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and the characters are fictional)

January 27,2005

Frankfurt, Germany

Three lieutenants are having drinks
with the boys at an officers club.

Jebby, slightly intoxicated,
slams his fist on the counter and says

I can't believe dis! Tell me it aint so!
Barker nods his head in confirmation.
Jebby 'What is this Russia?

Boomer 'What?
Jebby 'They got DT writin under torture now.
Boomer 'These idiots!
Barker 'Either that or he don't write at all.

Boomer 'I don't get it, they never resorted to torture before.
Barker 'Sure they have, but not like this.
They would let the guy write, but he'd usually get punished.
Now it's like they don't want him writin at all.
Jebby 'Whad'ya kiddin me?

Barker 'You saw what appened last time.
Jebby 'You mean a few months ago,
when they had DT hangin by a financial string.
Barker 'Yeah, DT thought that was it,
so he started short circuiting his journalism,
cuttin to the chase, so to speak,
you know, trying to write what he thought he knew,
about 9-11.

Boomer 'So what appened?
Barker 'The leadership at the command center hit the roof.
They were all goin "I want him stopped! I want him stopped!"
Boomer 'What, so they gotta torture im to stop im now.
Barker 'Appears so. At least that's the intent.
Boomer 'Dam, how do you write under severe sleep deprivation?

Barker 'Then yesterday, the guy was ready to do another web report,
and they blatantly stop the guy by druggin im.
In fact after his 2 reports 2 weeks ago,
they suddenly went into obstruction mode.
Boomer 'What 2 reports?
Jebby 'The stuff about Oswald, the number "11",
and that report on the 1933 attempted overthrow of the US govt.
DT was thinkin 11+11+11 was 1933, you know stuff like that.

Barker 'So bam, take away his first amendment rights.
Boomer 'Hey they wouldn't let the guy vote in the presidential election,
so they're probably thinkin, why not.
Barker 'In fact just as he was ready
to publish the January 13 report,
bam, they shut his website down.
He couldn't even access his website files.

Boomer 'They could do stuff like that?
Jebby 'But eventually he did publish it.
Barker 'Yeah, after they reviewed the contents,
by the next day.
Boomer shaking his head says
I thought this only happened in Russia.

Barker 'Then 2 days later,
they stage a provocation with hostile intent.
Boomer 'You mean a hit attempt?
Barker 'They even conspired with a business establishment
for the event.
Boomer 'I can't believe this stuff.
Just because he wrote those two reports.

Barker 'Obviously it's a change of disposition.
Anything he writes on 9-11 or JFK now, it's bam!
Boomer 'Dam.

Barker 'Then a few days later, starting January 21,
it's one accident attempt after another,
bam bam bam.
Jebby 'I can't believe this stuff.
Barker 'In fact they conspired with a business establishment again,
for the event.
Boomer 'For what?
Barker 'Long story.
The objective was to create a distraction.
Boomer 'Sounds like they obsessively wanted this citizen in an accident.

Jebby 'Wait a minute, January 21, starts the 11th sign of the Zodiac.
Barker 'Of course, possible symbolic retaliation for number "11".
Boomer 'You think DT might be on to somtin?
Jebby 'Didn't the space shuttle columbia,
go down during the 11th sign of the zodiac, in 2003.

Barker 'Maybe, but the guys pretty much out a resources again.
And obviously they're ready to obstruct anything they don't like.
Boomer 'I still can't believe this.
I thought when we took the oath,
it meant protecting our liberties too.

Barker 'They even shut his email system down,
the first week in January,
apparently as a prelude of things to come.
Boomer 'I thought he never gets emails anyway.
Jebby 'Huh?

Barker 'Since his website went up 3 years ago,
the assertion is that they routinely intercept emails,
especially emails from the website.
They'd probably have a better chance emailing to tsoliz@socal.rr.com,
or call Tony at 818-395-1560.

But even those emails are screened.
Boomer 'You mean deleted don't you.
Barker 'They'll even probably sabotage the cell phone, or DT's voice.

Jebby takes a drink and says 'I still can't believe this stuff guys.
Barker 'And of course
they're routinely giving the guy memory wipes.
Boomer 'Which means he has to keep going over the same research.
Barker 'Time he just can't afford to waste.

Jebby 'Man they screw up his holidays, and now this.
So I guess he aint under scrutiny anymore.
Boomer 'Why you say that?
Jebby 'Take a look, it's like a free for all.

Barker 'They're even intruding on this citizens.
last place of refuge,
a piece of the American dream,
where citizens have the right to feel secure in their own home.
Boomer 'Again?
Barker 'They got strangers repeatedly walkin across his patio,
they shut off his water,
which creates obvious hygiene and cooking problems.
For awhile there, he couldn't even wash his own clothes,
until he figgered an alternative.
Boomer 'Why! why why why!

Barker 'Apparently they're trying to simulate what it's like to be homeless.
In fact they've repeatedly staged homeless people impersonators,
the last few weeks.
Boomer 'why?

Barker 'It's like last time, trying to extort compliance.
Jebby 'You mean, "give us your secrets or go homeless".
Boomer 'Which means they must be screwin up
any other opportunitys he might have.

Jebby 'What, they think they own the guy or somtin?
They'll just use his secrets to perfect their operation,
torture people better.
Boomer 'Man that's patriotic right there,
sheilding the secrets
from the most ruthless organization to walk the planet.