(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

March 1, 2005

0100 hours


The Hindu Kush mountains
Just North of Kabul

Flares light up the night sky
as a firefight ensues
near a rebel strong hold
deep inside a valley

The rebels
continue to fire down
from a secure vantage point
holding a team of Army rangers at bay
and unable to maneuver

Within a seconds
an SH-60 Seahawk
shoots down out of the mountains
at a steep dangerous angle
and immediately
sets down near a group of injured rangers

The Search and recsue team
immediately load up the injured Rangers
and quickly depart

After clearing the danger zone
one of the injured Rangers
suddenly stands
and draws a weapon.

The 3 other Rangers
immediately follow suit
and within seconds gain control of the craft.

After releasing the captives
at a holding pen
Stump manipulates the controls
and the Seal team
disguised now as medics
set course for the USS Carolina

Crowbar 'That was too easy.
I expected at least some resistence.
Stump 'From PJ's?
Seal 1 'Don't knock it, PJ's are the best.
Without another word
Stump pulls out a schematic of the aircraft carrier
and the team reiterates
their assignments, timing,
and positions.


0400 hours

The Arabian Sea
just south of Karachi, Pakistan

The Sea Hawk
gradually touch's down on the Flight Deck
of the USS Carolina
and the disguised seal team
immediately hop off the craft
and make their way to the hanger deck of the ship.

Crowbar 'Come on guys we're 30 minutes behind schedule.
We just got 30 minutes before we get the 911 call.

Stump quickly makes his way to the lower decks,
finally reaches the engine room,
makes another quick descent
and turns into a compartmentalized chamber,
but the door is secure.

Within seconds a muffled c-4 charge
forces the steel door open
and 3 seals now dressed as commissioned officers
quickly enter the top secret command post
and quickly incapacitate
the 5 sailors manning the electronics.

The 3 seals quickly manipulate the computers
searching and downloading specific information
and within 15 minutes have left the chamber
and making their way to the flight deck.

Like clock work the seals get the emergency
search and rescue page
while switching clothing

Within minutes the team
is in the air and headed for an undisclosed location


March 7, 2005

1200 hours

Lisbon Portugal

The Lear Jet gradually makes it's ascent
through the morning fog
over the Lisbon coast

Crowbar 'Dam look at the scenary.
Seal 1 'Where, I don't see anything.
Seal 2 'The pastel del nata, was too much man.
Seal 1 'The pastel whata?

Suddenly a jetliner appears out of the clouds
heading directly at the Lear jet
from the opposite direction

Stump quickly steers the jet sharp left
just missing the giant craft
while the entire team
seems to go "shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"

Crowbar 'What'd you think you were flying?
an FA-18 Hornet?
Stump 'Shutup, and transmit the data.
Crowbar loads a disk and starts transmitting to headquarters

Crowbar 'So you think we found the nest?
Seal 1 'what nest?
Seal 2 'I don't know.
What nest Stump?

Stump remains silent concentrating on the controls.

2 hours later, Stump is on the line
with base headquarters.

Stump 'Ajax? sparkplug? and cromagnum?
They're obviously aliases.
Base 'Their roots go way back, way back.
Stump 'How far back?
Base 'The civil war.

These guys were waging psychological terror campaigns
since 1866.
If you want the ultimate in terror tactics,
these guys are the ones to talk to.
Stump 'What kind of terror?
Suddenly the connection is lost.

As the team wait for the call back,
Crowbar says
'Civil war?
Stump 'Yeah, Harpers Ferry, John Brown, 1859,
the first act of terror against the south.

Stump pauses as if trying to recollect, then continues
Yeah John Brown, and his team,
raided the US arsenal, held the town hostage,
and sent shivers of fear through out the south,
like, as if to say,
'we're comin to your town, and we're gonna free the slaves by force'.

Crowbar 'Slavery?
Stump 'A big issue in 1861,
when North and South went head to head,
wiping out 600,000 US citizens.

Crowbar 'Terror in 1859?
Stump 'October 16, 1859.
Crowbar 'Wait a minute.
That was the Cuban Missile Crisis,

October 16, 1962,
when the whole eastern seaboard
of the United States, or rather the whole country,
was gripped in shock and awe,
when the country was literally staring doomsday in the face.
That has to be the worst terror episode
this nation has ever faced.

Stump 'Let's see,
that was the 103rd anniversary of the raid on Harpers Ferry.
Crowbar 'That was the original 9-11 timeline.
Stump 'What?
Crowbar 'The initial reports,
gave 8:45 as the time the North tower was hit,
and 10:28, when the North tower fell,
which is 103 minutes.

Stump 'It's gotta be coincidental.
Then again, October 16,
was the same day JFK's apparent assassin defects in 1959,
and the same day he gets the apartment in Dallas in 1963,
weeks before JFK is assassinated.
Crowbar 'And of course JFK was the man at the helms,
experiencing the brunt of absolute terror,
during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Silence pervades the cabin, then Crowbar says
Wait a minute, did you say Harper's Ferry?
Stump nods
Crowbar 'David Ferry, was the key witness,
in the first real investigation on the JFK assassination.

Stump 'What happened to him?
Crowbar 'He was eliminated,
I mean he died on Washington's birthday.
Stump 'February 22nd?
Crowbar 'Before he could testify.
He died right after he was interrogated by the D.A.

Stump 'Which D.A.?
Crowbar 'New Orleans, 1967, Jim Garrison.
Stump looks at Crowbar, repeating the name
Garrison, Garrison.
then says
Wait a minute, Garrison was a vocal critic of the South,
before the Civil war.
He even damned the constitution for permitting slavery.

Crowbar 'Huh?
Stump 'Will Garrison, 1854.
Crowbar looks at Stump a couple seconds, then says
So let's see if I got this right.
one Garrison slams the constitution in 1854,
for allowing slavery in the south.
then another Garrison invokes the constitution,
in JFK's defense, 109 years later.

Stump 'You mean 113 years later.
The Garrison trial was in 1967.

Crowbar looks at Stump and says 'Of course,
so JFK was assassinated 109 years later.
Stump looks back waiting for Crowbar to continue.
Crowbar 'That was JFK's naval patrol boat in 1943, PT-109.

It was split in half, by a japanese destroyer, in August of 1943,
during world war II, in the Solomon islands.

The amazing thing was that the 90 foot craft,
had to be obscured, since it was a moonless night,
along an obscure passageway, called the Tokyo express,
officially known as the Blackett strait.

Stump 'Blackett strait, hmmmmm.
Notice the key word "Black".
Crowbar 'Perhaps associated to the big civil war issue,
Stump looks at Crowbar a few seconds, then continues
So perhaps the assassination was premeditated
at least 20 years before it happened.
Crowbar 'That would put a spin on allot of history, wouldn't it.
If that was plotted long in advance,
then what else was preordained?

Suddenly an air to air missile
slams into the tail section of the craft
creating a small fireworks display in the sky
as the two sections of the lear jet
go crashing toward the sea

Within seconds the specially modified craft
safely ejects the 2 pilots

While Stump is gliding down in his parachute
he happens to notice an FA-18 hornet in the distance
headed in their direction

Within seconds the F-18
riddles Stumps parachute
with machine gun fire
and he goes crashing into the sea

Second later
a surface to air missile
suddenly shoots up out of the sea
and completely obliterates the fighter jet
in a gigantic fireball.


Washington D.C.

0700 hours

Chucky listens intently
as the early morning news
reports the downed aircraft

Anchor 'The pentagon is reporting
a downed FA-18 this morning.
A pentagon spokes person
says the pilot suddenly lost control
during a bombing training mission
over the North Atlantic,
about 800 miles west of Portugal.

The Navy states this specialized craft
has had flight performance problems in the past,
known as "wing drop".

A search is underway for the missing pilot

Meanwhile in other news,
a trail of destruction.....

Chucky quickly shuts the tube off
and makes a phone call.

Soon Jack is shouting over the phone
with a series of vulgar expletives
continuing with

Dam it! dam it! dam it!
Where are they now!
Chucky 'Some sub picked them up, sir.

Jack 'What're you kidding me!
A submarine just so happened to be in the area.
We're either very unlucky,
or we're up against something big.
Have you ID'd the raiding party?
Chucky 'They were all dressed
as commissioned officers, sir.

Silver tooth says they had to be commandoes.
Jack yells 'Of course they were commandoes you idiot!
Did you get the faces on tape.
Chucky 'Yes we did sir,
but they were all wearing sunglasses,
and the room was filled with haze.

Jack 'Dam it.
These guys are good.
What about the medics?
Chucky 'They were all quickly sedated.
They said it all just happened too fast.
Jack 'I can't believe this.
After all that,

and we still don't know who these people are.
Chucky 'After all what sir?
Jack quickly says 'Nothing.
and hangs up the phone, makes a few calls,
then makes another call.

Soon Jack has Micky on the line.

Jack 'Don't worry Mick, your name was not on the list.
Micky 'Are you absolutely sure.
Jack 'Not 100 percent.
Micky 'Dam it.

And you still don't know who hit us.
Jack 'You mean the sub?
Micky 'Yeah, that too.

Jack 'According to fleet command,
we only had 16 attack submarines
deployed around the world,
with 34 either being serviced or overhauled.

Micky 'So they were all accounted for.
Jack 'Yes sir.
Micky 'Are you sure?
Jack doesn't respond.
Micky 'Somebodys gotta be lying.

So your people tracked these guys for a whole week,
and they still evaded capture.
Jack 'The minute they left the carrier.

Jack hesitates then says
These guys are the best,
they had to be an elite squad of seals.
Micky '4 seals left a trail of destruction across europe?
That was them on the news?

Jack 'I turned the tube off,
just as soon as the anchor started mentioning that.
Micky 'Only 4 seals did all this?
Jack 'They had to have had help sir.
Micky 'Dam it, these guys are better then we are.
Who were these guys?


March 12, 2005

Norfolk, Virginia

Crowbar sits patiently in his secret lab
watching the computer
spit out a 3-d image of a lymphocyte,
when he gets a call.

Crowbar hastily grabs the receiver and says 'yeah.
Bobby 'Hows Stump doing.
Crowbar 'Resting comfortably.
I'm kind a busy,
what's up.
Bobby 'Arlington tomorrow morning, 10 am.
Crowbar 'Got it.

Bobby 'What're you so busy about?
Crowbar 'If you really must know,
I'm working on a vaccine.
Bobby 'Yeah right.
Crowbar continues 'First I have to determine
if white blood cells have surface DNA.

Bobby 'What for?
Crowbar 'And why the hunter killers of the immune system
are so vulnerable to a particular virus.
It just don't make sense, unless...
Bobby 'Unless what?
What does surface DNA have to do with it?
Crowbar 'I don't know yet,
gotta go.

Crowbar hangs up the phone,
turns in his seat, as if ready to get up,
then notices a 1981 newspaper clipping,
about the first reported aides case,
and stares a few seconds,
wondering why the year 1981 was so significant.

After a few seconds,
Crowbar stands up
quickly reviews his security monitors,
starts walking toward the elevator,
seems to notice something amiss
with his weapons cache,
but thinks nothing of it.

Within a few minutes
Crowbar is on the balcony
to the summer cottage
standing behind his girlfriend

Crowbar slyly walks up behind her
then quickly grabs her hips.

Lauri quickly lets out a slight shriek,
which quickly turns into surprise laughter,
as she quickly recognizes Crowbar.

After the laughter subsides
the couple is intertwined
in a slight embrace,
looking into eachothers eyes,
and Crowbar says

What're you so uptight about?

Lauri 'I don't know.
Where were you the last 2 hours?
Crowbar 'Talkin to a few sales associates.
Lauri playfully says 'You couldn't do it here?
Crowbar 'Come on, what's troubling you?

Lauri 'I don't know,
you've been so so secretive lately.
I don't see you for months at a time,
and then you show up with Stump,
in a body cast.

Crowbar 'Body cast?
Lauri 'He looks like he belongs in the hospital.
Crowbar 'Come on, he'll be OK.
It's just temporary.

Lauri 'That must of been some ski slope.
Was the tree damaged?
Lauri quickly chuckles 'Just kidding.
Crowbar returns the humor 'This is no laughing matter, Lauri.

Lauri chuckles, but the seriousness quickly returns
Is there somtin you wanna tell me Crowbar?
Crowbar responds innocently 'Like what?
The couple stare into each others eyes again,
then Lauri says
'Somethings different and you know it.

Crowbar gives a few sniffs, and says 'what?
I took a shower this mornin.
Lauri playfully hits Crowbar, and says 'You know what I mean.

Crowbar shrugs and frowns in response.
Lauri 'So why don't your sales associates wanna come inside.
Crowbar 'You mean the 4 guys roaming the grounds.
Come on,
all that travelling, showing people tours and stuff,
they're just unwinding.
They don't wanna impose.

Lauri 'It was never like this before.
Crowbar 'We're sort of like a travelling group.
In fact another tour should be comin up quick.

The couple stare into eachothers eyes again,
then Crowbar says
'Come on, Let's go talk to Stump.

As the couple walk through the sliding glass door
holding hands,
Lauri says, so how come I didn't hear your car pull up.

Crowbar 'Come on Lauri, you worry too much.

The couple soon enter the living room
to find Stump working on the laptop
hooked up to some sort of satellite dish.

Crowbar says 'take a break buddy,
let's go watch a movie or something.
Stump ignores the wry humor
and continues looking at the display,
as if transfixed.

Crowbar taking this as a signal,
quickly asks Lauri to go get a pizza.
Minutes later,
as Lauri is about to exit the room,
Crowbar says,
'By the way.
Lauri stops and looks back.
Crowbar hesitates, then says 'Uh, be extra careful out there, will ya.
Lauri looks at Crowbar a couple seconds, then says 'Ok.
in a compliant manner, then leaves.

Crowbar quickly concentrates on the display screen,
then asks
'Flight 103?
Stump '1988 over Lockerbie Scottland.
The last act of terror.
during the Reagan era.

Crowbar 'Some act of terror,
how many died? 259 wasn't it?
Stump '11 on the ground, brought the total to 270.

Crowbar 'Of course you're looking at the coincidences,
to what we talked about earlier,
The 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry,
and the Cuban Missile crisis, on the 103rd anniversary.
and the 103 minutes in the initial 9-11 timeline.

Stump continues gazing at the details.
Crowbar 'Hmmmm, and there's the number "59".
Stump 'The plane went down on December 21st.
That's the 10th sign of the zodiac, the first day.

Crowbar 'Capricorn 1, hmmm, interesting.
Stump 'What?
Crowbar 'That was OJ's movie.
Apparently it suggested, the moon landing was fake.
Stump 'What was his defense?
He said he was framed, fakely accused?
Crowbar 'Huh?

Stump 'So anyway,
a spate of terror,
suddenly starts up,
after Reagan takes over.
Crowbar 'What year?
Stump '1983.

Crowbar 'That was when pacman came out,
that arcade game,
where a cell like monster, starts eating things up.
Stump continues looking at the screen.
Crowbar continues 'When was the first diagnosis of HIV?
Was it before 1983?
Stump 'Why do you ask?

So any way,
One of the worst acts of terror,
starts the Reagan years,
and another major terror strike,
ends the Reagan years.

Crowbar 'You're talking about the 1983 Beirut massacre,
where 241 soldiers were killed on the 10th month.
Stump 'And then the 1988 flight 103 crash,
a month before Reagans term ends.
The other 13 acts of terror,
during the Reagan years, don't even compare,
in terms of casualties.

Crowbar 'Then there was the 1986,
shuttle Challenger explosion in midair.
When did he come out with SDI?
Stump 'Who, Reagan?, 1984,
I believe, it was announced or something.

Crowbar 'The initials are 1949.
Stump 'What?
Crowbar 'SDI is "1949" numerically.
Stump doesn't respond.

Crowbar continues 'That was Will Yanceys age, in 1863,
when he died, in office, as a confederate senator.
He was about as famous, as Garrison was an abolitionist.
Stump 'There's the name Garrison again.

Crowbar 'He also served in Congress until 1846,
and wrote the retort to the 1846 Wilmot Proviso,
a very divisive issue, that partly fueled North against South.
Stump looks at Crowbar and says
Are you going anywhere with this?

Crowbar 'Patience my friend.
JFK died in in office in 1963,
100 years after Yancey did, at age 46.

The architect of the world trade center, was hired at age 49,
and died at age 73.
1973 is when the trade center opened.

The architect died in 1986,
the same year the shuttle challenger exploded.
Yancey was also known as the biggest "fire eater".
That's what they called those vocal about slavery.