(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

March 18, 2005

Sammy comes bursting into the Boss's office,
not bothering to knock,
and doesn't even salute.

Wihin seconds Sammy is towering over the Boss's desk,
in an obvious state of agitation.

The Boss simply stares back,
as if unnerved by the aggressive entrance,
and continues smoking a cigar
with his feet propped on his desk.

Sammy immediately blurts out
in an angry raised tone.

How long does your stupid show have to go on?
The Boss continues staring for a few seconds
then says
'What's eatin you Sammy boy?
Sammy 'Dam it don't call me that.
The Boss looks back with a smirk on his face,
but doesn't respond.

Sammy 'Did you have to torture the guy again.
The Boss responds innocently 'Heee heee, what torture?
Sammy 'The sleep deprivation.
Boss 'DT use to it.
We been torturin im like dat fo years.
Sammy 'Maybe you're use to it.

Boss 'Heee heee huh?
I sleep juss fine.
Sammy 'What?
Boss 'I asked foist.
Sammy 'You little idiot, shut up.
Boss 'Little sucka, you betta watch your mouth.
Sammy 'You threatenin me fool!
Boss 'No I ordering you!

Suddenly boomer walks in and says 'Alright, break it up.
Boss 'He started it.
Sammy 'You little idiot.
Boss 'See, there he goes again.

Boomer looks at Sammy and says playfully
I thought I told you to leave the Boss alone.
Sammy looks at Boomer,
throws his hands in the air,
then leaves.

Boomer turns to the Boss and says 'What was that all about.
Boss 'Little sucka tinks he owns me or somtin.
Boomer continues looking at the Boss,
waiting for the right answer.

Boss 'Little sucka can't stand torture or somtin.
If you ask me, he's in the wrong business.

Boomer keeps looking at the Boss.
Boss 'What?
Boomer 'What's with this sudden terror campaign against DT?
Boss 'When.
Boomer 'The last few days.
Boss 'Where?

Boomer simply looks back unamused, then says 'especially today.
The Boss simply looks back.
Boomer continues 'What was so special about today?

The Boss suddenly stands up, walks over to the window and says
Heee heee, actually we started a couple days ago.
We twy to scare the sucka, but he wouldn't get scared.

Boomer 'How?
Boss 'trets, how else.
"we gonna get you, boo!"
"house arrest, Boo!"
Boomer 'Like a replay of early last year.
but why now?
Why this week?

Boss 'Heee heee, so I says,
little sucka aint scared of me anymore.
Den I says, what should I do Boss? How do I handle dis one?
Den I says, heee heee, I don know.
why you askin me?

Boomer 'Then what'd you say.
Boss 'Heee heee, I say,
you're, stupid. Then I say, no you are.
Boomer 'So you were arguing with yourself.
Boss 'Heee heee yeah.

Boomer 'But eventually you figured it out.
Boss 'Heee heee, yeah man.
So I says, I got it!
We'll sabotage the guys brain today, with sleep deprivation,
Boomer 'Did you drug im too?

Boss 'Hey you know,
after that, we did the typical stuff behind the scenes.
like we did for all our shows.
Boomer 'Which means there was an audience?

Boss 'Heee heee, but befo the show,
we primed im with the terror stuff,
"Boo! We gonna relocate you against your will,
Boo! Booo! You know, repeating the threat over over,
you know, so it sinks in real deep.
I call it marinating the brain with terror.

Boomer 'So finally it's showtime...
Boss 'Heee heee,
so we stot gassin im with the chemical
that makes you look nervous and shifty in your seat.
Boomer 'But you hadn't used this chamical in months.
Boss 'Heee heee, but don't you see,
that's whe the sleep deprivation comes in.
Boomer 'Huh?
Boss 'The sleep deprivation was the excuse,
the plausible deniability.
Boomer 'You never needed an excuse before.