(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

February 21, 2005

The Boss nonchallantly makes his way,
down a long corridor,
like he didn't have a care in the world,
turns up another corridor,
and stops at the entrance to conference room 2002-a.

The Boss just stands there
as if unsure about entering
and starts tinkin to himself.

"Go in Boss, don't be afraid"
The Boss looks around,
"who who said dat"

"It's me Boss"
"oh, whad'ya want sucka"
"get in there! and collect your medal"
"heee heee you sure?"
"you sure dis aint a setup?"
"no it aint, get in there you coward"

"you betta watch yor mouth sucka"
"who you callin sucka? sucka"
"shuddup sucka"
"no you shuddup"

soon the boss starts drawing the attention of passersby,
and the boss cups his mouth whispering to himself

"little sucka your makin a scene"
"shuddup sucka"

suddenly the conference room door opens
and the aid motions for the Boss to enter.

The Boss cautiously enters
and salutes the 3 generals already seated
smoking cigars.

The Boss looks around and says Heee heee, dis don't look like no awards ceremony.
General 1 'Why do you say that?
Boss 'Heee heee, I dunno.
Where's all the guests?

General 2 booms 'Sit down!
We just have a few questions.
The Boss quickly says 'Yes sir!
and quickly takes a seat,
facing all 3 men.

Soon the Boss starts fidgeting and shifting in his seat
under the glare of the 3 generals.

After a minute the Boss nervously blurts out
I didn't do it! I swear I didn't!
General 2 'Did what?
Boss 'Heee heee I dunno.
Why am I here?

Finally General 3 speaks.
We're curious why you viciously tortured DT last night.
The Boss simply looks back
as if stunned by the question.

The Boss then shakes his head questioningly saying
I I don't unnastan.
General 2 booms 'You understood perfectly!
Answer the generals question!

The Boss laughs nervously saying
Heee heee what is dis? the inquisition?
All 3 Generals simply glare back waiting for the answer.
The Boss then says
He he caught my boys off guard last night,
in in the rain and stuff'

We was tinkin if if he wanted to run,
he could a given us twubble.
General 1 'Typically you used sleep deprivation
to immobilize in the past,
but this time you partially crippled the guy.
Boss looks back a few seconds then says
Heee heee so.

General 3 looks over to Aid-2, nods,
and within seconds a tough guy has the boss in a head lock
kissing the conference table.

Immediately the Boss squirms and mutters in protest.
General 3 'Let im up a little,
I can't understand him.

The tough guy cuts the Boss some slack,
and the Boss looks up heaving
like he was trying to catch his breath.

The Boss quickly says 'ok! I'll talk!

All 3 Generals glare back waiting for an answer.
Boss 'It it was uh uh, it was uh....
The Boss hesitates then says
He he was shivering in the cold rain and stuff,
so so, we didn't know how cold it was,
cause cause all we could see, is him on our monitors,
so so .
General 3 booms 'Get to the damn point!
Boss 'we tot he was was succumbing to our psy war.
General 1 'Just because he was shivering in the cold?
Boss 'Heee heee, we didn't know how cold it was,
like I was sayin.

General 2 'So you thought you had im cornered like a helpless animal,
and attacked like a predator.
Boss 'Heee heee yep.
General 1 'That's all it was?
Thats why you partially crippled the guy,
assaulted the citizens shoulder
while he slept helplessly in bed.
Boss 'Heee heee yep.

General 2 'Now was that so hard?
Givin us the straight cold truth.
Boss 'Heee heee heee,
so so I aint in trouble or nuttin?
The Boss is suddenly relieved
like a big weight was lifted,
and starts conversing, as if with old friends.

Heee heee, little sucka could barely move dis morning,
heee heee, even grimaced when puttin on his sweatshirt,
didn't even botha takin a shower
General 1 'So why cripple him like this?

Boss 'Heee heee, dat way he vulnerable to stuff.
like provocations.
We even deprived im of sleep too.
All 3 Generals simply stare back.

The Boss continues
cause dats how we did it last December and January,
you know, afta he paid his bills and stuff.
You know, cause cause experience shows,
dat dat when we boycott targets like dis,
and and their reserves stot stot dwindlin,
that that they become agitated when bill time come along.
Heee heee, cause who wouldn't,

so bam! dats when we stot attackin.
General 1 'You mean the violence,
the provocation into violence,
to take advantage of any agitated state.
Boss 'Heee heee exakly,
Dats the bess time ta stwike,
boom! bam! boom! when the enemy at his weakest.
Heee heee, heee heee heee.

General 3 'But what's underlying objective behind all this.
The Boss looks at the general a couple seconds, then says
Heee heee, incarceration, or or house arrest.
Heee heee, cause dats when we got im,
dat when he at our beckon command, do dis! do dat!
Heee heee, tell us how dis wooks,
can you be a wittle mo explikative.

General 1 'explika what?
The Boss looks at the general as if with impatience,
then says
General 1 'Oh, you mean explicative.
Boss 'Heee heee, plus we could drug im at will like dat,
put in unna hypnosis, ta ta make sure he tell us the truth,
you know stuff like dat.

The 3 Generals simply look back.
then General 2 says
'You didn't pump im up with animal tranquilizer did you?
The Boss looks back a couple seconds then continues
Heee heee, Dats why we screw up any oppatunity that comes his way.
General 1 'What for?
Boss 'Cause man, he ours, he belong to us,
we found im foist!
If we cant ave im, den nobody can!

General 1 'You seem purty emphatic.
Boss 'You callin me fat?
General 2 'Relax boss, don't have a cow.
Boss 'What'd you say?
General 3 'All right, cool it!

General 3 then looks at the Boss and says 'Please continue.
The Boss continues 'Heee heee, heee heee heee.
General 1 'What's so funny?
General 3 gives General 1 the eye, and he's immediately silenced.
Boss 'Heee heee, we work it juss like we did with the officials.
General 1 'You mean contaminate the evidenciary landscape.

Boss 'Heee heee yeah,
chem war, psy war behind the scenes.
Typically gassin im, to screw up his image,
you know, make im look fidgety, or give im a weak voice,
or make it look like he has a cough,
as the excuse to gas im unna captivity.

General 1 'And drugging,
in fact last night you pumped im up with alcohol,
as a pain killer, so he wouldn't abruptly wake up
like he was just attacked in bed.
The Boss looks back as if confused and says
But he was attacked in bed.
General 1 'Never mind.

The Boss continues looking at the general then continues
Heee heee, we play everybody like we do the officials,
propaganda, half truths, falsehoods, lying,
heee heee, you know, stuff like dat.
Heee heee, plus now that we got officials believin everyting we tell dem,
it's like the guys already labelled.
Heee heee, so so see how much powa we got.
DT ours! He ours!
Heee heee, either that, or say hello to the streets.

General 1 'Hello?
The Boss glances at general 1, then General 2 says
So you Boycott this citizen for 7 years,
then use the boycott as leverage to get what you want.

Boss 'Heee heee yep, purdy much.
Heee heee, den ta speed up the decision makin process.
we staging homeless people impersonators where ever he go now.
Heee heee, we even use the media ta say tings like
"easy come, easy go"
"May you lose every penny!"

General 1 'So that's why you're so paranoid
about the guy escapin.
Boss 'You dam wight! whad'ya kiddin!
Can you imagine how quickly we could do stuff,
do torture with ease and grace.
General 1 'Ease and grace?

The Boss looks at the general then continues
Heee heee, we even usin the police now,
you know for the symbolic trets,
like "if you twy ta escape, bam! incarcerated!"
General 1 'Just like that?
Boss 'Juss like dat.

Heee heee, a few days ago, we twy ta scare DT in the parking lot,
you know actin like officials were stalkin im.
Den on his way home,
we had a copper block the freeway onramp,
den when he was nearing home,
we had a copper stop im,
to let a funeral procession go by.

General 1 'All in one day?
Boss 'All the same day,
and all in about a 30 minute time frame.
General 1 'Sort of makes it all look connected don't it.
Boss 'Heee heee, dats the whole idea.

General 1 'The funeral procession was like a symbolic death threat,
wasn't it.
Boss 'Heee heee, dats in case he do what he did lass time.
General 2 'Like what?
Boss 'You know, those pointed 9-11 stories,
gettin to the meat of the matter.
Juss recently little sucka stotted soaking up
the latest issues,
like the ambitious social security overhaul plan,
in the face of clear and mounting opposition.
Even W's sidekick in the House,
don't wanna go for raising the earnings cap to 140,000,
that AARP says will solve half the poblem.
General 3 'You wanna stick to the topic at hand.
Boss 'Yes sir, sowwy sir.
General 3 'So what's with the death threat thing again?
Boss 'Heee heee, ta keep im line, you know.
I mean if he runs, what good is he?
Right? Right?
All 3 Generals simply look back

Boss 'Heee heee, afta he stotted askin fo donations on his website,
lass lass...
General 1 'Last February 11th.
Boss 'Heee heee, we all knew how futile it was.
General 2 'How so.
Boss 'Come on, you know,
we the obstruction experts.
General 1 'You mean cell phone calls, emails, ....
Boss 'Heee heee yep, to name a few of the tings we obstruct,
plus anybody who twys ta get thru, it's propaganda time,
you know, like we already talked about.
DT is ours! I tellin ya!
Heee heee, heee heee heee.

The day afta DT stuck contact info on his website..
General 1 'You mean February 12th.
Boss 'Heee heee, we staged 3 people at 3 different times
at the pock, with their index finger pointed at their temple.
General 1 'Why three?
Boss 'It's symbolic fo DT's last big 9-11 report.

Heee heee, den juss yesterday we communicated
"You won't know what hit you, once we get to you".
General 1 'That sort of shows premeditation
when you assaulted the guy in his sleep last night,
don't it?
Boss 'Heee heee so, what he gonna do? He can't pwove nuttin.

General 1 'So that explains the paranoia last year,
about DT escaping during the holidays.
Boss 'Yeah man, we figgered,
If he was gonna do it, dat the bess time ta run,
since allota my people went home fo the holidays.

General 1 'So you're attackin the guy with little restraint now.
as demonstrated last night.
Boss 'Heee heee, like I said earlier,
afta we propagandized the officials,
it like he already labelled.

General 2 'Which essentially gives you the excuse,
to step it up a notch.
Boss 'Heee heee yep.
General 3 'That wasn't the reason for the
lethal chemical assaults last year was it?
Boss 'You damn wight it was,
bam! we get their audience,
bam! we hoodwink them,
bam! we now ave the excuse ta have our way,

wid dis nemesis who knows too much.
General 1 'So he's like a witness.
Boss 'Not much of a witness if he's labelled,
He hee hee heee heee hee hee he!

You can't imagine what a danger dis guy was,
to our secret genocidal operations,
and even worse, the people who run it and know about it.
Heee heee, so now we can do stuff.
Heee heee, afta he published the February 11th report,
we pulled his legs apart while he was sleepin.
that same night.

General 1 'Huh?
Boss 'You know, sort of like in the year 2000,
when we crippled im in bed.
General 1 'By simply yanking his legs apart?
Boss 'Heee heee yep.

Cause even then he knew too much,
and essentially had a news operation,
that was bent on the truth, and nothin but the truth,
and of course you saw what appened after the year 2000,
9-11, columbia, the big corporate scandals.

General 1 'So back in 2000
the society knew he'd write about all this stuff.
General 2 'So when you crippled im in 2000,
that was an elimination attempt.
Boss 'That was the same year
we whipped out the lung gas.

General 1 'So the intent was to
disable his ability to clear his lungs through exercise,
while you tried to gas him to death.
Boss 'But the little sucka was crafty.
That's when he stotted livin out of a gas mask.

General 1 'unbelievable,
because he knew too much, was bent on the truth,
and knew how the write.
Boss 'Yep, dats it, the truth,
the biggest danger to everybody.

General 2 'And when he decided to theorize on the JFK assassination
back in 1997, then all hell broke loose,
and soon the society started boycotting this citizen financially.

Boss 'Plus otha stuff.
You would neva believe the stuff we did to this citizen.
Why you guys askin all these questions anyway?
All 3 Generals simply look back.

After a few seconds of silence,
the Boss continues and says

Yep, as soon as 2005 hit, bam!
we stotted doin stuff,
he writes a 9-11 report, and bam! we shut down his website,
den we stopped his email system,
and we now kick im off his website allot.
Heee heee, then juss the otha day,
we stopped his credit card he uses to keep his site running.

General 1 'Let's back up a little.
So last February 11th, DT published a report on his website,
that same night, the shop retaliates by yanking his legs apart,
then the next day, the shop symbolically threatens this citizen,
by staging people pointing their index finger at their temple...

Boss 'Yeah, so whats yor poin?
General 1 'Then 10 days later, that was last night,
they partially cripple the guy, in an unprecedented manner,
by simply assaulting his shoulder.

Boss 'Why you all lookin at me like dat?
I said I toll the truth.
General 1 'Seems to me the assault last night was premeditated
before DT was shaking in the cold rainy night, yesterday.
General 2 'Seems to me too.
Boss 'Come on guys, dats my business.
General 1 'Do we look like people you wanna lie to.
Boss 'Come on guys, don't do me like that,
come on.
We trained to keep our mouths shut, even under torture.
Come on, I juss doin my yob.

General 3 nods his head, and the tough guy returns to his position.
General 2 'The truth this time.
Boss 'Ok, dis the up an up.
General 1 'The what?.
Boss 'Little sucka...
General 1 suddenly stands up as if affronted.
General 3 'Sit down!
He means DT.

The Boss continues while keeping an eye on General 1 saying
DT pulled out the 9-11/JFK research yesterday.
General 3 'Ok, now that's believable.
Boss 'Little sucka was spinnin through the stuff
like there was no tomorra, like he was ready ta write stuff today.

General 1 'That explains the sleep deprivation too.
General 2 'And of course, by partially crippling,
would make it difficult to exercise off the drugs,
the shop pumped into the guy last night.

General 3 'Crippling the guy,
was probably making good on the threat they issued on February 12th.
General 2 'In other words, the shop is gettin tough,
on DT's journalism,
willing to resort to the most ruthless tactics to stop im.
Boss 'Who are you guys, really?
I thought you was all with the society.