed.

Insect 2 'Stupid idiots, why can't they leave our universe alone.
There we were turning complete galaxies into slaves for the empire,
then the helions show up.
Insect 7 'Relax guys, the dino still has 100 million years to go.
Complete extinction is due by then.
Insect 5 'Yeah in earth years.
Insect 3 'So.
Insect 5 'So.
Insect 3 'What up dude.
Insect 1 'Alright guys knock it off.

Suddenly the Insects are interrupted by a trex
roaring at the caves entrance.

Insect 2 'Not again.
Insect 5 'I think Billy the Trex is hungry again.

Insect 1 instructing insect 6 says
Go paralyze the idiot, and relocate im.
Insect 2 'He probably wants more humanoids.
Insect 1 'Try tellin that to Hairy when he wakes up.
Insect 3 'Dam it guys! We're under the gun.
Get the Trex out a here! and let's get to work on Hairy!
Insect 5 salutes and says 'Yes sir! capitan!


The next morning,
the surviving scientific party
is back on a rescue ship,
and just as the navigator sets the destination coordinates
the ship explodes cataclysmically,
midway between the earth and the moon.

Minutes later the helions flotilla
slowly makes it's way through the debris,
and toward earth.

An hour later the entire earth is encircled by the helions flotilla.
The command center of the mother ship,
is all display screens.
The commander gives the signal,
and suddenly seismic activity over the entire continent
is clearly visible,
with spewing lava clearly marking the initial seperation
of the continents,
especially over the Bermuda Triangle.

Insect 11 communicating telepathically says
Look at that,
aint that a beauty.
Insect 12 'I kind a liked the old park.
Insect 11 'Hey lighten up,
the empire has big plans.
Insect 13 'I liked the old design too,
it kind a demonstrated power and superiority.
Insect 11 'We're here to entertain, not go off on an ego trip.