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and the characters are fictional)

March 6, 2005

The Boss sits at the end of a long conference table,
reclined virtually prostrate on his chair,
while a group of generals
intently watch the big screen.
of a significant meeting in progress.

The Boss continues to shift in his chair,
wide eyed and obviously agitated,
as if anticipating a reprimand.

General 1 puffing a cigar,
glares intently at the screen
then turns and looks at the Boss.

The Boss immediately sits up in his chair
and nervously starts lighting up a cigar
as if trying to conceal his unease
under the generals glare.

General 1 then looks at General 2
and asks

How much do you think they know?
General 2 looking at the Boss and says
Not enough,
to cause any concern.
General 3 'But if they start digging,
it could get messy.

Meanwhile the meeting continues
at the Los Angeles branch of shirt headquarters.

Donny 'Do we have any witnesses.
unbeknownst to Stan,
he stares directly into the concealed camera
and says
'Definitely, no question about it.
Stew 'This investigation is hush hush,
nothing leaves this room.

Stan then looks at Johnny and asks
Johnny shaking his head as if skeptical says
Guinea pig for the space program?
In the United States of America?
It's just it's just
too fantastic to believe.

Stan retorts sternly
It's not your job to believe!
We have corroborating statements,
and have decided to investigate, is that clear!

If any of you,
think you can't give 100% on this probe,
you are free to bail.
But you must do it now!
because after today,
you are all my dedicated servants!
Is that clear!

I will not tolerate skepticism, doubt, or hesitation!
Once the ball is rolling,
we will work like clock work,
boom, bam, boom!
Is that clear!

Now let's review the circumstances of the probe.

Subject a, was spirited out of the state of colorado,
under conditions of terror and deception,
and into the arms of an air force family,
as a temporary holding area.
Benny 'There were three.
Stan 'Correction,
3 children.

Johnny 'Children?
Stan 'Yes, kids,
but only one, subject a516705,
is the focus of this investigation.

Billy 'Why so young?
Stan 'It's called grooming for the position,
fabricate plausible deniability,
for the .....
Johnny 'Position?

Stan 'Position without pay.
Essentially that's what it really is,
subjecting a guinea pig through a series of endurance tests,
then the ultimate atrocity.
The group look intently at Stan,
waiting for him to continue.
Stan then says
so the target can't talk,
about the ordeal.

Johnny 'Ordeal?
Stan 'A series of endurance tests,
similar to survival,
under the harshest conditions,
which include social quarantine,
communications quarantine,
and minimizing brain activity.

Donny 'minimize brain activity?
Stan 'sleep deprivation,
specialized drugs,
to limit intellect, mental coordination,
then forcing the target to survive the onslaught.

KC 'Onslaught?.
Johnny 'A gigantic arsenal,
of chemical, biological, and psychological warfare.
Johnny 'While the guy was a kid?
Stan 'Once groomed for the position,
the onslaught begins when the target is about 33 years old.

Johnny '33?
Stan 'It's a symbolic number,
almost an arrogant marker, for the group reponsible.
Johnny 'So we're not talking about a particular government agency here.

Stan 'Rogues in a position of power,
to make something like this happen,
secretly, without scrutiny,
yet still garnering the full resources
necessary, for men, equipment, expertise, and training,
all paid for by taxpayer money.

Tony 'How do you groom somebody,
for the position?
Stan 'It requires a conspiracy.
The objective is to establish or fabricate
a negative history,
to be used as plausible deniability,
as the excuse
for the anticipated effects of the program.

Johnny 'So there must be others.
Stan 'Most definitely.
However, a rare breed indeed.
These guys are the lucky ones,
one in a million.

Billy 'Do you have any idea who the organization is?
Stan 'Not at this time.

Billy 'Do you have any specifics,
on what exactly they do to these kids,
to fabricate a history.
Stan 'chemical and psychological warfare,
but at a minimal controlled level.

Johnny 'You mean gas and drug them?
Stan 'Even with the bad stuff,
but at a controlled level.
The objective is to establish similarities,
to the effects of a full blown program.
The similarities would be the plausible deniability.

Johnny 'So essentially it's like being born into slavery.
Stan 'That's exactly what it is.
Johnny 'This is absolutely bizarre.
The slaves were freed with the 13th amendment,
after the civil war.

Stan 'And that's exactly what I want you to research.
Johnny 'The civil war? That was like 140 years ago.
How could it possibly have any bearing on this case?
Stan 'The biggest terror organization to walk the planet,
originated after the civil war.
Johnny 'huh?
Stan 'You see Johnny,
the suspicion is,
they're the ones who perfected our psychological warfare,
but they had to use live human guinea pigs to do it.

Meanwhile the other group continue to watch intently,
having heard the entire conversation thus far.

General 1 looks around and asks impatiently
Where's the Boss?
General 2 'He had to use the men's room.
He said he might not be back.
General 1 'Huh?
Go get im! Now!

Meanwhile the Boss is in the men's room,
yelling into the receiver.

Boss 'Little sucka! How they know so much!
huh! huh! huh!
Talk to me!
Gerard 'I have no idea Boss. I swear.
Boss 'Little sucka! You talked didn't you!
Gerard responds defensively, in a high pitched tone
I did not, I swear. You gotta believe me.

The Boss's eyes starts darting to and fro,
like his mind was racing with a hundred thoughts.

Gerard 'Boss? You still there?
Boss 'Shuddup! can't you see I'm tinkin!

I can't believe they know about the air force family.
Gerard 'huh?
Boss 'The one's who took Goose in, when he was a youngster.
Gerard 'So it is true then,
the shop inititated the terror campaign
a couple years before he was spirited away.

Boss 'Shuddup, I tinkin.
Gerard 'You're not thinkin of runnin are you?
Boss 'You idiot! only targets run!

Gerard 'What's the big concern about the air force family.
Boss 'Don't you see!
She gave Goose a call,
right before she mysteriously died.
Gerard 'Oh,
you mean, January 31st, on the 45th anniversary of the space race,
a day before the Columbia detonated over Texas a couple years ago.
Gerard 'oh oh.

Then they're the same ones who dump the Goose in California,
the same week RFK gets assassinated.
Boss 'It juss a coincidence!
Gerard 'Coincidence?
I say Goose's perpetrators are the same people.

Boss 'Duhhhh, what are ya stupid!
Gerard 'Actually, the space program,
might be the bottom line here.
Boss 'Shuddup dammit! Somebody might hear.

We gotta keep DT fom shootin off his mouth.
There's nothin left in the barrel is there?
Gerard 'Well Boss, that might save your ass.

Plus, he hasn't written anything big on 9-11,
since last November, over 2 months ago.

In fact we shut his website down, tonight,
just as he was about to publish another report.

No it wasn't on 9-11.

Yesterday he intended to do a 9-11 report,
but we drugged him, so he couldn't write it.
In fact we drugged him the day before too.

Boss 'Dammit! I wan im hit hod with memory wipes tonight!
You got dat!
Don't screw it up!

Gerard 'By the way, remember when you slammed DT's brain so hard,
with memory wipes..
Boss 'We always do dat.
Gerard 'Let me finish.
So hard, that you screwed up his writing abilities.
Boss 'Heee heee, really? When was dat?

Gerard 'May 2003,
right after he published his theories
on the columbia tragedy.
The Boss suddenly goes silent,
and his eyes start darting again.

Gerard 'Boss? You still there?
Boss 'Do you tink they know?
Gerard 'Know what?
Boss 'Do you tink they might tie in to the space program?
Gerard 'Well it was a harsh reaction,
for a set of unproven theories.
Unless of course DT's speculations were were correct.
Boss 'Dammit! Keep your voice down!


March 7, 2005

Stan is busy at his desk,
mapping out a strategy for his latest probe,
when he's suddenly interrupted by his partna.

Stew comes rushing in,
and slaps a short document
on top of Stan's work.

Stan looks at the document
then looks up saying
'What's this?
Stew 'Tony dug it up.

Stan takes a second look
perusing the document with greater scrutiny,
and starts reading excerpts out loud.

The ###### has infiltrated the upper echelons of gov######?

Stan immediately looks up and asks
Who wrote this?
Stew 'DT.
Stan 'When?
Stew 'There's no date,
but we're guessing sometime in 2003,
while DT was being forced out of his $380,000 home.

Stan doesn't respond as if contemplating.
Stew 'We're guessing this is the same information
given to city council members, the district attorney,
the US attorney, and possibly the police,
early last year, in March.

Stan 'That was right before
he claims the shop
tried to silence him chemically,
and incarcerate the guy.

Stan leans back in his chair,
looking at Stew as if contemplating,
then says
'Their leader claimed they were defunct
back in January of 1995.
Stew 'At least visually.
They're the same organization
that abruptly dropped to 1 percent in membership
after the 1929 stock crash,
or so they say.

Stan continues gazing at Stew,
then starts reading the document again.

The sniper attacks reinforced the terror threat?
while congress was in session
debating the use of force against Iraq.

The ### ####### intentionally
took the #### by the horns?
rendering it ineffective during 9-11?

Stew 'He quit on 6-22.
Stan 'What's 6-22?
Stew 'The 4th sign of the zodiac.

Stan continues reading
The CT unit was
intentionally? undermanned and understaffed,
making it ineffective? during 9-11.

Stew 'By the way,
during the 9-11 hearings,
the ###### was staged puffing his cheeks,
as a symbolic gesture, a year ago in March,
right before the shop tried to silence DT.
The gesture was on the front pages.

Stan 'A symbolic communique.
Stew 'A shop tactic,
communicating intent, using symbolism,
toward a specific target.

Stan continues reading
A conspiracy involving ############ ############
bilked and swindled? US investors out of billions,
with an unprecedented level
of corporate bankruptcys?

that "cooking the books"
was an ancronym for embezzling billions?
from the corporate coffers?

That the 2002 9-11 congressional probe,
was fillibustered and obstructed by the ##########?

Stan looks up at Stew
and Stew frowns in response.

Stan 'This proves nothing,
where are the facts? the details?

Stew 'It simply suggests a motive,
on why the shop suddenly tried to silence DT last year,
using secret means,
and why they tried to incarcerate the guy.

Stan simply looks at Stew as if contemplating.
Stew continues 'You also have to consider the timing.

It was the heat of the 9-11 hearings,
the presidential primaries were ready to begin,
and any scandal, especially on 9-11,
could've affected the outcome of the election.

Stan 'So you're saying,
bam! DT was simply swatted out of the way,
like a pesky fly.

Stew 'Ruthlessly, mercilessly, without remorse,
with no concern for this citizens well being,
and with no concern for potential damage and debilitation.
Something like this cannot occur in this country,
unless DT was right, about a shadow conspiracy.


Tuesday March 8, 2005

Billy and Doug
sit at an outdoor cafe
having lunch
across from the Hilton

Doug cups his stereo headphones
closer to one ear
for a closer listen

Billy 'What's he saying?
Doug doesn't respond, continues to listen,
then says
'They just shut down DT's website again.
Billy 'Again? DT must be onto something.

Doug continues to listen, then Billy continues
This is arrogantly unprecedented.
This is the 3rd time this year,
right before DT is about to publish.
They didn't do this once last year.
Then of course last year was when they garnered an audience,
so of course they wouldn't do anything stupid.

Doug interrupts and says
Now they're slowing the guy down with sleeping gas.
Billy 'Sounds like the shop's real paranoid
about what DT's gonna publish next.

After a minute
Doug takes off the headphones and says

It looks like they stopped communicating.

After a short silence Billy says
Did you read the papers,
Clintons goin back in for surgery.

Doug 'When was the last time?
Billy 'Labor day weekend.
Doug 'Hmmmm, the same president
who left office with a strong labor market,
a booming economy, and a budget surplus.
Billy nods in agreement.

Doug 'It sort of took him out of action
didn't it, in the heat of the presidential election,
two months before the election.
Billy 'Then the other week,
his wife feints during a speech.

Doug 'Who was the other person who feinted?
Billy 'When?
Doug 'It was a governors race.
in, ummm, 2002 I think, the Florida race.
Billy 'Reno? the former attorney general under Clinton.
She was the one who kept needling ###########
to get their act together,
after a string of intelligence failures in the 90's.


at the Los Angeles branch of shirt headquarters.

Jebby is busy at the tube
and soon notices Stan standing right behind im.

Jebby doesn't say anything
then Stan says

I have something I want you to look into.

Jebby 'Sure thing Stan,
as soon as I finish this bit on Goose.

Stan 'What bit?
Jebby 'Did you know
that he was ushered into a private school
at no cost,
while his friends and relatives
had to go to a public school.
Stan has a questioning look on his face 'No, I didn't know that.
Jebby 'It was unusual for a hick town, at the time.

So what do you want me to dig in to?

Stan 'The stock market.
Jebby looks back curiously and says 'ok.

Stan continues 'Who profited the most from 9-11?
Concentrate on the travel industry,
the services industry, the defense industry,
and big oil.
Jebby simply acknowledges with a nod.
Stan 'The weeks before 9-11,
was there anything unusual,
big sell offs,
unusual trading volumes,
people dumping shares,
stuff like that.

As Stan starts to leave,
he turns and says

And don't limit yourself to the United States.
Jebby 'You got it.