(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

February 11, 2005
An F23 Night Scavenger
maintains speed and direction
on a northwesterly course
over the north atlantic.

The Co-Pilot scrutinizing the ocean below says
So that's where it appened?
Pilot 'The Mid Atlantic Ridge,
Tropic of Cancer,
45 degrees latitude.
Co-Pilot shaking his head says
I still don't believe it.
I gotta talk to Jason myself.

Pilot 'The guys changed man.
He ain't the same anymore.
Co-Pilot 'Like how.
Pilot checks his controls and says
Just different, wiser, smarter, almost...
Co-Pilot 'Almost what.
Pilot 'I don't know, spooky,
Like he could communicate with you without talkin.
Co-Pilot 'Yeah right.

Both remain silent checking the controls,
then the Co-Pilot shakes his head and says

Looks like the Brits got us on radar again.
Pilot 'You gotta be kidding me.
The government paid billions to make us invisible.

Co-Pilot 'Look for yourself.
Pilot 'That's not radar,
we're registering on their cell phone transmissions.
They probably don't even know what it is.

More silence then the Co-Pilot says
I understand DT made a breakthrough in the case.
Pilot 'Too little too late.
The guys scraping the barrel again.
The Boss is ecstatic, like he can't believe it.
Co-Pilot 'Especially after what happened last year.

Pilot 'This time they're ready for the guy.
Obstruction obstruction obstruction.
Co-Pilot 'In what way.

Pilot 'Repeated memory wipes, sleep deprivation, sleeping gas.
It's like moving through quick sand or somtin.
Time is definitely not on this guys side.
Co-Pilot 'So with no resources for research,
why don't he just take off?

Pilot 'The guys been at this for too long,
he'll just weather the onslaught, and do what he can,
like he did last year.

Co-Pilot 'Yeah but, let's be reasonable,
you can't research without resources.

Pilot 'He does have one option however.
Co-Pilot 'What's that?
Pilot 'Give up his secrets.
Co-Pilot 'You know that'll never happen.
The society'll just use the info to improve their operation.

The Pilot remains silent.
Co-Pilot 'So it's like the captain of a damaged ship,
sending out the SOS.
Pilot 'Dam obstructionists.
It should've never have gone this far, if if..
Co-Pilot 'If what, if this were a free society.
A 7 year economic boycott? What'ya kidding me?
Under who's authority?

Pilot 'Even that aint enough for these sadists.
Co-Pilot looks at the Pilot.
The Pilot continues
They're repeating last years tactics,
using the boycott as leverage,
essentially tellin the guy,
"give up your secrets or go homeless"

Co-Pilot 'Unbelievable.
Is there no dignity
after everything this citizens done for this country?
Extortion tactics, what'ya kidding me?

Pilot 'I'm tellin ya these guys are ravenous
for what this guy knows.
It's like a scientists dream come true.
Co-Pilot 'That explains the obsessiveness.
House arrest, incarceration, anything to get this guy in their hands.

Pilot 'Just today, they used scare tactics again.
Co-Pilot 'Like what?
Pilot 'He goes to a store, and they decline 3 credit cards.
and then refuse a personal check.
Co-Pilot 'That almost sounds impossible.

Pilot 'It's shop harassment,
apparently a reminder of their boycott.
For the first time in years he had to buy things in cash today.
Co-Pilot 'How? can they do this?
Pilot 'I think you already know the answer to that question.
They'll call up a credit card company and order them to stop a card,
or simply have a store feign the same thing.

Co-Pilot 'I can't believe this stuff.
Pilot 'Then they essentially communicate,
"join us or go homeless".
Co-Pilot looks ahead shaking his head.

Pilot 'Then to exasperate the situation,
make it more compelling,
they deprive the guy of sleep,
then taunt the guy.
Co-Pilot 'Huh?
Pilot 'Symbolically of course,
essentially communicating something like
"go ahead, run, escape, let see you try".

Co-Pilot 'That's what they did last christmas and New years.
Pilot 'And right before the super bowl.
Co-Pilot 'What kind a taunt is that?
They boycott the guy into a corner,
and taunt him like "let see you try to escape"?
Pilot 'Unbelievable, aint it.

They would also threaten incarceration
if he tried to do so.
Co-Pilot 'Talk about messing with somebody.
Pilot 'It's called psy war.

Also today, they lock the guy out of his own residence,
Forced him to stand out there in the cold and rain.
Co-Pilot 'Givin im a taste of homelessness again.

How'd they do it?
Pilot 'They had his gate card deactivated.
Co-Pilot 'How can they get away with this stuff?
Pilot 'Hey obviously the guys vulnerable,
after a 7 year boycott.
Co-Pilot 'These guys are like predators.
Pilot 'That's all they live for, I'm tellin ya.
They've been doin this stuff for decades.

More silence then the pilot says
Then at the park today,
they lock the guy out of all the restrooms.
Co-Pilot 'How?
Pilot 'Surveillance obviously,
predicting destinations, predicting movements.

More silence then the Pilot says
Then the other day, as if to set the tone,
they pulled out the bad stuff,
the same gas they deluged the guy with last April.
Co-Pilot 'You mean chemically attack the guys brain,
make im susceptible to the psy war.

Pilot 'Of course there was already the psy war
on this guys own home last month,
shutting off his kitchen water,
people rudely crossing his patio.
Co-Pilot 'And of course deactivating his gate card.

I heard this rumor about doin stuff to the guys genitals?
Pilot 'After that November report on 9-11,
and the mention of the ball in the court yard.
They were always pouring irritants on the guys genitals,
while he would sleep helplessly in bed,
but after the november report, bam!

They proliferated the harassment,
with fleas, leaches, poison ivy derivatives,
and who knows what else.
Co-Pilot 'Man I've heard enough of this stuff.