(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

Another work of science fiction
For entertainment poiposes, of course.

December 28,2005

0500 hours

The North Atlantic Ocean,

Tropic of Cancer
1800 miles west of the African Sahara

The Blackhawk Scavenger Hunter
slowly makes it's descent
against a fierce biting wind
slanting a heavy rain
directly against the craft
reducing visibility by 30%.

Within minutes the craft sets down
on the Naval search and rescue vessel
and the crew quickly
make their way
with serious intent.

The greeting party quickly receive the crew
exchanging salutes
and escort the crew.

Jason 'When did the airliner go down?
Captain '24 hours ago.
Jason 'What's with the strong military presence?
Captain 'The NTSB is standing down.
Jason looks back questioningly.
Captain 'I'll show you in a minute sir.

Within minutes the science team
is staring at an injured seal

Before Jason could ask
the medic explains.

Self induced catatonic state.
Jason simply scrutinizes the patient,
while the medic continues.

Medic 'We're guessing some type of trauma,
while surveying beyond the wreckage.
Jason 'Beyond the wreckage?

Not getting a response,
Jason turns to see a seal team
standing at the entrance.

Team leader 'We'll take it from here.
Jason is quickly escorted below deck
where he suits up for the deep sea dive.

Jason 'What caused the crash?
Team leader 'The NTSB says it was methane.
Jason 'Say what?
Team leader 'They say a deep sea fissure suddenly opened up.
Jason doesn't respond as if contemplating

Team leader 'They're thinking it was the Sumatra quake
two days ago.
The quake lifted the earth one inch world wide.
So apparently things were jarred and displaced
along the North Atlantic Ridge.

Jason doesn't respond, as if deep in thought.
Finally Jason says

Obviously you're not here to survey the wreckage.
Team leader nods in acknowledgement.

As the seal team make their way to the deck
Jason asks

So you say Jerome took a detour
and suddenly had an experience.
Team leader nods and says 'That's why you're here.

An hour later the team
has descended 3000 feet,
exploring the caverns
along the MidAtlantic Ridge,
After maneuvering through several twists and turns
the team settles back
while directing Jason's team to the cavern in question.

Jason holds up,
signals his team to wait,
and he boldly enters the cavern,
and quickly notices a temperature increase,
and soon notices an obvious bubble stream
from a deep sea fissure.

Before Jason could move any further,
he's suddenly jolted and stunned on the spot,
and he seems to black out
but he knew he was still very conscious.

Abruptly and suddenly
he was suddenly moving faster then he'd ever experienced before
through some kind of winding tunnel
then abruptly and suddenly
he was staring at the earth from above
and couldn't believe what he was looking at.
Wait a minute, the continents are all screwed up.
What the hell?

Soon he noticed the crew was was,
what the hell, insects?

Or or, insect hybrids?
Suddenly an insect looks directly at Jason
as if into his soul,
and receives a command to set the coordinates,
but the insect aint movin his mouth?
What the hell?

Just like that the craft
is shooting through a winding tunnel
at lightening speed
but he had no fear?

Just as instantaneously
the craft is hovering over earth again?
But but this earth looks different too.

As he looks at the ondeck screens,
he could see clear seismic activity,
with lava spewing every which way.

Soon the scene changes dramatically,
and he's suddenly in the midst
of the geological violence,
with a persepective from from
15 feet above the ground?

Jason quickly realizes he's fleeing
this way and that
with a herd of of
Tyrannasaurus Rex's?
with the ground shaking violently,
and and lava?

Then just like that,
a chasm suddenly opens up
right in front of him,
and lava suddenly starts spewing
straight into the air,
and rains down on his helpless body,
and Jason starts screaming in pain in agony


Two medics are struggling to hold Jason down
in his hospital bed.

Jason starts coming to,
with a medic saying
'It's ok buddy,
everythings going to be ok.
Jason finally trys to sit up,
and quickly realizes he was incredibly weak.

Both medics gently push Jason back under the covers.

medic 'We knew you'd come out of it Jason.
Allot a big people want to talk to you.
Jason still weak responds in a raspy whisper
Say what?

The medic looks at Jason a couple seconds then explains
You were out a whole month Buddy.
Jason squinting his eyes,
simply looks back,
then soon notices there were two visitors
sitting nearby,
both members of his team.

Minutes later Jason is chatting with the two team members.
Hairy 'Glad you're back buddy.
Leroy 'You were saying some crazy stuff man.
Leroy hesitates then continues
Before you went under.
Jason frowning a little asks 'Like what?

Leroy 'Atlantis?
Jason 'Huh?
Leroy 'You were exclaiming loudly,
"They were here! They were here!
Jason 'Who?
Leroy 'It sounded like you were
referring to the lost continent,
that archeologists have yet to find.

Jason 'The lost continent of Atlantis?
It's just a theory I had.
Leroy 'Where?
Jason 'The Atlantic Ridge, North and South.
Hairy 'Of course, the name is so obvious,
The Atlantic ocean.

Jason 'Just a theory dude.
A year ago I was reviewing the satellite imagery,
and the ridge matches perfectly.
Leroy 'Perfectly? With what?
Jason 'The initial seperation of the continents.
This is where it happened.

Leroy 'You're in Bethesda naval hospital.
You're not on the high seas anymore buddy.
Jason seems to ignore the comment and continues

While in that cavern,
suddenly I seemed to see everything.
It was like I was 100 times smarter.

Africa drifted 1800 miles east,
while its lower half drifted a bit further by 300 miles.

South America drifted South west by only 900 miles,
while rotating clockwise by 40 degrees.
Therefore the lower half drifted considerably more,
by an extra 1500 miles.

My guess is there was a tremendous seismic force
right off the Tristan Da Cunha islands,
at 15 degrees longitude,
and 45 degrees latitude south,
giving both continents a gigantic push,
at their lower ends,
but the force was 50 percent greater towards South America.

Leroy 'Huh?
Hairy 'Huh?

Jason 'In other words,
the Northeast top of South America,
use to be parallel with the Equator.

Then North America got a tremendous push
and drifted 2400 miles North west.

And the southern part, near Florida,
either got a gigantic jolt,
or something blew a gigantic whole,
where the gulf of Mexico is today.

Leroy 'Come to think of it,
there's a deep sea basin, 28,000 feet deep.
Hairy 'Where?
Leroy 'The Bermuda triangle.
Jason 'The southern tip.
You're referring to the Puerto Rico trench,
better known as the Milwaukee Deep,
right off the Northern coast of Puerto Rico.

Jason suddenly sits up in bed and exclaims wide eyed
That's it!
Leroy 'What?
Jason '65 million years ago,
the blast that apparently finished off the dinosaurs.
That must of been it!
The big hole that is now the Gulf of Mexico.
The force was so tremendous,
that it spun South America around by 40 degrees,
and sent North America west, by an extra 600 miles.

Hairy 'Which means the original location of the blast,
All three look at eachother and Jason says
The Bermuda triangle!.
After a few seconds, Jason lays back down and says
But it's only a theory.

That might explain,
why the North Atlantic current flows Clockwise,
while the South Atlantic current flows counter clockwise,
and part of the reason
you got all those hurricanes
pounding the coast of Florida.

Hairy 'I thought it was the high hot winds
shooting off the Northern Sahara.
Before the discussion could continue
the medics interrupt,
and order Jason to rest.

As Leroy and Hairy start to leave, Jason asks
How long was I in the cavern?
Leroy 'Less than 30 seconds.