(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

March 1, 2005

0100 hours


The Hindu Kush mountains
Just North of Kabul

Flares light up the night sky
as a firefight ensues
near a rebel strong hold
deep inside a valley

The rebels
continue to fire down
from a secure vantage point
holding a team of Army rangers at bay
and unable to maneuver

Within a seconds
an SH-60 Seahawk
shoots down out of the mountains
at a steep dangerous angle
and immediately
sets down near a group of injured rangers

The Search and recsue team
immediately load up the injured Rangers
and quickly depart

After clearing the danger zone
one of the injured Rangers
suddenly stands
and draws a weapon.

The 3 other Rangers
immediately follow suit
and within seconds gain control of the craft.

After releasing the captives
at a holding pen
Stump manipulates the controls
and the Seal team
disguised now as medics
set course for the USS Carolina

Crowbar 'That was too easy.
I expected at least some resistence.
Stump 'From PJ's?
Seal 1 'Don't knock it, PJ's are the best.
Without another word
Stump pulls out a schematic of the aircraft carrier
and the team reiterates
their assignments, timing,
and positions.


0400 hours

The Arabian Sea
just south of Karachi, Pakistan

The Sea Hawk
gradually touch's down on the Flight Deck
of the USS Carolina
and the disguised seal team
immediately hop off the craft
and make their way to the hanger deck of the ship.

Crowbar 'Come on guys we're 30 minutes behind schedule.
We just got 30 minutes before we get the 911 call.

Stump quickly makes his way to the lower decks,
finally reaches the engine room,
makes another quick descent
and turns into a compartmentalized chamber,
but the door is secure.

Within seconds a muffled c-4 charge
forces the steel door open
and 3 seals now dressed as commissioned officers
quickly enter the top secret command post
and quickly incapacitate
the 5 sailors manning the electronics.

The 3 seals quickly manipulate the computers
searching and downloading specific information
and within 15 minutes have left the chamber
and making their way to the flight deck.

Like clock work the seals get the emergency
search and rescue page
while switching clothing

Within minutes the team
is in the air and headed for an undisclosed location